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Dethroning Moment / Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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  • Saieras: Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced us to 99, a malformed and physically weak clone working maintenance. He wasn't fit for combat, but he still wanted to help in any way he could. In one of the most important battles of show he finally got his chance to be a hero, bringing munitions to Echo and Fives and showing them the fastest way to the barracks and armory. Even though he was a Non-Action Guy he still helped his brothers win the day. Then the group he was with ran out of thermal detonators, so 99 goes to get more. However, rather than exercise any sort of caution, he just darts out into the hallway full o' laser beams like a dumbass and dies. Sure, you could justify it by saying he was overeager and undertrained, but the stupidity of his sacrifice really diminished the emotional effect of his death.
    • Baronobeefdp: Agreed. Though, for me, the DMOS of 99's death wasn't the stupidity of it... but how suddenly it happened. I mean, we hardly even knew anything about this guy (Other than that he was a "defective clone" and that he still cared deeply for his, erm, "brothers"). And, yet, the series still expects us to feel sad when he dies? Psst, George Lucas, you need to build up more than one episode of Character Development for us to really feel bad when a character dies. (Sigh) And this was the same series that made Jar Jar Binks a likeable character.
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  • On Soaring Wings: For me the biggest DMOS comes in "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back". After Palpatine has brought the giant Zillo Beast to Coruscant for study, it escapes, causing thousands of casualties and billions in damages, necessitating the beast's killing. Mace Windu then laments that it's "our fault." Excuse me!? It was Palpatine's idea to bring the damn thing to Coruscant! Palpatine's punishment for causing the deaths of thousands, and the extincion of a rare species? Nothing! I mean at the very least Padme should have called him out on this. I know there's a war going on, and Palpatine is pulling a lot of strings. But come on... At least show someone being angry with the guy!

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