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This story centers around a high school drama club whose teacher leaves, resulting in an English teacher having to come in and direct the shows. However, she has never directed a show in her life, and all the students expect her to be as amazing as their last teacher, who was pretty amazing. They totally disrespect her and the only person who stands up for her is a parent volunteer who is in charge of the set. Cue shows where everything goes wrong while everyone falls in love backstage.


This story provides examples of:

Romance on the Set—in universe.

Will They Or Won't They?—in multiple cases.

Love Dodecahedron—Includes three girls liking the same guy, who likes a fourth girl, plus another pair in an on-and-off relationship, another guy liking one of the girls who likes the first guy, and that guy eventually becoming the object of affection for another one of those three girls.

Love Confession

Ordinary High-School Student—The characters who are not teachers or parents fit this.

Betty and Veronica—Cindy and Lucy for Sam.

Failed Audition Plot—For Cindy.

Grew a Spine—Ms. Murphy. Cindy and Lucy to an extent.

A House Divided—The drama club.

I Am What I Am—Ms. Murphy, Cindy, Lucy and the group in general.

Inferiority Superiority Complex—Lucy.

Kids Are Cruel—various people to various other people, but especially to Ms. Murphy and Mr. Rollins.


The Last DJ—Ms. Clarke, their old teacher.

Opposites Attract—Ms. Murphy and Mr. Kelley.

O.O.C. Is Serious Business

Present Absence—Ms. Clarke.

Unlucky Childhood Friend—Lucy.

{{"World of Cardboard" Speech}}—Ms. Murphy, and possibly Lucy.

Write What You Know

Bratty Teenage Daughter—Lauren.

Resenter—Most of the students and Mr. Rollins, of Ms. Murphy.

Shrinking Violet—Cindy.

Skilled, but Naïve—Ms. Murphy could turn into this if she were given a chance.

Interactive Narrator—Helen, who also serves as this for the Show Within a Show

The Prima Donna—Lauren, and Lucy to an extent.

Second Love—Mr. Kelley and Ms. Murphy, both of whom are divorced from their first spouses.

Show Within a Show

{{"Where Are They Now?" Epilogue}}

The Show Must Go Wrong—And oh, how it does. From missed entrances to lines from the wrong play to students deciding to throw in a random prank during a performance.


Drama Club

School Play


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