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Pokémon R3D and Green 3D are a pair of Generation VI Video Game Remakes of Pokémon Red and Blue produced for the Nintendo 3DS. These remakes are even more advanced than the Generation III remakes, incorporating new benefits, tweaks, and balances that weren't possible at the time. It also sets up another alternate reality.

A third game, simply titled Pokémon 3D, is in the works. It will be the first remake of a third game in the entire series and will allow players to play as either a boy and his Pikachu or a girl and her Clefairy.


Do note that many of the tropes present in previous versions also apply here, and many of the tropes here also apply to Pokémon 3D.

Tropes used in R3D and Green 3D

  • Adaptational Heroism: Being Boss Rocket is a far cry from heroic, but Giovanni plans to phase out his mother's use of existing Pokémon as tools and instead create his own Pokémon to use, using such things as Pokémon DNA and Pokémon synthesis for that purpose. He's even disgusted by some of his agents murdering a Marowak that protected its child, going so far as to abolish the Cubone skull trade upon hearing of the incident. In addition, his Heel–Face Turn at the end is more genuine.
  • Ballet: The Celadon Ballet Academy is open for exploration by the player character; you can even talk to both the students and their teacher as you navigate.
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  • Boss in Mook Clothing: Taken literally by Misty! Experienced players know that besides her, the only female trainer under the gym's employ at the time the story takes place is a Picnicker. There's a single Picnicker (specifically, a Squirtle Scout) on the other end of Cerulean Gym, and those players new to the game will assume that Misty's waiting for you in the swimming pool underneath. As you approach the Squirtle Scout, a girl wearing a bikini does indeed jump out of the water, but her hair is darker, and she says something which makes it perfectly clear that the girl in Squirtle Scout attire was actually Misty all along.
    Picnicker Diana: I'm more than good enough for you, rookie! Misty can wait!
  • Developers' Foresight:
    • When Pikachu uses Surf in the overworld, (s)he's depicted on a surfboard, and when (s)he flies, (s)he's depicted tied to numerous balloons.
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    • If Pikachu's in your party when you first visit Bill, (s)he'll pop out of his/her Poké Ball and walk over to him with a skeptical look on his/her face. After Bill returns to normal, (s)he'll be so frightened, (s)he'll scamper back to you and return to his/her Poké Ball by touching its button. This is intended to be a Mythology Gag to Pokémon Yellow.
    • The NPC Roadblock in front of Cerulean Gym ensures first-time players get used to what a typical Picnicker looks like, so as to set up the bait and switch which takes place inside of the Gym.
    • Escaping the S.S. Anne will result in an animation showing the survivors using their Pokémon to carry them to surface despite only Misty's Starmie and Lt. Surge's Raichu knowing Surf at the time. The sequence also shows Erika borrowing Misty's Goldeen, Brock borrowing Misty's Staryu, and Blaine hitching his ride with Lt. Surge due to various weaknesses to water.
      • As a corollary to that, when they surface just outside of Vermilion Gym, Lt. Surge will act as an NPC Roadblock until you teach one of your Pokémon Cut and cut down the tree that had earlier stood between you and the Gym.
      • As a further consequence, if you go south without first beating Misty, another new NPC Roadblock will appear in the form of a Machop (presumably owned by a Sailor) who shoves you aside just before Vermilion Harbor.
  • Disguised in Drag: The male player character during the Rocket Game Corner and Silph Co. campaigns, though he'd much prefer wearing a male Rocket uniform for infiltration purposes.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: After fighting a pair of female Rocket grunts with the help of your partner (the player character you didn't choose), you and the other Trainer will steal their uniforms. How it plays out depends on which player character you choose, but the male player character will always express embarrassment, albeit with a simple speech bubble containing the familiar "disgust" symbol if you play as him.
    Red: Why couldn't one of them be a guy?
  • Joshikousei: Half of the Lasses you encounter will wear a costume which adheres to this stereotype.
  • Minidress of Power: Many of the female Rockets, and also both the male and female player characters when Dressing as the Enemy.
  • Mythology Gag: A few of them abound. For example:
    • Lass Sally is dressed like a Youngster, reflecting her Gen I lineup.
    • Picnicker Diana wears the same familiar blue bikini her boss wore in earlier generations.
    • Gamblers now work for the Global Police as private investigators and look very much like they did in Gen IV.
    • Two of the new trainers on Route 5 are named Youngster Joe and Lass Giselle and are dressed exactly like their anime counterparts, down to their Pokémon Tech uniforms. (On a side note, you'll also encounter other Youngsters and Lasses wearing Pokémon Tech uniforms throughout the game.)
    • As mentioned above, Pikachu engages in very specific behavior for certain events.
  • NPC Roadblock: Apart from the ones already in earlier versions, there are some new ones added.
  • Pink Means Feminine: The few Picnickers you meet who are Charmander Scouts wear pink tights with their uniforms.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt:
    • Most of the female Rocket grunts, and also both player characters (even the male player character) when infiltrating Team Rocket's ranks during the Rocket Game Corner and Silph Co. campaigns.
    • A few of the Lasses you encounter will wear the former Pokémon Trainer's School uniform—the same uniform Roxanne wore when she was a student there some years before the story, implying that the uniform was abolished very recently.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • The trainers along Routes 19, 20, and 21 switch around each day. One of them explains that it's better for their health. Additionally, there are no trainers in those routes during the nighttime.
    • So as to allow for an efficient salvage operation later on, Lt. Surge will require that an escape take place from the very bottom of the S.S. Anne.
  • Scout-Out: Taken to its logical extreme with the Campers and Picnickers; there are now four special varieties in addition to the regular version: the Bulbasaur Scouts, the Charmander Scouts, the Squirtle Scouts, and the Pikachu Scouts.
  • Sinking Ship Scenario: The S.S. Anne will be sabotaged as it's about to leave port, and Giovanni will be presumed dead when the ship sinks. The captain and some of the Gym Leaders will lead the ensuing escape of those survivors still on board. It's later revealed to be a failed assassination attempt on Giovanni by radicals within his own organization.
  • Tights Under Shorts: Worn by the special Picnickers and Misty.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: Lass Sally sports one.
  • Traitor Shot: After you speak with Giovanni on the S.S. Anne and leave his room, the camera then centers on him briefly instead of immediately fading out as it usually does.
  • True Blue Femininity: Picnickers who are Squirtle Scouts (as well as the one Gym Leader in its ranks) wear blue uniforms.
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: Surprisingly averted by Misty, who this time around goes for the literal Boss in Mook Clothing approach. However, a subordinate trainer in her Gym does wear a bikini, making for an interesting bait-and-switch those who are playing for the first time won't see coming.
  • Wham Line: A new one, in the form of Picnicker Diana revealing that the girl dressed as a Squirtle Scout is actually the Gym Leader, Misty.

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