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"With friends like these, who needs migraines...?"
Owen McCarthy, issue 1 front cover

Kyokudo-daiLafayette is a tiny little independent Manga being produced (slowly) in Lafayette, Indiana by two nerdy teens in their spare time. They have yet to finish the first issue.

The basic premise is: There is a Trilingual genius Aspie by the name of Owen McCarthy, with a bizarre sense of humor, a knack for terrible puns and a strong dislike of annoying, frivolous, or dumb people. Or Those who call Frenchmen gay. Or Racists. Or the Republican Party. He is constantly referencing The Whoniverse, Red Dwarf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and TV Tropes. He wakes up one day with Mutant energy manipulation powers, when at the same time, Halley Chanelle, a local head cheerleader, and something of an Alpha Bitch, happens upon a round stone that gives her Super Speed, and the spoiled Rich Jerkass, Jack "Harkness" Ricci, whose father owns a cutting edge weapons company, decides to covertly joyride in an advanced Robot Suit, team up, as StrangeQuark, Halley Comet, and the Steel Roach, respectively. What they don't realize is that an ousted New York crime boss has set up a criminal empire in Lafayette, IN, (a greatly different one than in Real Life), and is going to be a Big Bad for a while.



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