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Steven Alfred Gallacci (born 1955) is an American furry artist and cartoonist.

He is a pioneer of the Mature Animal Story in the Comic Book medium with his series, Albedo Anthropomorphics, which is a sophisticated Military Science Fiction series with supposedly Funny Animal characters in spirit of works like A Very British Coup. In doing so, he gave what once a purely children's fantasy in modern times a new field for adults.

His works include:

Comic Books (sorted in chronological order):

Collaborative Works

  • Tales of Beatrix Farmer (1996-1998/with Taral Wayne)
  • Tales of the Fehnnik (1998/with Elin Winkler)
  • Katmandu (pin-up art)

He also did the art for Albedo: The Role-Playing Game and contributed some pieces to Refractions, an official Albedo fanzine.

Tropes associated with his works: