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Cover of the first issue.
Refractions is the name of an official fanzine of Steven A. Gallacci's Albedo: Erma Felna EDF, published by R'ykandar Korra'ti, a long time friend of the the author and a long time SF fan, and fanzine editor, from 1992 to 1996 in irregular schedule. The fanzine was intended to be a companion piece for the comic, as there was a lots of information Gallacci wanted to explain on it, but due to lack of space, he wasn't able to do so.

The fanzine was notorious for many reasons, as it included mostly textual information about the way how the Albedo universe works, by either Gallacci (the author) and, non-canonically, by other people besides him. It also included textual essays, officially, but non-canonical fan-faction, which, for many years, were considered as pseudo-canonical information about many aspects of the setting, as for many years Gallacci was very vague about the background of the Albedo universe, outside what was originally explained in the comics, including information about the Creators, the race that created the anthropomorphics.

Refractions is also notable for being very difficult to find, even online, and the version included in Gallacci's official homepage only includes the author's own stuff he wrote for the fanzine for legal reasons.


Stories and Works Included in the fanzine

  • Why? (Richard Chandler): An essay about the possible reasons why the Creators created the anthropomorphics. For years it was the closest thing to a Origin Story regarding them.
  • A Brief Story of Known Space (Steven A. Gallacci): A three-part backstory written by the author of the comic itself about the Awakening, the event when the anthropomorphics figured out they were created by someone else.
  • Music in the Albedo Universe (D.A.C. Cromwell): As the title says, it's a long description about how the anthropomorphics create music, taking into account the concept was pretty alien for them at first.
  • You Simply Need to Get Social (Jeffrey Pierce): Deals with a similar topic like the previous essay, except it deals with popular culture and arts in the Albedo universe.
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  • A Day With The Felnas (Steven A. Gallacci): A canon side-story regarding Erma and her brother Tasak's childhoods along with their mother Eda. Unlike the previous works, which were textual, this one was done in comic book format. Deals mainly about the life in Dornthant, the Felnas' homeworld and the culture of that planet and the whole setting.
  • Exo-Genesis (Raymond J. Foldhazi): A incomplete three-part fanfic about the Creators, the people who set the seeds of life in Arras Chanka, the planet when all the anthros came from, and the person resposable for creating them. Just like in the case of Why?, it was also the closest thing to an official story about the person and the persons, with full names and some kind of backgrounds, behind the creation of the anthropomorphics, since many of the theories handled on the plot were very credible considering the current backstory of the comic and what was known to that date.
  • Ithaquae: Turmoil at the Edge of Known Space (Jeff Kyer): Technically, it's neither an essay nor a fanfic, but an expansion for the tabletop game that takes place in the titular solar system.
  • Weapons Modelling for the Furry Customer (Mitchell Marmer): Basically, a manual about how to do Albedo Cosplay.
  • The Music of These Kids Today (David Schneberger): A fanfic about a Vulpine father complaining about his son's taste for music, which is heavily implied to be Heavy Metal.
  • In the Beginning (Richard Chandler): A short fan story dealing with the Creators at personal level and the way how they created the anthropomorphics, along with the ethical dilemmas they face. This story, along with Exo-Genesis, was very notable for been also the closest thing to an explanation about the origins of the anthros and the people who created them. Also, unlike other stories in the fanzine, this one takes place on Earth, except for the last paragraphs.
  • The Full Measure (Peter Garfiel White): A fanfic that takes place during the First Lepine War, during its worst years. Mostly it deals with a tank squad bent to eliminate any ILR soldier they could get in their hands.
  • 2TIGER2 (Story & Art by Gary Hudson, Script by Andrew Hendriks and Finished Art by Mike Ritchie): A story done in comic book format dealing with an EDF soldier with PTSD after a previous mission he worked before went wrong and he was the Sole Survivor.
  • Vacuum of Space (Thomas G. Brady): Another story that deals with the EDF, from the point of view from a Vulpine spaceship captain. Takes place during the earlier parts from the comic, after the Battle of Derzon at SD 195.
  • EDF Costuming (Lonny Woltz): Another essay about doing Albedo-based Cosplay.
  • GURPS Albedo (Fred M. Sloniker): A conversion of Albedo: The Role-Playing Game to the GURPS format.
  • Taking (Mike Van Wie): A group of Feline kids are wandering in an alien planet, without knowing the dangers lurking there.
  • Swindler's Luck (Conrad Wong): A short story involving mostly the ILR, rather than the EDF like in other stories.
  • Reflections on the Development of Theological and Religious Thought In The Albedo Universe (Douglas Quinn): A essay about how the concept of religion could be managed in the Albedo universe. Keep in mind the whole thing, in-universe, is barely a new concept for the anthropomorphics. The essay is also notable because its author, Douglas Quinn, is a Catholic priest in Real Life and a long time fan of the comic, so he researched about the topic quite a lot.


  • Canon Discontinuity: Gallacci finally explained at 2018 that everything not written by him, with some few exceptions, is considered non-canon for the Albedo universe, especially everything involving the Creators.
  • The Gods Must Be Lazy: Discussed in one of the essays written in the fanzine. One of the possible main points for creating the species in first place (besides the fact mankind found out they were the only sentient beings in the universe) was because humanity was becoming too lazy and there were too many restless people (aka Scientists) and humankind needed to keep them busy with some kind of "Grand Experiment" (Not to mention for self-preserving purposes)note 
  • Ironic Name: The name of the Vulpine kid in The Music of These Kids Today is Ludwig as he is a kid with a love for heavy metal.
  • No Such Thing as Alien Pop Culture: Discussed in both Music in the Albedo Universe and The Music of These Kids Today about how the anthros discovered the concept of music.

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