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William Neville is an Australian gamer, blogger, and Brony, who is better known as his persona SkiddlezIzKewl. He has created several Let's Plays of PS3-exclusive games, and has also made a number of shows for his original content. You can follow him on Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Recently, he has changed his YouTube account name to simply Skiddlez. He also created a pony-related parody series called "WT Pony".


He has done Let's Plays of:


His original content includes:

  • Fanfic of the Month: A series of short videos where he discusses a fanfic of his choosing (most of them are pony fics).
  • Reaction Videos: Skiddlez watches a fan-video (usually something pony-related) and reacts to it.
  • Q&A: Skiddlez takes time out of his day to answer questions from the fans.
  • Top 10 Lists: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Debuted with Top 10 Games of 2013
  • WT Pony: A parody series inspired by Jake Whyman's Equestria Girls videos.


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