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Necrophim is a supernatural horror comic published in 2000 AD, covering the battles between different factions of demons, gods, and fallen angels residing in Hell.


  • Bastard Understudy: Inverted - everybody thinks Uriel is trying to usurp the throne of Hell, but he just wants to loyally serve Lucifer.
  • Crossover Cosmology: In the prologue chapter, Lucifer sends Uriel to kill Jotunheim, king of the frost giants of Norse Mythology, hoping he will die in the attempt.
  • Fallen Angel: The titular beings are former angels cast down into Hell. To make matters worse, Hell was already inhabited by demons, who are not happy about having to share their dimension with Heaven's outcasts.
  • Fantasy Gun Control: Guns are simply impractical because gunpowder spontaneously explodes when brought near a furnace. In prog 1665, one of Astaroth's lieutenants recruits five real-life firearms engineers to develops guns that will function correctly in Hell.
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  • Ms. Fanservice: Cythea is a beautiful succubus who never wears any clothes.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Demons are strange-looking humanoid beings who resent having to share Hell with the Necrophim, and want the angels to finish what they started with Lucifer.
  • Rebel Leader: The Fallen Angel Uriel and his lover, Lady Cythea, form one alongside Jotunheim, the former ruler of the Blizzard Kingdoms, and fellow fallen Angels, Ezarat & Valion, and allied itself with the Angels under one of their leaders, Raziel, against the Big Bad Ensemble leaders of Hell, Lucifer & Neboron, and the Demons under Lord Astaroth.
  • Sacred Hospitality: Lord Lucifer violates it by killing an emissary of King Jotunheim with full knowledge that he will take it as an insult and a violation of guest rights. However, as Uriel points out, she did herself no favors by making her presence known by decapitating the first guard who approached her to demand an audience with the Morningstar.
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  • Uriah Gambit: In the prologue chapter, Lucifer sends Uriel to kill the king of the frost giants in order that he will die in the attempt.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: A year in Hell is the same as a millennium in Purgatory.


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