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Comic Book / Emilka Sza

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She’s one sweet mime.
Emilka Sza ("Emily Hush" in English) is a Polish comic book created by writer Maciej Kur and artist Magdalena Kania alias Meago (the duo responsible for Dollicious).

Titular Emilka was born a literal mime - she has a snow-white skin and is not able of making any sounds, however she can see pantomime world around her, inaccessible to others. She pretty much embodies the Your Mime Makes It Real trope but takes it to eleven. She was even born in a "hospital only she was able to see" and is in search of love, fame or just some company of people who can get her.

Emilka's best friend is Natalia a blind musician who is the only person able to "see" Emilka's world and is only person who can communicate with Emily. Other characters include Natalia's 9-year old cousin Eric, an envious, spoiled girl named Maya and local cloudcuckoolander Justyna. The series often uses very abstract humor often taking reader by suprise with surreal twists, however has deep undertones and subtext, touches on issues of disablity, loneliness and is full of heart warming moments.

This comic book provides examples of:

  • Ambiguous Situation: Can Emily create pantomime objects and she is just being theatrical about them or do they always exist? Or - in another interpretation - it's all just Emily's imagination and others are playing along?
  • Blind People Wear Sunglasses: At one point Natalia directly mocks this trope. When Eric points out she wears black glasses all the time, she responds "Cose it's make me look cool".
  • Expressive Hair: Emilka's one long lock of hair tends to change shapes to illustrate whatever she is feeling at the moment.
  • Silent Snarker: Emily has no problem making fun of others despite lack of sound to accompany her.
  • Slapstick: The story is full of slapstick goodness but it mostly happens either to Maya or Emily.
  • Odd Friendship: A speachless mime and a blind girl... yet shown to be able to communicate so well, they pretty much live in a world of their own.
  • Your Mime Makes It Real: Emily's entire home is made out of pantomime and seems to have dozens of rooms in it, and she can pull invisible objects out of her pocket or hat. It is unclear as to whether the objects are created by her will or if they were always there.