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Characters / The Masks We Wear (Worm/BIONICLE)

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A list of characters from Fan Fic The Masks We Wear (Worm/BIONICLE):

Taylor Hebert/Artakha

  • Adaptational Heroism: Thanks to several factors (being in a much healthier headspace than canon,note  never joining the Undersiders,note  and having a power not granted by a conflict-oriented shard) Taylor is more unambiguously heroic and a all around better person then she was in canon.
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  • The Blacksmith: Taylor creates her masks this way, and even names her hero persona after Artakha, the Ultimate Blacksmith of the Bionicle Universe, whose powers she seems to have.
  • Literal Split Personality: Gets a Vezon that names itself after Artakha's brother from the Noelle incident.
  • Magnetic Hero
  • The Power of Creation: Taylor's power, of course, and she unconsciously taps into her ability to create things she's already made when trapped by Kaiser, and later to create a Spear of Fusion to save Emma and Sophia from Noelle.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: Like the original Artakha.


Sophia Hess/Shadow Stalker,


Emma Barnes/Tuyet

Lisa Wilbourn/Fragarach (formerly Sarah Livsey)

  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Her shard erases her recent memories when it accidentally let's slip more than it meant to.
  • Mission Control: Her role.
  • The Speechless: Brain damage that Taylor couldn't properly heal after Coil tried to kidnap her results in this. She can still understand language and write/type out messages, she just can't get her mouth to respond when she tries to say something.
  • Technopath: Her Mask of Biomechanics grants her this.

Amy Dallon/Panacea/Palisade

  • Green Thumb: Gains increases control of plant life after linking with Taylor.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Amy/Panacea like canon doesn’t have a huge social circle, unlike canon she finds friends among the Toa.
    Artakha: Lisa had fed her observations on Amy to my HUD, giving me an insight into the healer.
    She was lonely.
    Her social circle revolved entirely around her sister. She spent so much time at Hospitals in her capacity as Panacea that she legitimately didn’t have anyone she could call ‘friend’ apart from Glory Girl. The knowledge reminded me of the black weeks after Emma’s betrayal. I didn’t want to let her languish any longer than I had to. She reminded me of myself so much it was painful. Just like the Telekenetic, she had a flimsy support structure. She deserved better. I was hoping we could be that for her.
  • Sizeshifter: Her Kanohi Pehkui allows her to shrink to 6 inches in height.

Stephanie Dumar/Spectre (formerly Cassandra Herren/Rune)



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