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Characters / Just A Child

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Note: For canon characters, use tropes that only apply to their appearances in the fic.

    Canon Characters 

Kanna Kamui

  • Defiled Forever: Kanna thinks this sometimes after her rape, particuarly considering she's a Kamui.
  • Trauma Button: Being called a good girl and having someone touch her shoulder.

Kobayashi/ Yogan

  • A-Cup Angst: Averted after Chapter 18; once she becomes a dragon, her bust increases significantly.
  • They Do: With Tohru.
  • Weredragon: Tohru turns her into a dragon in chapter 18


  • The Atoner: Implied to be one of the reasons why she became Kobayashi's maid.
  • They Do: With Kobayashi.

Riko Saikawa/ Matsunoki

  • Flower in Her Hair: After her transformation, she has flowers and plants growing out of her hair.
  • Weredragon: Is transformed into a dragon in Chapter 13.



  • Sex Slave: Was kidnapped by slavers after her parents were killed.


Makoto Takiya

  • Gayngst: Was kicked out of his house by his father after he came out.




    Original Characters 

Yamato Senjou

A doctor who initially sees Kanna after her rape.

Hina Yamazaki

The detective in charge of Kanna's case.

Seiryu Kamui

Kanna's father and the head of the Kamui clan.

  • Family Theme Naming: Averted. Of all of the Kamui members, his is the only name that is not the same as an Ainu god.

Tokapcup Kamui

Kanna's mother.

Pauchi Kamui

Kanna's older sister and the oldest of Seiryu's children.

Apasam Kamui

Kanna's older sister and the second oldest of Seiryu's children.

Kim-un Kamui

Kanna's older brother, the older twin of Yushkep, and the third oldest of Seiryu's children.

Yushkep Kamui

Kanna's older brother, the younger twin of Yushkep, and the third youngest of Seiryu's children.

Kina-sut Kamui

Kanna's older sister and the second youngest of Seiryu's children.

Daiki Sendai

The son of one of Seiryu's men who accompanies him into our world.


A human from the other world who has come to this world.


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