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"Uncertainty exists in the map, not in the territory."

Less Wrong is a community blog devoted to rationality. Contributors draw upon many scientific disciplines for their posts, from quantum physics and Bayesian probability to psychology and sociology. The blog focuses on human flaws that lead to misconceptions about the sciences. It's a gold mine for interesting ideas and unusual views on any subject. The clear writing style makes complex ideas easy to understand.

The mainstream community on Less Wrong is firmly atheistic. A good number of contributors are computer professionals. Some, like founder Eliezer Yudkowsky, work in the field of Artificial Intelligence; particularly, Less Wrong has roots in Yudkowsky's effort to design "Friendly AI" (AI That Is Not A Crapshoot), and as a result often uses AI or transhumanist elements in examples (though this is also so as to speak of minds-in-general, as contrasted with our particular human minds).

Less Wrong is the source of much of the popularity of Rational Fic.