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Sniper Elite V2

  • Fatherland, the main theme. In contrast to the original Sniper Elite's main menu theme, this one is much louder and more bombastic, which helps to indicate this game's status as a Continuity Reboot.
  • The Waiting, one of the themes that plays during certain levels set in Berlin. The first 3/4th plays when Fairburne is perfectly concealed, reflected in the quiet style. Then, when the final portion begins playing, it suddenly shifts tone to reflect the shift to combat, which in this game is frantic and quick when it does break out.
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  • Cross of Iron, which plays during the V2 production facility level, is a frantic theme that suits the claustrophobic Elaborate Underground Base the level is set in, as well as when the facility is blown up.
  • Honor of the Star, the combat theme for the last two levels, reflects the climactic finale, where Karl is given only seconds to stop the Soviets' Evil Plan and the Big Bad from becoming a Karma Houdini, respectively.

Sniper Elite III

  • Sniper Elite III - Main Theme is a remix of Sniper Elite V2's iconic main theme, with the addition of sound effects like shifting sand and a more Middle Eastern-inspired feel. It helps to establish the Desert Warfare theme the game is going for.
  • Track 3, the combat theme of the Halfaya Pass mission that plays when engaging the Panzer III at the end of the level. An intense theme perfect at showing how (initially) one-sided fighting against a tank with only a Sniper Rifle and a handful of of mines is.
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  • Track 4, the Tiger I tank theme, reflects perfectly on why exactly the Tiger I is considered as The Dreaded, what with the tense and heavy notes used throughout.
  • Track 11, the theme that plays during The Siege of Tobruk Prologue mission, captures a frantic, desperate situation and eventual Downer Beginning quite well.

Sniper Elite 4

  • Sniper Elite 4 - Menu Theme is another remix of Sniper Elite V2's main theme. This time, there's an Italian-inspired feel to it, appropriate given the new setting of Italy and the Mediterranean.
  • Combat Theme 1 plays when Karl's cover is blown in the first and last levels of the main campaign. It captures the feeling of being outnumbered and outgunned in the Italian countryside, surrounded by Nazi and Italian fascist troops.

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