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Awesome / The Raid 2: Berandal

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  • Rama's shadow boxing on the wall, showcasing his hand speed and strength. It's a callback to the first film in which Rama trains on the heavy bag.
  • The massive three way brawl in the prison yard.
  • Both Prakoso's fight scenes are basically showcases about how size means nothing when you're essentially a master assassin. The club fight is impressive enough, considering that there were what looked like two dozen or so weapon-wielding assassins sent to kill a single man, and by the time he exited the club, he'd subdued all of them. But the real cake-taker is his first fight, where he effortlessly demolishes his target's bodyguards... using one hand. His off hand, no less.
  • A Crowning Moment on the film-making level, the Car Chase sequence features a shot so impossible, you might be taken out of the action wondering how they did it. It's a Oner that goes from outside a car, into the front window, through the interior, then out the back window. While the car is driving at full speed. The filmmakers revealed how they did it, and it is indeed a Cinematic CMOA: The DP holding the camera on a cable car drifted away from the car containing the fight, approached Eka's car, handed the camera to a crew member who was disguised as the passengers seat, who then passed it across Eka's actor to another crew member on rollerblades holding onto the passenger door, who then slid to another car. All in one take.
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  • The entire last hour of the film. FULL. STOP.
  • Bejo's trio of assassins massacre many of Goto's men and lieutenants with little difficulty, a three-way montage that shows the brutality and skillsets of all involved. The Assassin's murder of his target in the field being a Call-Back to Andi's murder at the beginning particularly establishes him as a force to be reckoned with.
  • Moments later, Rama hails a cab and immediately is attacked in broad daylight on a crowded street by knife-wielding men. They smash the cab windows and drag the driver out, stabbing repeatedly into Rama's legs as he throws himself over the backseat and forces the car forward with the gas pedal, crashing into a restaurant. The fight that follows inside is mainly a Curb-Stomp Battle, with Rama only taking one (pretty bad) scratch from all of it, but it leaves him briefly in a Heroic BSoD, especially when it turns out his attackers are corrupt police officers. Extra Nightmare Fuel points for the guy who gets his face burned on the Hibachi grill for almost a full minute.
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  • Bangun beats Uco to a bloody mess when he figures out who's behind The murders of Prakoso and Goto's men. There's rage in every blow but it's fully justified at this point, and he stops when Eka declares enough, preparing to make arrangements to stop a full-scale war. Uco has every opportunity to defend himself but shows only cowardice and childish resentment towards his father. It's all a stalling technique anyway, as Bejo and his personal guard soon arrive to help Uco murder Bangun.
  • Eka barely hesitates to gun down Uco, the son of the employer he is very loyal to, (mostly) when he witnesses how far he's gone. Rama comes to Eka's aid when he fails, giving Eka the opportunity to escape and rescue him after his brief fight with The Assassin. A CMOA for The Assassin as well, who becomes the first character in both films to win a fight against Rama.
  • The Car Chase. Eka, wounded and armed only with a sedan and a pistol, attacks Bejo's motorcade while Rama fights four men inside the lead car, while all involved are speeding down the highway. Rama escapes with the help of his ally. Another CMOA for Eka right afterwards: he reveals that he is an undercover cop like Rama, abandoned years ago by his superiors and left to fend for himself in Bangun's empire. He succumbs to blood loss with calm serenity, declaring that he will die a proud man, loyal to the end to what he believed in. It's this that gives Rama the resolve he needs to finish off Bejo for good.
  • "Watch over me." Cue Rama driving Eka's car through the loading door of Bejo's restaurant, beating his way through numerous guards in the garage and making his way inside.
  • Baseball Bat Man and Hammer Girl fight Rama together in a narrow hallway, a brutal melee that includes a Combination Attack between the brother and sister. It culminates in Rama slicing Hammer Girl's throat with one of her hammers and smashing Baseball Bat Man's face in with his bat, which remains stuck in his face while he slides down the wall.
  • The Assassin is waiting for Rama in the kitchen through the next door, clearly amused as he opts to fight him bare-handed, one-on-one. It's an incredible six-minute fight to the death from there, with The Assassin drawing his karambit blades when Rama gains the upper hand early. Rama manages to slice The Assassin's throat with his own blade at the end of it, finishing off Bejo's elite assassins.
  • Heavily wounded, exhausted and on the verge of collapse, Rama stumbles into the dining hall and finishes off Bejo's mooks. Meanwhile, Uco snaps out of his Villainous BSoD, having learned that Bejo was behind the attempt on his life in prison, and he grabs a shotgun, killing both Reza and Bejo with shotgun blasts to the head, mirroring Andi's murder at the beginning once more.. Rama throws the last of his strength into a desperate lunge, knocking the gun away and sinking his knife into Uco's chest. The weight of the consequences of his decisions and actions seems to finally sink in for Uco, and Rama spares him a painful or humiliating death, cradling him and slicing through his heart in one stroke.
  • Goto's men arrive en masse to attack Bejo, finding only beaten guards moaning in pain on the floor, or dead bodies. Rama walks into the garage and calmly stands in front of them. His only words for them when they offer him a reward and job for his contribution? "No. I'm done."

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