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  • Taylor knowingly walking into an ambush set by the Empire 88 and curbstomping them all. Most are brought down by simple Finger Pokes Of Doom.
  • Immediately afterward, Taylor fights Lung. While Lung loses, he shows exactly why he is one of the most powerful parahumans around by fighting Taylor to a standstill in a 1v1 fight. The shockwaves of the punches can be felt for miles away. She eventually has to freeze him in the bay to stop his rampage
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  • Legend advising against Taylor joining the Ward because she is doing more good as an independent. Unlike Alexandria,he actually cares more about the public safety than the image of the Protectorate and PRT.
  • Taylor, a yellow sun powered Kryptonian vs Behemoth, an unstoppable juggernaut with complete control over energy.
    • The whole thing starts as a Simurgh plot. Everyone one was expecting the Simurgh, but she sent behemoth instead. If it wasn't for Taylor's warning, most if not all of the assembled Capes would have died and Behemoth would have reached his objective; A nearby nuclear power plant. Just shows that the Endbringers aren't mindless destroyers.
    • Every punch they trade results in the other being knocked back dozens of feet. Both are so tough they simply shrug it off and return the punch with their own.
    • Behemoth tries to drown Taylor in the sewers of Paris. Taylor manages to push a him off of her before ripping two long gashes in his chest apart with her Eye Beams.
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    • Behemoth managing to punch Taylor from Paris to Portugal by redirecting the energy of one of Eidolon's energy blasts. The sheer force leaves Taylor confused for several seconds before she manages to figure out what happens.
    • Eventually Behemoth is forced to retreat. Instead of letting him, Taylor drags him out of his tunnel and hauls him into outer space. After spending several minutes gathering energy, she proceeds to suplex him into Devon Island, Canada, the 27th largest island in the world. The crater is so big that it nearly reaches the Earth's mantle. This still isn't enough to kill either Behemoth or Taylor.
      • The amount of debris created by the force of the impact would have caused a nuclear winter if Eidolon and Scion weren't there to siphon it off.
    • Taylor finally kills Behemoth by punching him hard enough that she can see the individual atoms of oxygen and nitrogen forcibly fuse together from the sheer energy behind her fists. Taylor literally tears holes in reality to kill him.
      • The resulting explosion is 52.8 Teratons, over a million times stronger than the largest recorded nuclear bomb ever creatednote . The shockwaves are felt multiple times around the world.
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    • Despite losing, Behemoth shows exactly while he is The Dreaded Hero Killer. At least 13 named capes are killed. Considering there were only 50 capes there and they had Supergirl, it's still an impressive figure. If Taylor hadn't been there, the casualties would have been near total.
    • Minor, posthumous one for Behemoth: his self-destruct inflicts enough damage to Taylor's body to nearly kill her. At the time of this writing, he remains the only Worm-verse threat to give Taylor any physical damage more extensive than some bruising (theories about Scion's potential to damage her otherwise).
  • Amy runs out to save a little girl in the path of Behemoth. She knew it would get her killed, but she still went in anyway. Fortunately, Taylor pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment and saves them both.
  • Amy and Legend saving Taylor from bleeding out after the explosion by using yellow sunlight. He keeps this info secret from Cauldron because he distrusts them for wanting an advantage over Taylor.
  • Alexandria and Eidolon arrive in Brockton Bay to help deal with the S9 attack only to be hit by a Fight-or-Flight gas Bonesaw designed to force people to see Taylor as a threat. Alexandria and Eidolon choose to fight and are quickly curbstomped. It took Taylor more time to deal with Lung than it takes her to beat two of the toughest capes on the planet.
  • The Slaughterhouse Nine arrive to Brockton Bay to do to Taylor what they have done to every other hero that has drawn Jack Slash's attention, and they manage to drive Taylor into Regime Superman mode for a few seconds by having Mannequin kill Amy. The awesome is four-fold here: Amy uses her last words to beg Taylor to not become the kind of monster Jack wants her to be, Armsmaster manages to talk Taylor (with some Brutal Honesty mixed into the "You Are Better Than You Think You Are" speech) into accepting that, essentially, shit happens and Taylor needs to soldier on because she is the symbol of Hope that Earth Bet needs now, Bonesaw makes a Heel–Face Turn and saves Amy, and Taylor re-enacts the climactic confrontation of Superman vs. the Elite and gives the Slaughterhouse Nine an epic Mook Horror Show that turns Jack Slash into a quivering mess. She then caps this by leaving them incapacitated and allowing the police to arrest them, then telling Jack that he will be executed, but that will be society's job, (what with him having been so bad that he has gotten a kill-order), and not hers.
    • Even though she doesn't actually kill them, the way she takes down the Slaughterhouse Nine is awesome. Crawler? Punched into orbit. Siberian? Depowered before Manton can do anything. Shatterbird has her vocal cords cauterized with heat-vision before she can endanger any more lives, and Burnscar is asphyxiated into unconsciousness when Taylor creates a miniature tornado around her. Taylor proceeds to depower Jack via heat-vision lobotomy, then badly beats him by casually slapping him across the face before turning him in. To make it even more awesome, it isn't until she reveals herself to Jack that anyone even manages to see her.
  • The entire. Freaking. Final. Fight. Two Physical Gods (Taylor and Scion) tear each other apart and the countryside of various parallel universes over the course of two or three chapters.

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