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Awesome / Last Child of Krypton

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Awesome moments in Last Child of Krypton:

  • Sachiel is smashing Rei when Shinji comes along, and with his bare hands he shoves Sachiel back, punches the core until he cracks it, and when Sachiel attempts to self destruct, Shinji lifts it and carries it far from the city.
  • Another notable moment is during the Zeruel fight. Even after the Angel manages to fight him back, Shinji musters a Heroic Second Wind when he realizes that a dozen N2 missiles are converging on their position and pulls the Angel into the stratosphere. To make it even more impressive, he survives the ensuing detonations.
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  • In-Universe-and-out Nightmare Fuel aside, the discovery of Kyoko being an Amazon and the recordings of the real Contact Experiment that drove her insane is this: Kyoko does not go gently into the Entry Plug and pulls off a Last Stand that requires a severe number of Section-2 agents to overpower her and drag her into said plug, not to mention her almost managing to smash her way out of the plug with her bare hands before the process began.
  • In the original, Kaworu/Black Adam pulling a You Shall Not Pass! on the Darkseid-Possessed Fuyutsuki


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