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Up to this point, she had been trying to avoid fighting. But since Mrs. Gorgon messed with the hair, all bets are off!

  • The page image. Throughout the wrestling segment, Roy gets his ass handed to him by the Gorgons, while Helen tries to avoid conflict. However, the female Gorgon grabs Helen by her hair and scoop slams her into the ground. Afterwards, she looks to see that Mrs. Gorgon had also torn out a chunk of her hair. Big mistake, as this ends up setting off Helen, who proceeds to grab a nearby microphone stand and make short work of both Gorgons, knocking them out in only one hit!
  • In the cartoon segment, Roy and Helen manage to incapacitate Robo-Cat by luring it into a trap in the bathroom. First, they set up two decoys made from cotton balls and cotton swabs (taped to the bathtub by band-aids, which Robo-Cat obliterates with a laser gun. As it approaches the tub to examine, Roy and Helen, hiding in a nearby cabinet, use a lit match and hairspray to burn Robo-Cat's behind, forcing it into the tub. Finally, they push a hairdryer into the tub, electrocuting Robo-Cat in the process. If it wasn't for Robo-Cat's regenerative abilities, Roy and Helen would've defeated it for sure.
    Helen: (turns to the camera before pushing the hairdryer into the tub) Kids, don't try this at home.
    Roy: This'll put a permanent crease in his shorts.
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  • Darryl gets one as well. Just as his father is about to be executed by the guillotine in the French Revoultion, he manages to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment by getting enough power to hack into Hell Vision's airwaves and call out for his dad, causing everyone to freeze in their tracks. When Roy exclaims, "My God", the executioners think that Darryl is God...Helen immediately gets an idea.
    Darryl: Dad, can you hear me?
    Roy: Darryl? My God!
    Executioner: God?
    (The townspeople's eyes widen in surprise. Helen gets an idea and runs onto the platform.)
    Helen: Yes! It's...God! (The townspeople kneel) Right, God? Tell the infidels to release him!
    Darryl: (to Diane) What's an infidel?
    Diane: I-I don't know.
    Helen: (speaking in an urgent tone) Just tell them to release him!
    Diane: Go, go ahead! Tell them!
    Darryl: Um, uh...(speaks in a booming voice) Release the Marquis!
    Roy: (to the executioners) You heard him, get me out of this!

  • After Spike gets defeated by Roy, he gets banished back to the medieval segment where the two had previously battled. He's hanging up in a chandelier, while Rivets, a dog belonging to a neighbor of the Knables (which was sucked by in the dish) is below him barking. While Spike is screaming at the top of his lungs, a suit of armor suddenly comes to life and removes its mask, revealing to be none other than Crowley, the very man that Spike had earlier "demoted" to field work. A shocked Spike tries to flatter him, but Crowley just cracks a one-liner before axe-ing a rope holding up the chandelier, causing Spike to plummet to the ground and become dog chow. That's right, even Crowley gets a moment of awesome, getting cathartic revenge on Spike in glorious fashion.
    Crowley: Hello, Spike.
    Crowley: Oh, incidentally, Spike. Nice of you to drop in. (laughs) Ah, that's funny.
    (Spike yelps as Crowley cuts the rope with an axe, causing both the chandelier and Spike to crash to the ground.)
    • Even sweeter? As Spike suffers his fate, we see in the Hell Vision control room that Pierce, the intern, has taken Spike's job as the man in charge, sitting in his chair, holding his remote and smoking a cigarette (which he lights with a blowtorch). In the span of twenty-four plus hours, Pierce goes from intern to the head honcho. Hell of a promotion, eh?
    Pierce: I get his parking space.


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