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Nightmare Fuel / Stay Tuned

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This is only a small taste of what's to come for them.

With a movie that puts a Satanic take on Trapped in TV Land, moments like these were bound to happen.

  • Let's get this one out of the way right now: Hell Vision in general. The very idea of being sucked into a world full of Everything Trying to Kill You, and you have to survive for an entire day to get home. If you die while in Hell Vision, your soul becomes property of the Devil.
    • Relating to the above, picture this scenario: You are at home in the middle of the night, going about with your business. When all of a sudden, a mysetrious figure shows up and tells you have been personally selected to receive An Offer You Can't Refuse. Upon accepting the offer, the satellite dish suddenly sucks you into a world where you have to survive or die. All while your loved ones wonder where you went.
  • When Roy and Helen end up in Hell Vision, the first channel they're on is a game show titled You Can't Win. A little later, metal braces suddenly appear out of nowhere and restrain their wrists and ankles. Then, their chair lifts upwards as the floor below them open to reveal an ominous pit. They are then tasked with answering a question correctly within ten seconds, where if they get it wrong or take too long, they are dropped into the pit and get killed. The host and announcer's cheery attitude and upbeat music does not help in the slightest. It's a good thing Helen got the answer correctly.
    Guy Squirrely: Yes! The Pit! And what's down there today, Jay?
    Jay: Lots of slimy, crawly, bad things, Guy!
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  • In the Northern Overexposure segment, Roy, Helen, and a banished Crowley find themselves in Alaska, where they are being attacked by Savage Wolves and try to protect themselves by lock themselves in a cabin. Later, they get ambushed by the wolves again, they manage to close the door as another wolf lunges for them...but not without accidentally breaking the lit lantern they had, lighting the entire cabin on fire.
  • At one point in the film, Darryl nearly gets sucked into the dish. When he hears the dish beeping, he immediately attempts to high-tail it on his bike, but the wind prevents him from moving any further. He loses both his hat and his bike, and only manages to escape by hanging on a to a nearby post. One has to think what would've happened if he did get sucked in, and even worse, how his parents would have reacted if they found him.
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  • The cartoon segment. One word: Robo-Cat. Roy and Helen are turned into mice and finds themselves being hunted down by this Super-Persistent Predator. It tries to kill them with everything in its arsenal, from guns, a ray gun to even a fucking flamethrower! Even after Roy and Helen managed to take it down with a trap, it almost immediately reassembled itself, now even more determined to kill the mousified Knables. It's so deadly, it took Roy ordering a Robo-Dog to finally stop it.
  • After the Noir segment, Roy and Helen wind up in the French Revolution...where Roy is disguised as a woman to avoid being executed. The name of this segment? Off with His Head!
    Roy: Wait! An innocent man's blood is being spilled!
    Executioner: Good point. (to the townspeople) Better back away. This one could be a gusher!
  • When Roy goes back into Hell Vision to rescue Helen, he gets into stand-off with Spike. After nearly a minute of glaring at each other, the two finally draw. However, Roy discovers he doesn't have a gun, and Spike guns him down, as Helen, Darryl and Diane all react in horror. If Roy's remote hadn't taken the bullet, it would've definitely been game over for all Knables. Also doubles as Tear Jerker.


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