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Headscratchers / Stay Tuned

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  • Was there any reason why Helen went through the back door as she was leaving Roy? It's not like the Knables' house doesn't have a front door.
  • At one point in the film, we're told that a dispute was filed in the Knable case because Helen didn't sign the contract, and therefore wasn't subject to its terms. However, Mrs. Seidenbaum was also sucked into the dish without signing the contract, and yet we're never told that any such dispute is filed on her behalf.
    • It could be argued that considering the dispute on the Knable case wasn't revealed until after their 24 hours expired, it's possible that Mrs. Seidenbaum was killed before a dispute could be filed. Additionally, even if a protest was filed on the Seidenbaum case, Mrs. Seidenbaum is already dead, and it's unlikely, if not impossible that they can just resurrect those that were killed.


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