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  • The initial Stargate activation. Glorious music, building tension, and impressive special effects culminating in a wonderous result.
  • Jack has a spectacular, and vicious fight, with Anubis, ending with Jack decapitating him via Tele-Frag.
    • Then he and Daniel beam up the atomic weapon on board the departing Goa'uld ship using the severed hand! Just in Time, too.
    • O'Neil has spent most of the movie depressed over the death of his son, so he's been reluctant to really get into it. Thing is, he's played by Kurt Russell, so we spend the whole movie just waiting for him to bust out. Finally, during the third act, it happens. A caravan comes to Ra's temple, and the Horus guards are checking everyone, pulling back their hoods. We see villager after villager...and then one of them turns out to be Jack, who points an MP5 at the guard.
      Jack: Hey. How you doing? [proceeds to blow guard away]
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  • Also from the original movie, Kasuf leading the villagers at the end to finally rebel against Ra's rule. Prior to this, he says something that would most likely not be understood. According to the novelization, he is reciting a prayer of praise for Ra in a tone that makes it clear he does not believe a word of it anymore.
  • Daniel's getting Shau'ri to a sarcophagus and nonchalantly turning around to blast Ra with a staff weapon was pretty darn awesome too, especially considering where he started at the beginning of the movie. Dude doesn't lack bravery.
    • That Ra, up to this point, considered everything the Earth humans had done, including fomenting rebellion on and bringing a freaking nuclear bomb to his favorite slave planet, amusing, is certainly awesome from a villainous perspective.
  • In the scene where Ra is trying to torture Daniel to death with his hand device, Daniel instead grabs Ra's arm in order to make sure he can't pull away when the ring transporter activates. Ra ends up minus a hand for his trouble. Although the severed hand isn't seen, this is implied in the movie — Ra yells in pain when the Daniel and Sha'uri are transported out, and moments before, Daniel clearly grabbed his hand and pulled it downwards. In every scene after the teleporter is activated, you can see he's cradling that arm against his body and you can never see the hand clearly.


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