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  • Daniel, trying to tell the villagers that their food Tastes Like Chicken over the language barrier, actually imitating a chicken. Bawk bawk bawk...
  • Colonel O'Neil trying to use pantomime gestures to ask the kids where Daniel Jackson is, while the kids, not understanding what he's trying to do, instead repeat all the gestures back as a game. To top it all off, when they finally understand him, they show that they know who he's talking about by bawking like chickens.
    "I don't suppose the word 'dweeb' means anything to you people..."
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  • "He's inviting us to go with him." "How do you know that?" "Because he's (*gestures*) inviting us to go with him."
  • Daniel, being dragged all over an alien desert by the alien equivalent to a horse.
    Daniel: HELLLLPPP MEEEEE! OHHHHHH! (as the theme song blares at full volume.)
  • Remeber Nabeh, the goofy guy who did the Bawk bawk bawk imitation a little too long? Hard to forget him.
  • It's a little like dark humor but, when Kawalsky, Ferretti and the kids are pinned down. Kawalsky goes off trying to be heroic, and Ferretti is less than pleased.
    Ferretti: Well what are we gonna do!?
    Kawalsky: ...Cover me.
    Ferretti: COVER YOU?! KAWALSKY!
  • "Hey. How ya doin'?" *winkBANG*
  • After drinking an offering, Daniel offers the village chief Kasuf a 5th Avenue bar in return; Kasuf finds it quite delicious.
  • Whether or not you see what's coming, there's the moment where both Jackson and O'Neil look at the teleporter, the controller on Anubis, and O'Neil's nuke, and both say "I've got an idea."
  • Skaara imitating O'Neil smoking the cigarette. He gets a look of utter panic across his face as he starts coughing, frantically shouts as he stomps out the cigarette on the floor, and shoots O'Neil a look of bewildered disgust.
    • It's even better the way O'Neil baits Skaara by inhaling the smoke rather than breathing it out, knowing that Skaara wouldn't be able to do the same.

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