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Heartwarming / Stargate

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  • After Daniel found out that he and Sha'uri are supposed to be married, Sha'uri figured he'd be angry and didn't like her anyway. He gives her a kiss instead. Awww.
  • When O'Neil returned Skaara's salute after Ra's ship is destroyed. It got better when Kawalsky and Ferretti join in.
  • O'Neil's closing line.
    O'Neil: I'll be seeing you around, Dr. Jackson.
    • Sir, you have no idea how right you are.
  • Before they leave for Abydos, Catherine gives Daniel the Ra pendant that had been buried with the Stargate, "for luck." It's seeing this pendant on him that causes Ra to bring him back to life after killing him (just so he can find out how he got it, and then taunt him while wearing it: "There can be only one Ra!"). After getting it back from Ra, Daniel gives it to O'Neil, telling him to give it back to Catherine with a message: "Tell Catherine this brought me luck."


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