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  • Silver Quill's artwork is pretty much professionally spot-on!
  • In "After The Fact: Bats!" Silver actually makes a good argument for Fluttershy's meekness compared to how she stood up for Discord, noting that with Discord she was assigned a task by the highest authority in Equestria while here she's asking a friend to make a legitimate sacrifice for uncertain long term yields.
  • In "After The Fact: Rarity Takes Manhattan" Silver points out that while Suri doesn't receive any consequences on screen the audience still walks away knowing she has lost in all possible ways.
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  • In "After The Fact: Pinkie Apple Pie" Silver Quill takes out Slendermane! With an Offhand Backhand no less!
  • In "After The Fact: Twilight Time" Silver politely calls Applejack and Rarity out on the fact that Twilight is doing the job they should be doing in helping their sisters.
  • "After The Fact: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" has Eliyora pointing out how impressive it is that Fluttershy is able to step up and direct the whole town in dealing with the Breezies. She even points that Fluttershy was able to call Rarity on her fashion work, something she admits to not likely being able to do.
  • In "After The Fact: Princess Spike" when the angry mob decides to go after Twilight, Silver leads the royal guard in stopping them, delivers a "Reason You Suck" Speech about how they're committing treason and that in a more realistic medieval setting would be receiving much more severe punishment, and calls Fancy Pants out on his out of character behavior.
  • "After The Fact: Party Pooped":
    • It begins with Silver refusing to be abused by the Yaks and warning Rutherford against attacking him. When the Yak prince predictably tries to do so Silver literally throws him out of town.
    • When the Yaks try to declare war on Equestria, Silver points out that Equestria's leader is a Physical God with the power to banish their entire army to the moon.
  • "After The Fact: Trade Ya" has Silver Quill attacking the pony that was a Jerkass to Fluttershy and then selling him to Maud Pie to in his own words "do with as you please".
  • Silver managing to kidnap Celestia single handedly, twice in his season five.
  • His demonstration on what would happen if Yakyakastan and Equestria went to war and him and Pinkie getting back at the Yak prince.
  • Tying Svengallop to a giant firework rocket and setting it off as pay back for his actions in " The Mane Attraction"
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  • Silver gets even with Keyframe and AnY for needlessly tormenting him by chasing them with a sword.
  • "After The Fact: Keep Calm and Flutter On" has Silver calling out the hypocrisy of the Mane Six in using a reforming spell when one of their concerns was how Discord altered their minds.
  • In "After The Fact: Equestria Girls" Silver showcases to Sunset how her plan to take over Equestria would actually have gone. She'd be up against the other Elements of Harmony, the Two Sisters who rule the country and Cadance who can wield the Crystal Heart, which vaporizes Sunset on use. Oh and she would be dealing with all of them after she angered them by killing Twilight. If she managed to defeat Twilight to start with.
  • Luna may not have cared for it but "After The Fact: Bloom and Gloom" had Silver taking advantage of the nature of the dream realm to help the Crusaders get revenge on Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
    • He also delivers a good message that while some richly deserved payback on their tormentors is no substitute for actual Character Development there's nothing wrong with enjoying the Catharsis Factor of using their bullies for a game of badminton.
  • "Celestia Celebration" has Celestia blasting Vegeta into the sky when he insults her. And that happened because she literally dared him to run his mouth to her. He really should have thought better of that open invitation.
  • "After the Fact: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" has Silver dealing with the griffon that left Dash to die.
  • Silver explaining in "After the Fact: Princess Spike" the difference between being an analyst and a reviewer and how he's the latter.
    • There's also his Badass Boast about how he doesn't fear being attacked.
    Silver: I flee for my life twice a week and three times on a leap year.
    • Silver was able to avoid the angry mob at the end of "Slice of Life" video.
    • Silver calling Cadence out for doing nothing to help during the episode after she tries to call Spike out on his antics.
  • "Lovable Luna" has Silver offering Luna a free shot at him for whatever he winds up doing to her in his next review. How does she respond when he invites and even dares her to take her best shot? Give him a kiss on the cheek. Admit it that is one thing Silver and the audience would never see coming.
  • In "After the Fact: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" Silver eventually gets tired of being repeatedly stomped into the ground by a giant Tantabus and lifts the thing's hoof of himself from pure outrage.
  • In "Twilight's Tribute" Celestia covers for Twilight while Silver is giving her a pep talk. She does so with an astonishing opera performance.
  • "After The Fact: Made In Manehattan" has Silver attacking the Method Mares when they start acting snobbish. One gets punched out and another gets thrown across the city.
    • Silver decides to help with the performance by handling traffic. As he tells some upset taxis.
    Silver: (Cheerful) Keep honking. (Brings out gun, turns serious) I'm reloading.
  • "After The Fact: Scare Master" has Baron Tall Tales giving Silver Quill a "Reason You Suck" Speech then offering him a Sadistic Choice: join him in causing trouble for others or be killed by a guillotine. Silver's answer is a Little "No", which seals his fate. Except not really as a somehow still living Silver takes his head back, reattaches it, and delivers a Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to Tall Tales over how he may have been closer to the mark than he realized but Silver is content with the idea that his videos may just reach out to someone, regardless of all his antics.
  • "After The Fact: The Amazon Archetype" has Rainbow Dash doing a stunt that turns the entire sky over Equestria into a rainbow like aurora at the end.
  • "After The Fact: Crusaders of the Lost Mark" has Silver pointing out to Spoiled Rich how stupid she is for looking down on the Crusaders, who are connected to some of the most influential ponies in Equestria.
    Silver: You just ticked off the big fish.
  • Silver calling Shining Armor and Cadence out on their tendency to not reveal important information to others until it's too late.
  • Silver's "Reason You Suck" Speech to Misty Fly for her Kick the Dog moment in "After The Fact: Newbie Crash".
  • Silver pointing out how useful and powerful Fluttershy's ability to speak with animals really is.
  • "After The Fact: The Beginning of the End" has Silver going after Sombra with a gun twice! The first time was Sombra's fear spell not working how he expected while the second was just payback for targeting Fluttershy.

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