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Silver Quill is one of the funniest reviewers you will find in the community, Now sit down accept our Plus Ten Laughter.


  • The majority of the Title Cards have Silver Quill incorporated into the scene in some way. This sometimes places him either in the background or doing something humorous.
  • John de Lancie as a god of voice-acting.
  • Silver Quill getting beaten up, exploded, or injured in a comical way.
  • Silver Quill trolling a character, bonus points if Amusing Injuries ensue.
  • "By Celestia's..."
    • Beard
    • Unmentionables
    • Slash-Fic collection

After the Fact: Keep Calm and Flutter On

  • The opening bit in all of it's trolling glory.
    • Vinyl doing the Record Scratch twice.
    • Silver trolling ILoveKimpossibleALot by ignoring her presence and going on in a manner that will enrage her. All of the other reviewers take shelter behind the tables. He admits he's just trying to get a rise out of her. Which leads to this line:
    Digibro: Are you crazy?!
    Silver: Sources point to... yes!
    • Kim's excitement causes an explosion that hits Digibro.
  • Kim threatens Silver with Discord if he steps out of line. The hippogriff is sensibly nervous.
  • Silver's thoughts on if Celestia wasn't even keeled towards her subjects.
  • Silver Quill's theory about this all-important Royal Summons that kept Celestia away from helping in Discord's reformation.
    Silver Quill: I wonder what's so special about this summit?
    (royal family doing a conga line)
    Silver Quill: Well, I cannot argue with that!
  • The translation of what the beaver cursed. It knocked out Silver.
  • How Silver got on the receiving end of Fluttershy's Stare. He got hungry one day and it involved Angel Bunny over a cauldron.
  • The montage of Discord tormenting Angel.
  • The Mag-u-lator bit.
    • "I'm sorry Senpai, the bad bird made me do it"
  • Kim interrupting Silver's John de Lancie bit.

Get Hyped: The Princess Debate

  • The title card has Silver Quill wearing a crown while Celestia facehoofs and Twilight looks at him a bit amused.
  • Silver invites viewers "all aboard the hype train!" which is an actual train with the engine being some kind of monstrous skull.
  • To make a point Silver demands his friends bow before him. The screen gets censored and the sounds of him being attacked are heard. When the camera cuts back it shows Silver injured and bandaged.
    Silver: Yeah... bowing's a no no.
    • A few seconds later there's a frame saying "Sudden Recovery" and he's good as new.

After the Fact: Princess Twilight Sparkle

After the Fact: Castle Mane-ia

  • "Bees. My god." (A Star Spider drops down) "No. There are no bees here for you."
  • The joke he used when describing Chekhov's Gun: "No, not THAT Chekov. He didn't fire a gun."
  • His reaction to the return of Angel Bunny.
  • "Who is this mysterious Pony of Shadows? PINKIE PIE?!? (plot twist music plays) ...Yeah, that plot twist was visible from space."
    • And after that, he edits the bit of Pinkie playing the organ and dubs it with Keyboard Cat.
  • The clip of Spike laughing off the idea of a shadow pony makes Sombra start crying. Silver consoles him that Spike is just lashing out over Twilight ignoring his plight, which is a clip of him falling for a trap in the castle, and encourages him to go take over a 7-11 to get back in the villain game.
  • Silver's growing annoyance with the Star Spiders which goes on until several drop down and carry him off.
    • Silver declares this will be his last review because the Star Spiders are about to eat him, only to be saved by Sombra who has become manager at the 7-11. Silver notes this means he "can be a tyrannical ruler and collect a paycheck."

After the Fact: Daring Don't

  • In the opening, the clip of Daring Do saying that she can't give Ahuizotl the ring until she's properly proposed is shown. Then it cuts to Silver in horror as a tidal wave of slash fiction appears as he gets caught in it. Then it cuts to Twilight reading a book, only to notice Silver in the slash fiction wave go by, she pauses, then goes back to the book like nothing happened.
  • Silver Quill complaining about Equestrian GPSes.
    Silver: Nice to know that Equestrian GPS is just as bad as ours.
    Siri: Turn right and proceed.
    Silver: Oh, okay. (walks forward)
    Siri: In a few hooves...
    Silver: (falls down a hole) Ahhhhhh!
    Siri: ...You will look like an idiot.
    Silver: *crash lands* Uggh!
    Siri: Doubt me again and I will GPS my boot up your flank.
  • Silver's mind literally crashes with a Windows blue screen showing up in his eyes.
  • Silver questions what kind of jerk just watches through a window as someone is out numbered in a fight... while he is watching through a window as someone is out numbered in a fight. He soon realizes his hypocrisy.
  • While Twilight and Rainbow Dash are giving an unnecessary Plot Dump, Silver is just reading an MLP comic with headphones on until Monty Python characters start telling them to "Get On With It!"
  • Silver figures that Rainbow Dash is more of a Fangirl with Daring Do than she was with the Wonderbolts because of their failure at saving Rarity.
  • Silver's about to do his "CONTINUITY!" gag again before realizing that it doesn't fit and shuts it down.
  • Silver tries to read one of Rainbow Dash's fanfictions called "Fifty Shades of Hay", leading her to quickly attack him. He provides critical feedback about the story while he's being beaten up and Big Mac shows up to deliver the final blow Silver mentions shipping him with Daring Do.

After the Fact: Flight to the Finish

  • The text in the ending:
    Snips and Snails were disqualified for steroid use.
    They honestly thought they were smart pills.
  • Silver's opening argument with his producer which ends with him massively tempting fate.
    Silver: Nuts to professionalism I'm not Harshwhinny and you can't stop me.
    (Cue Evil Laugh from producer and phone hanging up)
    Silver: I'm sure he just thought of a joke.
  • The title card has Scootaloo freaked out at seeing Silver's shadow over hers.
  • Silver goes into a daze over some unique animation, only to get electrocuted. He dials his producer to find out what just happened and finds out that he installed something in Silver, it happened because Silver thought he wanted to be drinking buddies, and there's enough voltage to cook a turkey which triggers the producer to start laughing. It becomes a Running Gag for him to get zapped at random.
  • Silver eventually gets tired of being shocked and declares that his producer, who is revealed to be Dr. Claw, is just jealous his last reboot isn't as good as MLP leading to him being zapped until the credits end.

After the Fact: Power Ponies

  • This Troper was already chuckling at the beginning. It starts with Silver pondering about it being a superhero episode and decides to get into the spirit. First he starts out in a Batman costume imitating Christian Bale, then in a Wolverine get-up only to pop the claws and have it hurt. And finally dressed up as Dr. Manhattan, buck naked and covered up by a nearby shipping crate. Then the Comedy Police shows up and says he's under arrest for his last video.
  • After describing the plot of the episode, he tries the superhero thing again. And becomes a Red Ranger, Sentai style. Gratuitous Japanese and all.
  • At one point, Bulk Biceps appears right out of nowhere, gawking at Flutterhulk. Complete with the obligatory love song. When Silver, in all of his deadpan glory, points out that her Cutie Mark is Butterflies. Cue Bulk Biceps screaming and running off.
  • Those who were scorned by One More Day will surely get a kick out of the ending. Since Spike got the comic at an enchanted comic store, Silver got one himself and is transported into the Spider-Mane world complete with a costume. Then Grogar shows up and tells him that he can get out of the world if he gives up one thing he loves. Who else but Diamond Tiara?
    Silver: Sorry kid, but you were gonna go to Hell eventually.
    • And then during the credits, this caption appears:
    Grogar returned Diamond Tiara after two days. He said he needed to rethink his life.
  • How he imitates a cheesy commercial announcer, which later becomes a gag in some later After The Fact videos.
    Spike: You're the... Power Ponies!
    Silver: "Coming soon from Hasbro toys! Bug your mom, bug your dad! Your happiness depends on these toys!"
  • Silver keeping a continuity count and wondering where the monitor showing the number came from.
  • Silver Quill referring to a quick wordy summary of events as "Adam West stuff".
  • Silver Quill referring to Twilight as multicultural for all the times she technically stopped being a unicorn.
  • The Comedy Police show up again because Silver doesn't find a joke funny.

After the Fact: Bats

  • How he imitates Hunter S. Thompson during the whole video. I dare you not to laugh.
    • At one point he starts having an argument with himself about how he's viewing things while a stonefaced Applejack and Rarity watch on.
    • Silver somehow had a meeting with the Seaponies, which he describes as "a night of unmentionable horrors".
    • Flutterbat isn't the most terrifying thing Silver has seen. That would be Meadow Song, a pony with an incredibly distorted face that roars at him.
    • He mentions taking a literal stupid pill in the morning.
  • "I'd like to buy Princess Promenade, please."
  • Silver makes a drinking game for how many times 'Apple' or 'Apples' is said in the episode, in an episode featuring Applejack.
    Silver: I immediately regret this! (thud)
  • When footage of how the Mane 6 deals with the Vampire Fruit Bats in their own ways is shown, and when Rarity gets an apple splattered on her HAZMAT helmet, a bat starts licking it and sticking to her mask, Silver replaces the audio with audio from Alien. Then says what has to be the perfect joke for this scene.
    Silver: (with an OMG face) Ahhh, get it away from her before she gets a Chestburster!
  • Silver being chased by both the regular fruit Bats and the Vampire fruit Bats.

After the Fact: Rarity Takes Manehattan

  • "Would you like some more cheese with that wine?" "Certainly!"
  • Silver throws a ticking clock through the wall during a scene break.
  • Flash Sentry appears with a sign saying "Will Cameo 4 Waifu".
  • Silver greets Donald Trump, who fires him. Silver responds that "I do not work for you, dummy".
  • Silver shoves Film Sparks out of the scene for no reason.
  • At the end there is a flood of male Alicorn OCs which were started by Film Sparks pointing out a male alicorn in the background. They flee with Silver riding on Film Sparks, who questions why Silver isn't flying away. Silver responds that his animator is too lazy to draw him flying.

After the Fact: Pinkie Apple Pie

  • Silver visits the scariest cave in Equestria and is completely unimpressed with the monsters there. A computer error pops up and he lets out a truly impressive scream.
  • The title card is Pinkie Pie with the Apple siblings and Silver looking across the screen at Slendermane with shock.
  • When Silver is Instantly Proven Wrong about what Twilight is studying he bemoans "Why can't you let me dream?"
  • After going through a checklist of just a small part of The Clan that is the Apple family Silver questions "Does anyone in your family take cold showers?"
  • Silver mentions that he's listened to "Apples to the Core" a few times. His phone promptly starts playing it for the 360th time while Silver can only offer a sheepish grin.
  • When Goldie Delicious is called a crazy cat lady, in comes this gem:
    Silver: Behold Rarity, what might have been! (Rarity screams in terror and runs off while Silver smiles)
  • Silver has the solution to Pinkie Pie's status as an Apple Family relative still unknown... and plans a wedding for Pinkie Pie and Big Mac. Only for Mac to disapprove and punch Silver so hard, he starts flying.
    Silver: You know, I get the feeling he doesn't like me randomly shipping him.
    • Mac hit him so hard that Silver winds up in space. He tells his phone to stop playing "Blue Danube" and it starts playing "Apples to the Core".
  • Silver knocking out the Slenderpony with one punch.
    My ego is soaring, yet I feel strangely disappointed.
    • On a related note, the text at the ending:
    Did you know Slender has a glass jaw? I didn't!

After the Fact: Rainbow Falls

  • When Silver is talking to Toon Critic at the beginning there's the sound of chainsaws at random for no reason.
  • Toon Critic questions if Silver Quill is even on the committee and there's a cut to them locked in a closet with a sign on the knob saying Do Not Open. Silver suspiciously says they should get going.
  • Silver questions why Rainbow Dash would choose Bulk Biceps and Fluttershy as her teammates only to get his question answered by the episode. Toon asks if he's done and Silver just sheepishly walks offscreen.
  • Toon Critic uses Silver's "CONTINUITY" joke, much to Silver's chagrin. A few griffons appear to take him away, being led by Silver Quill's cousin, so he can be subjected to Tickle Torture as payback which goes on for a bit as Silver continues the review.
    • The griffons literally drop Toon Critic once they're done and Silver asks if he's sorry.
  • Silver notes he has no idea why people want his input with a cavalier grin.
  • When Toon Critic mentions the episode's title, Silver Quill is seen holding a "dead" Rainbow Dash and crying for her to "come back to life." When Toon Critic says that the title is referring to the place the tryouts are being held, Silver Quill drops Rainbow Dash like a sack of doorknobs.
  • Talking about Rainbow Dash's conflicting loyalty:
    Silver Quill: Of course, I'm sure that Rainbow Dash will work through this issue by being honest with her friends and talking it out.
    (Cut to Rainbow Dash in a wheelchair covered in bandages.)
    Rainbow Dash: I hurt my hoof.
  • At one point, Silver says that the episode has been pretty much equally divided between good and bad, and that it needs something to push it into one or the other. As he does this, Toon Critic keeps pointing at Derpy, with increasing intensity. This goes on until Derpy enters the episode, at which point, Silver goes "There we go", with Toon Critic face hoofing.
  • At the end the committee finally escape and are coming for Silver Quill. Toon Critic flies off, leading Silver to try and do so only to fall straight down to cliff he jumped off of.

After the Fact: Three's a Crowd

  • Silver's test of fan reactions to guest stars.
  • Silver's "epic" royal fanfare.
  • Apparently John de Lancie is the Chuck Norris of voice acting.
  • When Silver "borrows" some of Flash's Mane to make some "glorious" eyebrows. The eyebrow wiggle he does as well as part of the review just focusing on a shocked Flash staring at his missing mane is quite funny.
  • The ending, followed by the the stinger.

After the Fact: Pinkie Pride

  • Just the beginning itself is great.
    Firebrand: Give it to me straight, doc. What's wrong with me?
    Silver Quill: You have an imbalance of awesome sauce in your system. Too much of a good thing. Tell me, has something really, really awesome happened recently?
    Firebrand: Not really...Well, Weird Al guest starred in an episode of My Little Pony recently.
    Silver: My god! Right, nothing to do but operate. We're gonna have to remove your funny bone.
    Firebrand: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-Wait, what?
    Silver: Your funny bone. And your philtrum.
    Firebrand: That's part of my lip.
    Silver: Your patella.
    Firebrand: A human kneecap.
    Silver: Axilla.
    Firebrand: That's an armpit! Ponies don't even have armpits. Where'd you go to medical school?
    Silver: Wikipedia.
    Firebrand: You're not a doctor, are you?
    Silver: Nooo, but I faked one on the internet.
    Firebrand: Uh-huh... (uses magic and pulls out an M16) SECURITY!
    Silver: Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not jump the gun here, pun intended! (click, click!) You've got a lot to say about this episode and I can tell. Best treatment is to get your thoughts out there. And for that you need 20 CCs of internet review! Stat.
    Firebrand: If I say yes, will you stop using that awkward lingo?
    Silver: No promises.
    Firebrand: And you have to put back that doctor's coat. (puts down gun) You'd have to re-draw everything and I don't think you'd want to go through that.
    Silver: (shows up without said doctor's coat) Oh, good point. Plus it's easier to play the accordion this way!
    Firebrand: Wait, what are you-? Oh no...
    (Silver plays the accordion really badly eventually transitioning to the title card when we hear a 'thunk' sound. Cut to Silver with said accordion smashed in his head.)
    Firebrand: (sigh) Glad that's over.
  • "Sandvich!"
  • Ahem.
    Cheese Sandwich: Oh, it's no coincidence, my little pony.
    Silver: Ah, he said it!
    Firebrand: (aims M16 at his head) No! Bad Silver!
  • The sirens going off in Silver's head. Literally.
    Silver: What? It's a glandular problem. And I'm very sensitive about it.
  • Just saying, but...
    Firebrand: And as it turns out, Cheese has a PARTY HOWITZER! That is a hundred times cooler than a Party Cannon. What next? Is there gonna be a party nuke?
    (We see Firebrand and Silver wearing shades in the blast of said party nuke as confetti is raining from the sky.)
    Both: Whoa...
  • The Ego Meter. It gets higher on scanning Rainbow Dash as the review goes on. In case you're curious about the levels, it goes as follows: David Hasselhoff, Peyton Manning, Olsen Twins, Seth MacFarlane, Howard Stern, and Glenn Beck.
    Silver: I can't hold it, game over man, additional movie quote!
    (The Ego Meter explodes, burning them both.)
    Firebrand: (happily) I love explosions.
    Silver: (dazed) Good for you...
  • After discovering that Rarity is an alicorn in one scene Silver looks like he's about to go on a rant but actually just notes he can start a drinking game of ponies being alicorns now.
  • The end of the video. Silver, how do you and the Analysts reviewing episodes with you do it with a straight face?
    Firebrand: Well, this was fun. Of course I gotta bring you in.
    Silver: Who's doing what now?
    Firebrand: Sorry. But within the past 15 minutes you've committed several federal crimes. I have you on one count of trespassing government property. One count impersonating an armed forces member. And one count of impersonating a doctor.
    Silver: Well, I...
    (Silver gets thrown in jail in the next shot.)
    Silver: Dude, I cannot go to prison. I'm too pretty!
    Firebrand: Oh, don't worry. I'll put in a good word with the convenient authority. They'll buy an insanity plea.
    Silver: I can wear a lampshade if that'll help.
    Firebrand: Ehh, make it a mackerel. And try to get along with your cell mate.
    (Silver looks to his right to see Apple Bloom next to him.)
    Silver: What is she doing here?!
    Firebrand: She broke her Drill Sergeant's cap.
    (We cut to a video done by FOB Equestria of Michelle Creber pretending to be a training officer and yelling at the guys from FOB.)
    Michelle: Y'all are a bunch of sissies! (throws cap on the ground and breaks it)
    Firebrand: Do. Not. Tick her off.
    Silver: I get the top bunk.
    (Apple Bloom goes apeshit and starts beating him up.)
    Silver: (crying) This is the most adorable beating ever!
  • And after that little gem, we get a post-credits scene.
    Firebrand: Good news, you won't face charges. I got your sentence reduced. ( We see Firebrand on top of the howitzer with Silver inside the barrel) Now it's just banishment by Party Howtizer.
    Silver: You are so kind. Good luck in the Army.
    Firebrand: I'm, a, MARINE!
    (Silver gets fired out of the howitzer into the distance accompanied by the sound of Goofy screaming and a twinkle in his wake in the sky.)

After the Fact: Simple Ways

  • The beginning of the video, which has Silver Quill preparing for the episode since this episode is about to head into the "Shipping Wars". Among the items in his closet are Flufflepuff, the twi-cane, and his suit of armor.
    • He discovers that he can't move in his armor, which prompts Flufflepuff to tackle him.
  • The end of the video, which has Slenderpony vying for Silver Quill's affection.
    • Silver realizes that Slenderpony is just off screen while talking about how he's not around.
    • He admits to being more afraid of Slenderpony as an admirer than he was when he thought the thing was trying to kill him.
    • Silver ends with his tagline as he runs away from Slenderpony while the thing chases after him.

After the Fact: Filli Vanilli

  • The fact that Silver Quill is in a barber quartet with Sombra, Slender Pony, and Tazelwurm.
    • He blames Fluttershy running off screaming on one of the others being off-key.
    • Silver has the group practice for a ball for Celestia. A Gilligan Cut later has all of them floating around the moon, with Silver questioning what she meant by him being tone-deaf.
  • The title card has a happy Silver Quill and Fluttershy and Pinkie gagged and tied up on the ground glaring at Silver.
  • Silver presents the idea that Pinkie's overly detailed description of failure to Fluttershy was karma for her doing the same to Rainbow Dash over the Sonic Rainboom.
  • Silver takes a picture of a crying Angel Bunny to make his new background on his phone.
  • Pinkie's harassing of Fluttershy ended up breaking the universe. It took a believable conversation between Applejack and Big Mac to fix it. And Silver lands on his head when the universe if repaired.
    • After the universe fixes itself Pinkie is apparently floating through space trapped in the Phantom Zone. Not that she cares much.

After the Fact: Twilight Time

  • Silver talking to himself from his first video at the beginning.
  • Silver questions what being a tutor has to do with being a princess only for a crazed OC to charge in to offer his input, much to Silver's shock.
  • "Oooh, Princess of sick burns!"
  • Silver Quill spots a foal (specifically, First Base) that looks an awful lot like Flash Sentry. Chaos ensues.
    And that's why I shouldn't make headcanons!
    • "Tell me Princess, how do feel about being presented Out of Character for the sake of an internet review?"
  • Silver gives Spike a hug over the abuse he has to go through, only the dragon doesn't want to let go and Silver winds up taking him to seek therapy at the end.

After the Fact: It Aint Easy Being Breezies

  • Yet another funny intro.
    Silver: Sooo, some of you might not be surprised to learn that I won't be reviewing It Ain't Easy Being Breezies. It hurts to let go of a Fluttershy episode, yet I'm behind on all sorts of projects. Including getting ready to attend BABSCon. And, quite frankly, (the camera pans to the right to reveal the TARDIS) I don't see how I can get this done with, say, a time machine. And it's too bad that there isn't a willing volunteer to spirit me back to the episode.
    (we see Doctor Whooves bound and gagged behind the TARDIS, mumbling)
    Silver: No sir, not one available Pony.
    (cut back to Silver making a scrunchy face)
    Silver: So I guess I'll just have to move on and do the next-
    (Silver is interrupted by the Back To The Future Overture)
    Silver: (looks around nervously) Why do I feel like this will end in tears?
    (and right outta goddamn nowhere, Silver gets sent flying by a DeLorean and into a tree by Eliyora)
    Eliyora: (steps out) Come with me if you want to live.
    Silver: Wrong movie...
    Eliyora: No. I mean come with me or I'll hit you with my car again.
    Silver: Oh, okay.
  • Eliyora's squee moments through the video all of which include: Reacting to how cute the Breezies are. The Doctor Whooves and Roseluck reference. The Breezie!Mane 6. And meeting Doctor Whooves. The last part accompanied with a glomp.
  • Silver using a megaphone to greet the Breezies only to have Eli shove his head up the thing. Then we see Silver wandering still with his head up said megaphone.
  • Eli pulling out a flamethrower. Which she then uses to torch Angel Bunny instead of Seabreeze.
  • Silver: And after Seabreeze runs afoul of some bees... (in his Batman voice) My god. Again.
  • "But...My drinking game!"
    • "Great grand-dad had a delicious funeral."
  • Eli going all Flame-headed Twilight on Silver after finding out he took her car apart.
    Eliyora: You little Irish chicken horse-butt, what the hell did you do to my car?!
    Silver Quill: Oh sure. Blame the Hippogriff.
  • Silver referencing Seabreeze and Swedish Chef.
  • When Eliyora says she "ain't that damaged" from not getting what she expected in the episode a heavily injured Silver Quill offers a sarcastic "Oh Goodie". Eliyora snarks back that she paid his hospital bill.
  • Eliyora tries to come up with reasons for Spike to stay involved in the episode only for Silver to constantly shoot her down with two words: "It's Spike".
  • Silver's shock at Seabreeze actually being a guy.
  • Silver goes to talk to Doctor Whooves, mentioning his evil twin brother. Eliyora questions what he was doing and he claims to be "building an airtight alibi". Eliyora wonders what Silver could need that for.
  • Silver does the CSI gag of putting on sunglasses after a one-liner only for Eliyora to interrupt the music with her flamethrower and a panicked Silver Quill gets back on track.
  • Silver is saddened that he can't keep his Drinking Game going because there haven't been any background alicorns in the episode. Eliyora starts a diatribe about production regarding that but Silver interrupts to point out he's "90% Irish" in a stereotypical Irish getup. Eliyora's response is priceless.
    Eliyora: And if you keep drinking you'll be 90 proof.
  • Eliyora wants toys of the Mane Six as Breezies. Except Pinkie she's scared of her.
  • Silver declares if the keys unlock Carrot Top's prop box he'll harm the nearest warm body. Eliyora takes him at his word and warns him against it.
    • She declares him a chicken, with Silver protesting that he's only a quarter chicken. Eliyora points out he said he was Irish but Silver defends himself by saying it was an Irish chicken.
  • At the end Silver reveals why he needed an alibi as Doctor Whooves, I'm sorry Time Turner, shows up to give them a lift back to their time. Eliyora turns into a complete Fangirl at meeting The Doctor and The Stinger has her defending herself to a facepalming Silver Quill over taking some of his hair.

My Thoughts: Season 5 Spoilers

  • The whole video, considering it's subject. In it, Silver Quill talks about Season 5's spoilers: The return of Nightmare Moon, Lauren Faust returning as a writer for one of the episodes, Pinkie Pie getting a coltfriend, and finally, Kimisparkle having a cameo role.
    • The best part? He did the entire video in a serious manner, and didn't even say April Fools at the end, just to run along with the joke.

After the Fact: Somepony To Watch Over Me

  • The title card has Silver Quill added onto the chimera as another head.
  • Silver ponders if he should actually watch the scenes before he comments on them but shrugs the idea off.
  • Silver's disappointment over Big Mac not speaking up against Applejack's overprotectiveness. Even if it would have been completely pointless.
  • Silver imitating a game show host.
  • Silver's reaction to Applejack's list of Noodle Implements.
  • Silver finds himself eye to eye with the chimera and is completely unfazed, just warning it to back off because undefined rules prevent hybrid creatures from eating each other.
  • "Talking implies a certain level of intelligence unless it's a politician." (Cue Pinkie rimshot)
  • Silver tries to invoke Fridge Logic about the chimera but gives up after the fire swamp singes him.
  • "In the name of Testosterone, I accept this headcanon!"

After the Fact: Maud Pie

  • The chase at the end featuring the Pony version of Death trying to take Silver into the afterlife after he gets killed by cuteness. He even puts in the Pony version of Yakety Sax.
  • 'Shining Plot Hole' That is all.
  • "'re not a fan of the Stratified look?" This is said while dressed as a rock.
  • Ink Rose singing a parody of Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Disney's Frozen and then Silver Quill calling "dibs."
  • Ink Rose hiding behind her wings whenever the audience booed her.
  • Ink Rose's reaction to Silver's...poem.
  • Silver Quill's ringtone is the Dairanger opening.
  • Silver mentions a friends who tends to act like Maud. Said friend calls him and causes Silver's phone to explode.
    Silver: (Dazed) Surprise in short supply but anger is abundant.
  • Ink Rose wonders if anyone got hurt by the explosion Maud caused by throwing a rock. It shows a scene of Spike having gotten hit and Silver is the one put out by it while Ink Rose finds it funny.
  • Ink Rose blows out her "D'aaah meter" and goes to Dr. Silver Quill for help, who tries to treat her by showing a picture of Derpy and Dinky hugging. It causes her to die of cuteness
    • Silver is at a complete loss as to how he should deal with ghost Ink Rose. She just wants to make sure it's not the Ghostbusters who try to help and asks Silver for some more tea. He snarks that he'll have to murder a bag of Earl Grey.

After the Fact: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

  • Yet another great exchange at the beginning, this time with Mr. Golden Fox.
    Silver Quill: Hey guys, sorry to be away for so long. I had a ton of fun at BABSCon. I got to meet with fellow fans, ask some questions of the writing staff, and my mind went in all the wrong places when playing cards against Ponies. I also got to talk with fans about that age-old question: "Who's your favorite princess?" And while it's completely subjective, my favorite is- -(gets shot in the neck with a tranquilizer dart and spouts into gibberish before passing out)
    (Golden Fox moves into the shot with a briefcase in his mouth. He sets it on the ground, opens it, and hooks himself and Silver up to the machine inside it, and enters Silver's mind.)
    Silver Quill: Dude...Not, cool.
    Golden Fox: Well, you were asked on who you think is best princess. So if we're gonna try to understand what you think, we might as well dig a little deeper into your self-conscious. Besides, I've wanted to think deeper with myself about Luna. (blushes) She's, uh, my favorite princess.
    Silver Quill: So you want to talk about For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils while diving into my subconscious?
    Golden Fox: That, and maybe figure out how you come up with reviews.
    Silver Quill: Okay, it's your psyche on the line. Let's start with my ego.
    (A big claw comes down revealing a giant version of Silver Quill.)
    Golden Fox: Well this oughta be good...
  • The comment on Sweetie Belle's acting.
    Silver Quill: Geez, I haven't seen acting that hammy since...
    Golden Fox: Was that-?
    Silver Quill: My social insecurity. I don't know why it looks like that one dude.
    Golden Fox: I guess you could say that was a... (is wearing sunglasses in the next shot)... Funny story.
    Silver Quill: Ohh, is THAT what I sound like?
  • The different parts of Silver's psyche.
    • Psyche joke number 1. Go!
      Silver Quill: Whoa, Spike was helpful AND likable? (smiles) Have we started the dream sequence already?
      Golden Fox: By that you mean we're seeing what we want the writers to actually do? Like putting Spike in a better position rather than treating him like a pile of garbage?
      (A red, pissed off Silver Quill appears out of nowhere.)
      Inner rage: Of course. Why do they have to beat up on the one male character in the show? It's such a s- -(gets hit in the head with a baseball bat) D'OH!
      (The Silver Quill we normally see appears holding the baseball bat.
      Silver Quill: Sorry about that, inner rage.
      Golden Fox: It's not very big...
      Silver Quill: Yep, rage is usually impotent.
    • Psyche joke number 2.
      Silver Quill: Yet it's time to put a little perspective as a familiar voice sends hundreds of fans a-squealing.
      Princess Luna: Enough!
      Golden Fox: Yep. I know that voice!
      (Silver Quill appears wearing a Luna T-shirt and ballcap suddenly talking like a chipmunk)
      Inner fanboy: OH MY GOD IT'S LUNA! LUNA LUNA LUNA! BEST PRINCESS EVER- -(gets hit with the baseball bat from earlier.)
      (Wait, no. It's another part of his psyche.)
      Golden Fox: Wait, you're a Luna fan?
      Silver Quill: Yep. Inner fanboy is a pain to keep in check.
    • "Princess Luna is completely blameless- -(Whack!) Ow, it's okay because I'm not real."
  • Silver making another comment about the potion used in the season opener. Hint, hint.
    Golden Fox: (looks at a tree) Hey, what's this?
    Silver Quill: Do not go in there.
    (Fox looks in the tree anyway. We hear him yelp and see Silver facepalm.)
    Silver Quill: That is my...Questionable mentality.
    Golden Fox: You've. Got. Issues.
    Silver Quill: Mmm, (smiles) yeah.
  • The Fluttershy dolphins.
    Golden Fox: What the-
    Silver Quill: (Tears in his Eyes) I don't know!
  • Golden Fox saying it's the little things that can always throw someone off. Then the clip of Sapphire Shores doing a little dance exercise thing is shown. Cut back to Fox as his wings go up.
    Golden Fox: GODDAMMIT, why?! Even in my dreams, why?!
    Silver Quill: It is the mystic power...of leotards.
  • Silver's inner child.
    Silver Quill: Also, I keep him away from Michael Bay movies as much as possible.
  • The dream world starts shaking and Silver mentions he's a sleepwalker. He encourages Golden Fox to wake up and he can't until they finish the review. Silver finds that to be a ridiculous idea.

After the Fact: Leap of Faith

  • Mage turning Silver into a reverse Hippogriff.
    Silver Quill: You swap my ends around right now, missy! Oh my gosh, that could not have sounded more awkward!
  • The Running Gag of Mage booping Silver.
  • Mage shipping Silver with Discord.
    Silver: (Sad face) Always with dudes...
  • Silver and Mage are completely bored by Granny Smith's flashback.
  • Silver's theory on how so many ponies got injured.
  • A sick pony sneaks up on Mage, who beats him up thinking he's a zombie.
    Silver: Uh Mage? That guy just had a cold, he was asking for a tissue.
    Mage: Well he got one. Ripped tissue.
    • The pony sneezes after getting beat up.
  • Silver forbids Mage from crushing on Flim and Flam until he's back to normal, much to her chagrin.
  • Silver and Mage's high dive conversation.
  • Mage's rage over the episode's moral eventually gives her a Voice of the Legion and the visuals start distorting.
  • Silver gets down from the high dive the hard way.
    Silver: Gravity you cruel mistress! (falls from above).
  • "Fool them three times and the writers have really botched things up."
  • Silver stops Mage from ranting by putting his hoof in her mouth and she starts chewing on it.

After the Fact: Testing Testing 1 2 3

  • Silver Quill goes back in time and meets G1 Tirek. Silver instantly regrets his choice and blames it on hip-hop.
  • Doctor Whooves dressed up "gangsta" style, much to Silver's lament.
  • The title card has Twilight teaching a dunce-cap wearing Silver, who is less than amused with the concept.
  • Silver notes that Twilight abducting Rainbow Dash into her library sounds like the start of a Slash Fic and looks around nervously.
  • Silver's own interpretation of Equestria forming it's own defensive unit.
  • Silver dresses up as a Rummage Sale Reject to make a point to Doctor Whooves about his fashion sense.

After the Fact: Trade Ya

  • Silver Quill's Fetch Quest involved wanting to get a crystal from King Sombra, so he had to get spark rocks for a crazy pony from Maud Pie and had to meet from the guy from a... not so well-liked episode.
  • His rant over what he considers the stupidest trade rule ever deserves a mention:
    There's a reason why the uniform commercial code is nine articles long and can be used as an offensive weapon in underground lawyer pit fights. (offscreen whispering) That's...not a thing? (offscreen whispering) Why not?!
  • Silver's anger towards the store owner pony.
    Silver Quill: ALL OF MY FANRAGE! (tackles the pony and begins to beat him up off-screen)
    • He then ties the pony up and offers him as a trade to Maud Pie.
    Silver Quill: Would you like to trade for a selfish jerk to do with as you see fit?
    Maud Pie: (smiles)
  • After finishing his Fetch Quest Silver is seen wearing the Alicorn Amulet and addresses audience concerns about it corrupting him.
  • Silver apologizes for committing what he calls "linguistic homicide" to Canada over speaking a Canadian name. He honestly means well he's just really bad at speaking french.
  • Silver gets knocked out by Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • Silver's Oh, Crap! reaction when he figures what the crazy pony wanted those spark rocks for. Cue a shot of the pony with the spark rocks and soda pop followed by an explosion that shoots Silver out of the trade fair.

After the Fact: Inspiration Manifestation

  • Apparently Commander Firebrand gave Silver Quill an idea to have a drinking game for each the Town Festivals... guess what happens?
  • When his co-reviewer suggest having a drinking game for each gem in Rarity's design... well, this is his reaction:
    Silver Quill: (Sobbing) No-o-oh...(Runs away) I WANT TO LIVE!
    Keyframe: (goes after him) GET BACK HERE!
  • Silver recovers from his hangover after enough coffee, with the Super Mario 1-Up sound playing.
  • Silver Quill insulting the Everfree Forest...and then gets attacked. He then burns it down... as Zecora runs away behind him.
  • Spike suddenly appearing in a secret passage for no reason.
  • Keyframe threatening to attack Silver Quill with a bat after saying that 'Green Magic is Evil', with a teary-eyed Sweetie Belle. His nervous look made it work.
    • Both Keyframe and Sweetie Belle's magical auras are green.
  • Keyframe being curious if Octavia is a clone...which leads to a shot of the Mirror Pool with hundreds of her.
  • Keyframe's terrible puns involving Rarity's name, including 'Rari-sist'.
    Keyframe: Oh shut up, you've made worse. At least I don't need shades to make bad wordplay.
  • Near the end of the video, Silver Quill had ingested enough coffee that he completely vanished. After Keyframe finishes the overall analysis of the episode, it's revealed that he ended up in an episode of My Little Pony Tales.
    • Leading to this line:
    Silver Quill: I want my liquor back!

After the Fact: Equestria Games

  • This moment:
    Buc Brony: Where did the soap box come from?
    Voice of Reason: I have no idea.
  • Silver with a javelin pole stuck through his head.
    • He eventually breaks off the ends and spends the rest of the episode with the middle still stuck in his head no worse for the wear.
  • Silver flirting with a female griffin.
  • Embedded journalism.

Keyframe and Dread Griffion

  • When Keyframe asks these questions:
    Keyframe: How far away is it?
    AnY Pony: About 50 yards.
    Keyframe: How BIG is it?
    AnY Pony: It could do with a few less snacks.
    Silver Quill: Hey!
  • Silver acting like a drunk after getting an arrow in his head.
  • Keyframe is shocked to hear that Silver is still alive, even with an arrow in his head.
    Keyframe: How is he still alive?
    AnY Pony: I ask myself that question every time he puts out a video.
  • At the end of the video, we see AnY Pony and Keyframe being chased by an angry Silver Quill with a sword.
    Silver Quill: Come back here and accept my +10 rage!

After the Fact: Twilight's Kingdom

  • Silver laughing his head off at the destruction of Twilight's library, much to her growing ire.
  • Young Silver Quill criticizing Transformers: The Movie. (no, not the Michael Bay movie)
    • Then when it cuts back to the present:
    Silver Quill: Suddenly my life makes a lot more sense...
  • Silver presents his headcanon about Cadence with a literal head cannon.
  • Silver tries to tempt Cadence into joining Twilight by whispering how dangerous it would be, with Cadence getting increasingly drawn into the idea. He whispers "Never mind" when Celestia brings in Discord and mocks her role as ruler of the Crystal Empire.
  • Silver literally shitting a brick.
  • "Logical foul. Princess Celestia, three points street cred."
  • Silver pointing out Tirek somehow being oblivious to Twilight attempting to raise the sun and the moon, only for him to get hit by a high tide.
  • After noting how virtually everyone who reviewed this episode compared the Twilight/Tirek fight sequence to Dragon Ball Z, Silver attempts to do the Over 9000 joke. He fails.
  • Silver getting squashed by Tirek. And somehow he survives.
  • Silver's Rainbow Power form.
    Silver Quill: Oh who am I kidding?! I look ridiculous and so do they!
  • "Hasbro, you magnificent bastards, I read your catalog!"
  • "And, as one final thought...Meep meep!" (Silver runs away)

After The Fact: Flash Sentry

  • The episode starts with Silver acting as an executioner to Flash Sentry, only to stop because it's too dark for his tastes. Keep in mind what he's been willing to do to Flash in past episodes.
  • Silver keeps Flash from chiming in by reminding him he has a huge ax nearby.
  • The title card has the Flash Gordon theme playing, much to Silver's disgust.
  • Silver doesn't want to keep differentiating between pony Flash Sentry and human Flash Sentry because he's too lazy. He names the pony one Flash Sentry and the human one Brad.
  • Silver refers to Brad as a collection of cliches and wonders why he hasn't exploded from the convergence of them. He gets his wish immediately after.
  • Silver notes that he doesn't resent Flash personally so much as the missed potential he could bring. He then notes that doesn't mean he's going to take it easy on Flash. He's even started streamlining the process and launches Flash into the air with a trap, who responds with the Goofy scream.

Applejack Appreciation

  • Silver swears he'll see Applejack eat a strawberry.
  • Silver notes he'll get to G1... when he's good and drunk.

After The Fact: Fallen Idol

  • Silver tears up when a poster for Firefly appears when he mentions space western.
  • The Mood Whiplash gives Silver actual whiplash and he has to wear a neck brace.
  • Silver's "No. Just... No" Reaction to the Hexagon's name.
  • The In Memoriam to Jingles victim, which includes the timestamps he was onscreen.
    • Silver later rewinds to it when he learns the character actually has a name so he can do it right.

Spike Speculation

  • Dr. Wolf says Spike's sessions have been going well right before the office shakes as he roars.
  • During the intro, Silver Quill's insurance card having the name and information of Prince Blueblood while having a portrait of Silver Quill on it.
  • The title card of Silver having just been stepped on by a giant Spike.
  • Dr. Wolf's "Oh no" when Silver says he has a plan.
    • Said plan involves tying up Rarity and making her scream, and how does Silver Quill accomplish this?
    Silver Quill: (While wearing mismatching clothes, a green fedora and a tie-dye shirt) I'MA GONNA WEAR THIS TO CANTERLOT!
    (Rarity screams)
  • Dr. Wolf and Silver Quill's interactions in general: Dr. Wolf is the Only Sane Man and Straight Man to Silver's crazy antics.
  • This after Silver Quill's plan succeeds:
    Dr. Wolf: I'm honestly baffled that worked so easily. But once again, Silver Quill, I don't think you considered the...unintended consequences of such a plan.
    Silver Quill: Uh...unintended what now?
    Rarity: DESTROY! *tackles Silver Quill off screen and beats him up.*

After the Fact: The Good, the Bad and the Ponies

  • At the very beginning, we see Silver Quill about to steal a lot of Twilight's possessions (including Spike). Twilight's angry face is enough to put this intro on this list, but we also get this dialogue from Silver.
    Silver Quill: Okay Twilight. I'll just be taking my leave along with a good chunk of your library, possessions, and Spike.
    (Twilight's magic aura appears on her horn)
    Silver Quill: Ah ah, your own rules. Per the IDW Comics Issues 25 and 26, as a legal citizen of Equestria, I enjoy total protection from magical aggression, which somehow translates into me being able to violate the law with impunity. (starts leaving) So I'll just be on my way while you... (face turns angry) you... (stops) Oh ho ho ho. I can't do it! (moves the cart backwards across the screen) This is so contrived! Here's your stuff back. (drops the stuff off offscreen, then appears onscreen with Spike on his back) Here's your number one assistant back! (launches Spike in the air) And you, missy, (Spike lands next to Twilight) should've launched me into orbit five times by now because you are not the kind of pony who would just sit back and let this happen. And Imma gonna tell you why.
  • The return of Dr. Silver Quill.
  • Silver Quill's continual frustration with the issue.
  • After a heartfelt moment with Twilight Silver says he's keeping the Twi-cane because it's "comedy gold".

After the Fact: Friends Forever 13

  • Silver Quill spamming 3's and 6's is strangely amusing.
    Silver Quill: Math is fun.
  • When Silver was gonna point out people don't say 'Naaarrrr'... he plays a clip from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series to show how wrong he is... which leads to many more abridged jokes throughout the first half of the review.
  • We get our own continuity nod when he gushes over Babs too much and breaks his "D'aww Meter", which leads to him talking to Ink Rose about the event.
  • When he sees 'Shining Harmer', he sees a connection and goes to confront Princess Cadence about it... Only to get barreled over by Cadence/Shining Harmer
  • Silver puts together some oh his own odd couples, such as Big Mac and Gilda, Chief Longhorn and Seabreeze, and Silver Shill with Timberwolves.
    Silver Quill: Apparently friends give blood.
  • Silver is not excited to hear about "One Bad Apple" being referenced.

After The Fact: Cook's Catalog

  • Silver starts by looking up the reviews of the latest IDW comic and gets a facefull of flames.
  • Silver decides to help Chrysalis with her Villain Ball issues by handing over Dr. Wolf, who is less than amused.
  • Silver interrupts the end credits because the images this time are a little too saucy for all viewers.

After the Fact: The Cakes

  • When Silver Quill sees how much styling gel Cup Cake uses to keep her mane looking the way it does, he directs her attention to the Friendship Castle to see how much styling gel Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, Yuma and Yuya use. The resulting pile of empty tins is almost as tall as the castle. He then comments that their hair might not be natural at this point.
  • Silver questions Carrot Cake about his name and is shown the stallion's marriage certificate which shows his old name as Carrot Stick. Silver considers changing it a wise decision.
  • Silver Quill apparently made a time out room for Twilight, who facehoofs at the notion.

After the Fact: Equestria girls

After the Fact: Friends Forever 14

  • Silver goes back in time, courtesy of Doctor Whooves, when Spike is about to join the dragon migration to inform him of the dragons in Fillydelphia. Upon returning to the present he sees a giant Spike that is about to eat Pinkie Pie while Ponyville is in flames. He reacts with annoyance as goes back into the TARDIS.
  • The image of Luna with a Slasher Smile watching Twilight.
  • How Silver handles Ride Along.
    Silver: You're a stallion yet you're drawn like a mare and you're a blank flank.
    (Ride Along goes dead silent)
    Silver: Yeah thought that would shut you up.
  • Silver breaks up a shipping attempt between Sombra and a repulsed Luna.
    Silver: I'll make the shipping jokes around here, thank you very little.
  • Silver setting up Commander Firebrand as an arsonist, which convinces Ride Along to pursue him despite protest.
    Silver: I believe him, I'm just a terrible person.
  • Silver accusing Luna of speciesism in sending Spike to Dragon Town. Her face is what sells it.
  • Silver tries to have a nice moment with Luna, who burps magic in his face. He wakes up in his bed... with a less than pleased Firebrand.
    Firebrand: (As his horn lights up) Anyone interested in some roast chicken.
    • Turns out he actually was offering some roast chicken to eat. Silver thinks it's cannibalism and doesn't mind. Then Firebrand apparently loses the videogame he was playing.

Snips and Snails

  • The entire thing is an April Fool's video with Dr. Wolf taking the place of Silver Quill, complete with a mask of the hippogriff's face. He also perfectly imitates Silver's personality.
    • The topper is tricking AnY into taking over the episode so he gets attacked by a mob. As the other pony is taken away Wolf is criticizing his skill as a Youtuber.

After the Fact: The Cutie Map

  • This bit:
    Silver Quill (after watching clip where Starlight tells Twilight to shut it): Oh-hoo! You do NOT interrupt a Twilight Sparkle Speech! That's a death sentence, lady!
  • Near the very beginning, when he realizes that his mad libs from the season 4 finale doesn't apply:
    Silver Quill: Well that didn't last long. Mad Lib *mad lib beeps* Initiate self destruct. *mad lib beeps again* I had to pay extra for this feature.
    *mad lib explodes, covering Silver Quill in ash*
    Silver Quill: And yet only now do I question why.
  • When Sugar Belle mentions word "muffins", Derpy comes running by and tramples him.
    Silver Quill: (groans) I think she broke my everything!
    • A few minutes later, Derpy walks by again, only this time she's green in the face and her stomach is groaning.
    Silver Quill: Yeah, know your limits, kiddo! Believe it or not, you got off easy!
  • Silver wanted to give the premiere a running start, so he captured Celestia and trussed her up. He regrets not wearing a disguise.
    Silver: (To a captured Celestia) I'll get you down but you can't be mad.
(Scene shifts to Silver in a dungeon)
Silver: She's mad.

After the Fact: Castle Sweet Castle

  • Silver Quill choosing to renovate the Castle of the Two Sisters, with Twilight face-hoofing as he does so.
  • Silver Quill hugging Applejack because she had strawberries on her pancakes.
  • The entire opening with Silver acting as a tour guide. The highlight is how he tries to wake up Twilight with his bullhorn, who responds as well as Eli did. Silver responds like it happens every Tuesday and knowing him it probably does.
  • Silver questions if Twilight shouldn't hire some guards and Flash Sentry blurs into the scene, much to Silver's awe.

After The Fact: Bloom and Gloom

  • The return of Silver's Inner Fanboy who spouts off a ton of outdated fanon about Luna, while lampshading how silly some of it is.
  • "What? You've never corrupted the youth before? IT'S FUN!"
  • The title card has Diamond Tiara sucked up into the twittermite collector and Silver being zapped in the background.
  • The return of Abridged Alucard as a pony.
  • Silver Quill has a few ideas how he'd use twittermites. Don't worry it's All Just a Dream. And A Dream Within a Dream. Which goes on for a while.
  • Silver eventually has enough of the Dream Within a Dream antics and demands answers. Cue him falling with a Goofy scream and Luna apppearing.
  • Silver takes advantage of of Equestrian dream rules to lead the Crusaders in getting revenge on Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Luna takes this poorly and physically knocks him out of the dream world and into reality. He has no idea how that works.

After The Fact: Tanks for the Memories

  • Silver Quill getting frustrated when he can't think of what to say at the beginning of the review, which causes him to spazz out and shout "Vexation!"
  • Silver Quill's brain turns out to be a hamster on an exercise wheel.
    • And when Heratio, the hamster of said hamster wheel, goes the wrong way, Silver starts talking backwards.
  • Silver Quill offers a scenario to satisfy those who were miffed over Rainbow Dash being a Karma Houdini in this episode. Let's say there was another pony who looks an awful lot like Rainbow Dash, and let's say she bullied Fluttershy on one infamous occasion. Let's say there was a certain hippogriff who still carries a grudge and decides to enact some Laser-Guided Karma. Let's say he might have dressed her up as Rainbow Dash, presented her to Officer Ridealong, who then proceeds to make the arrest of the decade. And let's say said mare is now serving 20 to life.
    Silver Quill: That's what I call a "not-right-in-the-head" canon. And the moral of the story is: DON'T BE MEAN TO FLUTTERSHY!!!!
  • Silver Quill suffering a Heroic BSoD upon seeing Fluttershy making Rainbow Dash cry.
    • And his subsequent reboot thanks to a cuteness surge from Sweetie Belle.
  • Silver thanking Dash for sabotaging the factory, as it gave him time to sneak in and steal the blueprints for how it flies so he can give the Castle of the Two Sisters the same ability. He also adds that she and Tank are welcome to visit when it's done...provided they can pay the entrance fee.
    *Rainbow Dash face-hoofs*
    Silver Quill: Booyah! Two down, four to go!
    • Silver's critique of pegasus security, pointing out a mithril door only the princesses can open means nothing when the walls it's on are made of clouds.
  • Silver Quill on Jeopardy.
  • Silver as Groucho Marx doing a bit with Pinkie Pie.
  • Silver borrows a bit from Linkara with a Cyberman pony but cuts it off.
  • Silver opts out of a Grinch joke with Rainbow's scheming face in favor of making a more obscure reference. He chooses Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.
  • The montage of Who's on First? gags.
  • "I'm professional and mentally unbalanced. Just ask Rainbow's cousin."

Celestia Celebration

  • The opening is a roast of Celestia, hosted by Vegeta of all people. His ego and temper quickly catch up to him.
    • Silver regrets getting Vegeta, noting that he blames himself as do the Dragon Ball fans.
  • Silver notes he may be the worst choice for commenting on Celestia before an offscreen Vegeta reminds him that he's not quite the bottom of that barrel. Just the second worst.
  • Silver discusses the different fan versions of Celestia, such as Tyrantlestia, Trollestia, and Sombrerolestia. That last one will catch on.
  • Silver goes on about Celestia's immortality and spitballs her physical appearance at 25. A disapproving look from her gets him to rephrase that at 22.
  • Silver calls Celestia on Discord nearly banishing Tree Hugger to another dimension... because he wonders why she didn't think of it.
  • Silver resigns himself to Vegeta attacking him at the end.

After The Fact: Appleoosa's Most Wanted

  • The opening has Silver noting Braeburn as a Launcher of a Thousand Ships and he ultimately decides to show who he hasn't been shipped with. Silver appears and is insulted at the notion.
  • Silver hopes he won't be subjected to painful slapstick for once. A haystack winds up falling on the pony right next to him and he can't even process the occurrence.
  • Silver Quill scolding the two ponies who threw their torches and pitchforks over their backs. A pony wearing a top hat then runs around screaming because his hat is on fire. Silver then tells him to just take the hat off.
  • Silver shows what would really happen if the Crusaders went looking for Trouble Shoes. Them Chained to a Railway screaming as the train closed in. And that's the kid-friendly version!
  • Silver goes into a quick science lesson on what happens when you leave hay in the rain. He gets interrupted by Stuff Blowing Up and Braeburn getting blasted across the screen. He's baffled by the fact he's avoided injury again.
  • When Silver Quill tells off the CMC for letting Trouble Shoes rot in a jail cell because they won't tell the truth for fear of being punished, Grogar appears behind him and says that even he thought that was messed up.
  • "By the power invested in me by absolutely no one I dub thee Moderately Macintosh."

After The Fact: Make New Friends But Keep Discord

  • The opening has Silver getting an invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala, which he takes to mean he's been forgiven for his trolling habits. The letter explodes in his face.
    Silver: (dazed) Well played Celestia, well played.
  • Pinkie's Camera Abuse manages to affect Silver.
  • The Overly Long Gag about Twilight not taking Flash Sentry as her plus-one to the Gala.
    Silver Quill: This may be my cruelest joke ever!
  • Silver wonders where the rest of the royalty aside from Celestia and Twilight is on this night. He excuses Luna because of her nightly duties, but that still leaves the question of Cadance and Shining Armor...he thinks they have "special plans" this evening. Cut to Shining Armor and Cadence in bed looking at each other with loving eyes while music plays in the background...and then Silver turns out to be in bed next to them.
    Silver Quill: Sooo, this is where the magic happens, eh? Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more? *cut to being shot out of the Crystal Palace with Flash Sentry smugly watching* Don't name the child Skylaaa! Ah, my spleen!
  • Silver's prolonged beatdown of a siren playing the Gak theme.
  • The Smooze chasing down pony Flava Flav.
  • Apparently, Canterlot guards have orders to arrest Silver Quill on sight for not respecting royalty and personal space...and he gets out of it by stealing Voice of Reason's ticket and claiming "Silver Quill" did a good job at disguising himself as a pony.
    Silver Quill: Oh Silver Quill, why do you darken your soul with lies?
    • Once the Smoze floods the gala, Silver uses a beaten up Voice of Reason as his boat, while dressed as a gondolier.
    Silver Quill: (singing with a very fake Italian accent) Anchovy pizza! Something, something Italian sounding!
    Voice of Reason: I will remember this, and you will pay.
    Silver Quill: Just stay buoyant, boy-o.
    Voice of Reason: This tux was a rental.
    • Voice of Reason eventually gets his revenge by kicking Silver into the alternate dimension that Discord was going to banish Tree Hugger to.
  • Silver tries to improve Tree Hugger's audio of calming the Smooze. It backfires.
  • Silver believes that the portal Discord opened isn't showing Tree Hugger the same thing as the viewers are seeing. What could she be witnessing? Here's a hint. Shoo-be-doo...
  • About Maud's "You're the most basic of jokes" line.
    Silver Quill: *With Aloe the Spa pony at hand* Hey, would you like some Aloe for that burn? *cut to chaos dimension where Aloe pops up, only to be saved by the mail pony from earlier, who captured the Eldritch Abomination and made it his steed with dramatic music playing in the background.* I can ship anything.
  • At the end of the review, KP appears and complains that Silver reviewed a Discord episode without her. The two then start arguing like a married couple until Voice of Reason shouts "Just ship already!"

After the Fact: Character vs Power

  • Silver's past self runs in fear of his present appearance. Guy manages to be a Butt-Monkey even to himself.
  • Silver worries over Troubleshoes and Clutterstep meeting just in time for them to highhoof, which destroys the universe. Silver bemoans how he's going to have to make a deal with Fausticorn again.

After the Fact The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

  • "I hold qualities of both species in my heart... AND MY RUMP"
  • The entirety of the "Because I'm part Griffon" skit. Especially how it ends
  • The gag about how a foreign king might react badly to Twilight's "Princess of Friendship" title.
  • Silver telling Twilight that he's going to have a lot of material work with in regards to her in the future. Her Oh, Crap! expression is what sells it.
  • The ominous sound when Silver says he's looking forward to seeing other griffons.
  • The Name-Saying bit.
  • Silver agreeing with Pinkie that it's good Twilight didn't join them and the visual representation of why.
  • Silver almost dies of cuteness from seeing child Gilda but fights his way to living.
  • The epic setup of the "Let It Go" gag:
    • Silver sets up his playing the song
    • Toon Kritic and Dr. Wolf interrupt, claiming they know what he's thinking:
    Silver Quill: I find that unlikely. You're implying that I think.
    • Toon Kritic and Dr. Wolf seemingly talk Silver down, getting him to admit that he doesn't need to do this and can instead do some joke with more meaning... but...
    Silver Quill: And your discomfort means everything!
    • Then as the song plays and Toon Kritic and Dr. Wolf complain, Silver drinks in their (and others') misery while laughing manically.
    • At the end of the episode an angry mob then shows up to take Silver for his crimes...and Dr. Wolf trails behind them, admitting he's not very happy with this solution either.
    Silver: I've led a fun if unvirtuous life.
    Silver: Be gentle with my griffon parts. And my other parts too.
  • Silver leaves the griffon that left Dash to die with Pinkie as Laser-Guided Karma.

After the Fact Slice of Life

  • Silver's vehemence for Michael Bay.
  • The scene with Doodle Dabble. Silver is utterly confused and thinks he's finally lost it. It finally ends when she suggests getting more input and he shoots that down. She even yelps when he closes the book.
    Silver: We are not bringing in more talking books. I am crazy enough as it is thank you.
  • Silver gets interrupted again, this time by a pony with a Brain in a Jar for a head, much to his horror.
    Silver: I just... really hope today is a bad dream.
    • The new pony goes into a literal Heroic BSoD from Silver trying to explain that not everyone is a Doctor Who fan.
  • Silver's solution for there being two Time Turners now.
    Silver: (Brings out Twicane and approaches Time Turner) Close your eyes and go to your happy place and yes I'm aware of how horrible that sounds.
    • A censored screen that has the sounds of Silver beating Time Turner while going on about what he wants in the series before finishing with a shout of "Entitlement!"
    • Silver's beating prompts a regeneration into a Matt Smith pony but he realizes he's still behind a regeneration. Cue a falling anvil and you get a pony Peter Capaldi.
  • "I suddenly feel annoyed yet I know not why."
  • Silver's idea of the ponies took advantage of their massive numbers against threats. Chrysalis certainly learned.
  • Silver's response to secret agent Bon Bon and then a secret agent pony.
  • Silver's reaction to a changeling speaking to him. Which is speciesist, not racist. There's a difference.
    Silver: Away parasite I have no love to take.
    • Then there's what Silver does to him not because he's a changeling but because he's the fifth unexpected guest he's had.
  • Lightning Bliss knocks Silver out of frame to take over and he deals with her by pointing out how cute she is to the Ponyville residents.
  • Silver gets Dusty Katt to agree to a tea party by employing the Crusaders with Puppy-Dog Eyes on him. Silver just tells him get in line when he promises payback.
  • The end of the video, which has ALL of the analysts that had a cameo in the video and Silver Quill kind of insulted. And as promised, Mary Sue had come with a broom for his head.

After the Fact: Magical Ethics

  • The opening with Silver's shoulder demons. Namely that he has two and no shoulder angel. Then they start fighting each other.
    Silver: This is why I make bad decisions.
  • Silver notes that another reviewer has made him think. Rarity at least realizes how bad this actually is.
  • At the end of the video, Twilight turns Silver's head into an orange as revenge for saying that he wishes for an episode in which she learns when it's right to not cast a spell. What Silver says in response combined with the smirk on Twilight's face afterward makes the scene hilarious.
    Silver: Twilight! I am very crossed indeed. This definitely falls into the "abusive power" category. You could've at least turned me into a potato. Those have eyes. When I eventually find Princess Celestia, I'm going to have very strong words for you. I'm Orange Quill. Thanks for watchiii... (falls over) Oh no. I'm bruised.
    • The updated version of the video has a post-credits scene that shows Celestia laughing (really hard) at Silver and his orange head.

After The Fact: Friendship Ahoy

After the Fact: Rainbow Rocks

  • "See Flash I appreciate you. I just do it in my own horrible way."
  • Silver being flung so hard that he warps from the pony world to the human world, and visa versa by Flash and Sunset respectively after pushing their Berserk Buttons a little too hard. Could double as a Moment of Awesome.
    Human!Silver: Well now! That certainly happened because reasons! Kinda sets the tone for this movie.
  • Fluttershy's short is is too weird even by Silver's standards.
  • The montage of bands with tambourine players when Silver questions what bands have them. He wants to fire his editor for that one, who just so happens to be normal Silver Quill. Good luck with that one buddy.
  • Rainbow Dash having to deal with normal reactions to her ponying up.
  • Adagio Dazzle's "Evil Face", even Silver agrees it's rather silly.
  • Silver noting that it's kinda hard for Sunset to get over her Never Live It Down moment because, you know, she tried to conquer the world.
    Sunset Shimmer: (in a M. Bison outfit) OF COURSE!
  • Silver recreating a scene from the Ten Commandments with the Sonata Loving Tacos meme in place of the commandments.
  • Silver as General Patton with Discord as the President, whose response to the Sirens is Nuke 'em.
  • Silver's talk with the Humane Six about being Innocently Insensitive towards Sunset and providing a list of other acceptable targets.
  • Silver realizing that he's standing outside of a house where seven teenage girls are having a sleepover. Ride Along shows up in short order, to Silver's misfortune.
  • Silver's realization that he just defended Flash Sentry, leading him to track down the human version to vent his rage.
  • Silver's thoughts on how Spike was able to get Vinyl to help him. He talks to her just like Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • Vinyl's car secretly being a Transformer.
  • Celestia's letter to pre-Equestria Girls Sunset Shimmer, filling in the plot holes of how Sunset knew so much about Equestria in her absence and depicting Celestia as a passive-aggressive troll. Sunset's stare after reading just sells it.
  • This:
    Human!Silver: (After "guessing" the answer to the "guess the plotline" game) So, how'd I do?
    (Game-show correct bell sounds as gameshow music plays)
    Human!Silver:(Girly laughter, speaking in a girly tone) What do I win? What do I win?
    (Cue blank screen with the Live-action of "Jem and the Holograms" with a fanfare)
    Human!Silver: That's not a good prize.
After the Fact: Princess Spike
  • The opening when Silver follows advice from a sleep deprived Twilight. Eating a candle somehow taught him the secrets of the universe.
  • The title card has Silver proudly standing next to a statue of himself made of stain glass with a nearby window completely shattered as Spike and Cadence look on in shock.
  • Silver apparently escaped that angry mob at the end of his "Slice of Life" video by hiding once he made it offscreen.
  • Silver quips that you could get away with pretty much everything if you had a princess' endorsement. Cue him kidnapping Celestia, again, and telling the guards she's perfectly fine with it.
  • Silver edits Spike's reaction once he realizes things have gone wrong to make it look like he swore.
    Silver: I can ruin anything.
  • Silver realizing that Spike is trying to escape out the window from a multi-story building. Cue one screaming dragon and the sound of him hitting the ground and you get Silver criticizing him for trying to take his Butt-Monkey status. He actually starts getting worried when he gets no response from Spike.
  • Celestia shows up at the end, none too happy about Silver kidnapping her again. He tries to placate her by offering 30 percent off the next ransom. Getting blasted into space just makes him offer her half off the ransom.

After the Fact: Party Pooped

  • Silver punching Rutherford across the landscape when he tries to smash him. Doubles as a moment of awesome.
  • "Contrary to popular belief I have my pride."
  • Silver detailing what the outcome would be if the yaks went to war with Equestria: the yaks exhaust their entire arsenal, and Celestia just sends them to the moon.
    Silver Quill: And there you have it. The third armored battalion is now the first space borne battalion.
  • "I should not laugh at her misfortune but I'm going to anyway."
  • Rutherford bouncing up and down endlessly on a trampoline trap that Pinkie Pie set up.
    Silver Quill: Ha ha! The half-way mark!

After the Fact: Amending Fences

  • Silver hanging out with Starlight Glimmer as she spies on Twilight. He recommends her trying the veal, before remembering ponies are herbivores. Then he tries being devious, just before running off and leaving Starlight to foot the bill.
    Silver: So. What sort of evilness are you planning? Gonna poison her food or something? Well don't worry, I've already got the best revenge planned. I ordered her...a quesadilla.
    (Twilight runs out of the restaurant screaming)
    Silver: (breaking down in tears) Oh heavens! What have I done?! I'm sorry, Twilight!
  • Realizing the episode is going to be filled with continuity callbacks, he decides he has to "curb his memes". By the time Pinkie references Minuette being one of Cadance's bridesmaids, Silver is visibly struggling not to do his catchphrase.
  • Silver is alarmed that Twilight's old apartment was left unlocked and unattended since she left Canterlot, pointing out how someone could easily take advantage...and then proceeds to do just that.
    • Silver gets an answer as to why nopony tried to do so when he runs into Shining Armor while leaving.
  • During the doughnut shop scene, Silver tries to be snarky about Twilight meeting Minuette, Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine, but every attempt is rebuffed by the episode itself. Silver has a breakdown.
    Silver: What? What is this? How could this episode predict all of my criticisms? How can it know my nitpicks? It's true what they say! M. A. Larson is a psychic! Away from me, o demon! My mind is not your playground! (awkward scream, and then collapses)
  • Upon reflecting on the names "Lemon Hearts" and "Twinkleshine", Silver realizes this is why he can never have a civil conversation about ponies with a non-brony. Cue Silver in a woman's apartment, trying to talk to her about which pony he thinks is cuter, before she throws him off a balcony.
    Woman: And you can come back when you start speaking English!
  • Doodle Dabble's return.
  • Seeing Pinkie use her tail to fly, Silver decides to try flying the same way. Except he can't control his propeller tail, dragging him backwards and interrupting MangaKamen's own video.
    Silver Quill: Help! My rump is kidnapping me!
  • After an entire video without saying his catchphrase, Silver finally says it at the video's end, resulting in an explosion.

After the Fact: Loveable Luna

  • Silver's inner fanboy returns, saying that to make sure Celestia doesn't interfere with the video, he got her a ticket to a private screening of The Force Awakens. Cut to Celestia sitting in an empty movie theatre, while wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, and looking at the screen with a huge smile on her face while the Star Wars theme plays.
    • The plan is foolproof because it was made by a fool.
    • Silver snarking at his inner fanboy.
    • Luna traps the inner fanboy in the moon.
  • "I shall never understand executives and if I ever do I shall know I have gone mad."
  • Silver offers Luna some preemptive karma for whatever he inevitably does to her in his review of "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?". He particularly mentions an out there dream.
    Silver: Send me that marshmallow dream. You know the one where you wake up in Las Pegasus in a bathtub full of mayonnaise. You know that one always confused me.
    • Luna's WTF face sells it.
    • How does Luna respond to Silver's offer? By kissing him on the cheek, much to his joy. It knocks him out.

After the Fact: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

  • Silver goes into the dreams of other analysts just to troll them:
    • In AnY's dream, Silver taunts AnY as he falls by flying around him and refusing to help, because he didn't want to collab on the episode.
    Silver Quill: See you next fall!
    AnY: That pun was unnecessary! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
    • In Firebrand's dream, Firebrand is going up to accept an award, when Silver comes in with a dynamite stick that explodes with his signature KA-BOOM! in Firebrand's face.
    Firebrand: I'm going to bed. And I'm not getting up. Ever again.
    • And in Antony C's dream, Antony is dressed up as a princess walking through the chapel while "Behold Princess Twilight Sparkle" plays in the background, and Silver..... just follows behind him snapping pictures with his phone.
  • Then he encounters Voice of Reason in his dream, who's having an..."in depth conversation" with his waifu, Gilda.
    Voice of Reason: Uhhhhh... this is EXACTLY what it looks like.
    Silver Quill: I appreciate your honesty.
  • Doctor Wolf's Dream, where he's taken over the world.
  • Silver and Voice fighting over which channel to watch. Voice wants to watch a baseball game, while Silver wants to watch The Blacklist. The ensuing debate leads to the channels flipping to things like The Nostalgia Critic's "Explain movie, EXPLAIN!" rant, Lullaby for a Princess, and a parody video of The Cutie Re-Mark Pt. 2.
  • When Luna says her line about her dream ending happily, Voice takes the scene and tosses it offscreen for later, bowling over Silver in the process.
  • The return of the Rainbow Power and the return of Silver's hatred for it. Voice is a bit more openminded, much to Silver's fright.
  • Voice of Reason isn't impressed with Tank's return. Silver corrects him at gunpoint.
  • This:
    Silver Quill: Since Luna saw the Mane 6 in her dreams...(huge mound of papers pile up on one side of the screen) and she shares a connection with them...(more papers pile in) Luna must now enter the dreams to protect her friends.
    (even more papers rise up from under Voice)
    Voice of Reason: What's all this?
    Silver Quill: All the ship-fics inspired by that one summarization.
    (paper flies in and hits Voice in the face)
    Voice of Reason: Ooh! Rule 34 ones, too!
    Silver Quill: The plan is for Luna to hunt the Tantabus across dreamscapes. So she gathers everyone together for a... (paper hits him in the face) platonic sleepover.
  • Silver suggests another dream for Twilight that could get fans talking, and shows a fanart of her and Flash Sentry on a beach at sunset.
    Voice of Reason: Silver! How could you?!
    Silver Quill: How could I not?
    Voice of Reason: But the flame wars!
    Silver Quill: Will be delicious to read! Grandpa needs his stories!
  • After witnessing Pinkie's lucid dreaming, Voice suggests moving on to the next dream. When Silver asks why, they suddenly appear over a volcano.
    Voice of Reason: That's why.
    (both scream)
  • Voice says that Angel's monster form is actually an improvement and asks for Silver's opinion. He's instead greeted by an equally monstrous Silver Quill, and runs away screaming.
  • When they get to Rainbow Dash's dream, it leads to this exchange:
    Silver Quill: (in tears) Oh-ho-ho, don't cheapen this with words!
    Voice of Reason: How about with sunflowers?
    Silver Quill: NOOOOOOOOOO!
    (cuts to Rainbow's nightmare)
  • Voice finally has enough, and tells Silver he's going to use the dirtiest word in a critic's vocabulary to describe Luna.
    Silver Quill: Dirtiest word in a critic's- Oh no! No, you don't mean THAT!
    Voice of Reason: Yeah, I'm using... the "o" word.
    Silver Quill: Ah, c'mon! You know how many Luna fans watch this channel? Plus I'm trying to go the waifu angle.
    Voice of Reason: Sorry Silver, but it's a sacrifice we all have to make.
    Silver Quill: But think of my dignity!
    Voice of Reason: What dignity?
    Silver Quill: Ask the yaks!
    Voice of Reason: Fans of Luna, far and wide, prick up your ears and duck for cover; IT'S GONNA GET NASTY!
    Voice of Reason: Princess a!
  • During his rant, Voice shoots Silver's inner fanboy in the head with his sniper rifle.
  • Silver's brainfreeze. And subsequent recovery with the Mario 1-Up theme.
  • Silver's reaction to Princess Big Mac.
  • We later find out that the reason why Voice has been so livid throughout the video is because it's the Tantabus masquerading as Voice of Reason, which proceeds to stomp all over Silver.
    • Then the actual Voice comes in, verifying his points about Luna, while Silver continues to get squashed in the background.
    Silver Quill: That's it! From now on, folks only get one rant per collab!
  • Luna's dream containing a ton of Silver's inner-fanboys.
    Voice of Reason: Wow! And I thought my fantasies were weird.
    • Then, a large group of inner fanboys come walking by, carrying Gilda along with them. Bonus points for Gilda's WTF face.
    Voice of Reason: Hey! Talons off my waifu! (chases after them)
  • From the supplement video:
    • Silver reading Grand Pause as Grandpas and all the humor that derives from it.
    • Voice of Reason is still chasing after the inner fanboys to get Gilda back.
    • Grand Pause asks if Silver has ever done anything he would consider embarrassing. Dude really doesn't know who he's dealing with does he?
      • He names ten minutes since Silver has done anything of the sort. He gets labeled a delightful optimist.
    • Grand Pause uses the term "past sins" and Silver warns him from using it, presenting Nyx as a reason.
    • Gran Pause dares anyone to say Lullaby for a Princess isn't canon. Silver tries before Grand Pause scares him from the idea.
    • Cadence as Mary Poppins, much to Grand Pause's frustration.
    • Grand Pause Rickrolls Silver at the end.

Rah! Rah! Rainbow

  • Humble pie is apparently made out of zap apples.
  • Dusty Katt abducts Rainbow Dash at the end, trampling Silver Quill in the process. His commentary afterwards is priceless.
    • Then there's The Stinger at the end when he comments on how all of the background ponies aren't helping them, like they're barely animated. Yeah he's seen Deadpool.

After the Fact: Delightful Discord

  • Whatever Silver is doing in the intro, the crowd's bewildered reaction is just icing on the cake!
  • Bronies are somehow more overbearing than Trekkies. Silver takes it as a badge of honor.
  • At the end all of the characters start turning into removed Youtube video symbols. Silver blames Discord but finds to his horror that the draconequus isn't responsible. It goes downhill from there.

The Everfree Northwest Mystery

  • We see Dr. Wolf's censor, a chihuahua bark.

A Serpent's Tale

Watching Techno Chicken?

  • Firebrand: So, are you actually asking us that question or being rhetorical to the audience?
    Silver Quill: Potato.
  • Skyrim-quil.
  • The spoiler warning, which takes the form of a disaster alarm accompanied by Silver Quill saying that everyone will die from the spoilers, Golden Fox and Firebrand even interrupt it briefly to lampshade how strange and goofy it is.
    • When it's over, Silver is a gurgling mess saying spoiler, which is quickly followed by a a crowd to suddenly appear, cheering for Silver Quill, followed by Silver acting like an Oscar winner Firebrand's baffled expressions says it all.
  • Firebrand gushing over Celestia being proactive for once. Silver of course has to ruin the moment.
  • Silver mentions having a theory about baby pony eyes but Firebrand brandishes a pipe to silence him.
  • Golden Fox getting chased around by Silver's internet security. Which turns out to be Pac-Man.
    Silver Quill: And just like that, I surpass Adam Sandler.
    • Silver gets spooked when Golden Fox shows up behind him in reality.
  • This dialogue over how the show justifies plot conflicts.
    Silver: Headcanons.
    Firebrand: Shut up Silver!
    Silver: Double no.
  • Silver infuriating Firebrand with his criticism of Celestia. Golden Fox trying to avoid it to start with. Then Silver's response when Firebrand refuses to back down.
    Silver: Final no.
    • Golden Fox wondering over Silver's various spring traps.
    Golden Fox: You keep those things everywhere don't you?
    Silver: Wouldn't you?
  • At one point, Firebrand gets launched into the air. When he lands, he makes a squeak toy sound effect.
  • The reason Silver was watching Funky Chicken? He wanted to dance like the chicken in the video.

Silver Quilted: Gift of the Maud Pie

  • Silver goes on Derpibooru. He has to wash his eyes out after.

Fantastic Fluttershy

  • Silver guilting Fluttershy into going to her celebration with a series of shots of her animals making sad faces. Which includes the hydra. It wasn't easy to get it to make that face four times.
    • Then there's the "proper escort" he set up for her. The hydra stomping through town while he announces Fluttershy's arrival with his bullhorn. She's less than happy over it.

After the Fact: Canterlot Boutique

  • Silver using the skull of the Aramaspi to decorate the Castle of the Two Sisters.
  • Pinkie as V.
  • The Doom Flag.
  • Cadance gets mad because she didn't get a featured dress in Rarity's new store, and Silver tells her she did get featured in a different clothing line of Rarity's: lingerie. Cue Cadance turning twelve shades of pink. Well, more pink than she usually is.
  • Silver sending the rest off the Mane 6 off to irrelevance on an airship.
  • At the end, Fashion Plate gets so excited he explodes. We then cut to Silver standing in front of Fashion Plate's grave with a tearful expression, and Silver narrates the scene as if it were a PSA. After Silver states that next time he will be reviewing Rarity Investiagtes Fashion Plate emerges from his grave as a zombie, causing Silver to run away screaming.
    Silver: Every decade, .0001% of the population suffers from over erh-mah-gash-ification. If you or someone you love is getting way over-hyped, please check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Celestia Centerpoints

  • Silver has apparently been living in Celestia's mane for a year. He gets thrown out of Canterlot when all is said and done.
    • And so does his pinball machine.

After the Fact: Rarity Investigates

  • When Silver Quill finds the crime scene, he discovers a Chalk Outline of himself, apparently the result of something that happened last week. The fact Silver is so casual about it makes it funnier.
    • Oh, and the outline also has the shape of one his happy vectors.
  • Silver exits the intro through a helicopter hat.
  • Bringing a pony version of Batgirl to ridicule Rarity for seducing a delivery man, prompting Rarity to run off crying. Silver then changes Batgirl-pony into her animated series look and contemplates why ponies wear clothes before a Freudian Couch drops out of the ceiling and crushes Silver Quill, followed by Rarity jumping on it and sobbing.
    Silver: You made quote Batman & Robin. That's on you.
  • Sassy Saddles going on the "Journey to Irrelevance", and the ship once again goes backwards.
    (eagle screeches in the distance)
    Silver: Quiet you!
  • When Silver introduces the Wind Rider, Silver makes no effort to hide the fact that he the Big Bad of the episode, even having signs show it.
  • This:
    Firebrand: Finish that sentence and I'll twist until you're sniffing your own butt.
    Silver: How do you know I'm not into that?
    (beat as Firebrand makes a O_o face, then proceeds to toss Silver Quill out of Canterlot and off the mountain)
    Silver: Your discomfort is nectar!
  • While Firebrand's rant about media-portrayed military isn't funny, Silver Quill can be seen in the background kidnapping Prince Blueblood and later getting chased away by guards.
    Silver: Just proving a point here. This is way too easy to accomplish.
  • Silver tries to criticize Rainbow's take off line but gets knocked out of the way as she leaves. And then gets hit again on the return trip.
  • Earlier on in the review, Silver has a Yugi Pony doing a "Guilty until proven innocent" explanation. Near the end of the episode, Silver has Yugi-pon "Mind Crush" Wind Rider, the cheesy effects add to the weirdness.
  • The ending has Silver inflate his suit to get out of attack Prince Blueblood, and then using "Anti-magic gas" on Firebrand for trying to prevent Silver from escaping.

Twilight's Tribute

After The Fact: Fluttershy's micro

  • The opening is Silver wailing about how he doesn't like Fluttershy's micro comic to Fluttershy. Her baffled expressions throughout the whole thing really sell it.

Radiant Rarity

Sublime Sunset

Pinkie Pie Party

  • Silver admitting he didn't think he would like Pinkie at first. Everyone acts like he just admitted to shooting a puppy dog.
    • They react the same when he says Pinkie isn't technically a "party pony".

After The Fact: Made in Manehattan

  • Silver getting Applejack to facehoof in the opening.
  • Twilight fluffing herself up like Fluffle Puff. Silver approves.
  • Silver Squeeing over the Peanuts Shout-Out.
  • Silver gets slapped with a Cease and Desist sign when he tries saying Coco's name. Literally.
  • Silver tries to rail against Coco's rename but the French choose that moment to attack him for his poor French speaking.
  • Silver attacking the Method Mares when they start acting snooty. With two members down Silver decides to deal with the "violent trend" by walking away but keeps the other two in check by bringing in Lyanna Mormont pony. They try to leave but Silver warns them against running because "She can smell fear."
  • Silver gets Rarity to facehoof at the end, leaving one last mare.
    Silver: I'm coming for ya Fluttershy.

After The Fact: Scare Master

  • Everypony's Nightmare Night costumes:
  • Silver trying to critique Bliss' costume.
  • Silver being mocked over his lack of costume.
  • Horatio returns and is no help to Silver's memory.
  • Dr. Wolf trying to warn Silver about the cemetery. The hippogriff really wasn't paying attention.
    Silver: I would love a cup of wine in a golden chalice.
    • Then the scene shifts to show him with just that, much to his bafflement.
  • Baron Tall Tales ranking system. Silver starts out with negative triple digits.
    • Later on he's somehow at negative infinity. And then it gets to a GG.
  • "Everyone's hopeful future hasenpfeffer dish."
  • Keyframe's called on to do a recap and her failure to do so leads a hoard of zombies to carry her off.
    • She returns for the bonus round as a zombie, oblivious to Bliss' terror.
  • The clip from the Powerpuff Girls reboot.
  • Thespio actively prevents the "CONTINUITY!" gag from happening.
  • Thespio getting turned into an actual genie.
  • The Baron's response to Finn's text joke.
  • "After the 57th near death experience the spark is just gone."
  • Silver snarking at the Baron after his head gets cut off. Then he calmly takes his head back.
    • Silver's upside down head a result of him trying to get his cut off head back on.
  • Tall Tales Villainous Breakdown over Silver not recognizing him. Silver thought it was just Toon Critic going through another identity crisis.
  • When everyone gets thrown out of the cemetery Keyframe lands with a squeak.
  • Silver Quill finally finishes his checklist for getting the Mane Six to facehoof with Fluttershy. How does he do this? By going as her for Nightmare Night.
    • He unlocks a trophy for doing this.

After The Fact: Luna's Archetype

  • The return of Silver's inner fanboy and Luna's response.
  • Silver identifies Luna as the Crone archetype and realizes how it doesn't sound too complimentary before pleading with an enraged Luna over it.
  • After falling back down from being blasted into the sky Silver gets up like nothing happened.
  • Silver getting Chirping Crickets when he brings up the Greek Fates of Myth.
  • Luna's dirtiest joke and Silver's response. Also he doesn't get it. Until he does at the end.

12 Doors of Finnsmas

  • Silver greets Finn with a shotgun to the face. He thought it was a reindeer.
    • Finn brushes it off because it's somehow not the weirdest greeting of the day.
    • This exchange in relation to above:
    Finn: The closest living reindeer is currently on a cookie bench.
    Silver: Only in our line of work does that sentence make sense.
  • Silver panics because he thinks the Mafia are after him. Finn wonders when he met up with them again.
  • Finn's gift to Silver is Powered Armor. He decides to go test out it's durability. It not only holds up but Silver slew three of his enemies with Hot Pocket grease.
  • Silver decides he can't keep the armor because of how much damage the thing can cause.
    Silver: I could pay for 20 hospital visits with the amount of insurance suits leveled against me that's just in the last three minutes.
  • Silver and Finn decide to give the armor to someone less "karma prone" and they decide to donate it to a children's charity. And this is Finn's idea, not Silver's. Apparently toys and robotic armor go hand in hand.
    Silver: Your logic is flawless.

After The Fact: My Hero Dragonball

  • Silver uses a minigun to shoot at a calendar of 2016. He hits the entire wall around it. And it seems he was actually trying to aim at it.
    Silver: (Shocked) Oh my gosh aiming actually makes it worse.

Spike's Special

After The Fact: The Amazon Archetype

  • Rainbow gives Silver a lewd gesture for using a certain clip.
  • Silver settles for naming the aggressive shadow of the Amazon, the "Castrator". Cue much terror from all the stallions of Equestria.

After The Fact: Villains Old and New

  • Silver trying to have a meeting of Equestrian villains.
    • Sombra is just his horn on a pile of shards. Silver bemoans having to glue it on again.
    • KP shows up in place of Discord. She blames the lawyers, to all of the other villains' shock. Silver points out there are lengths even this lot won't resort to.
    • The Flim-Flam brothers were invited but they tried to charge admission.
  • The return of the conga line.
  • KP is eating cake with "om-nom" sounds when the title card fades and is shocked to see the audience.
  • KP tasers Silver to stop his Dragon Ball joke.
  • Silver tries to ask out Luna and gets blasted by her, again. He just focuses on her not attacking him full blast meaning he has a chance. KP even snarks that shes not that bad..."ish".
  • "I do have Discord on speed dial. Watch your luck."
  • Silver and KP's toast at the end gets interrupted by random screaming. You get used to that in Tartarus.

After The Fact: The Derp of the Author

  • "I will not deny what I am for a horse's patoot."

Studying Starlight

  • Starlight tries to flee from Silver giving her a pep talk by warping around the world but he manages to follow her with cartoon logic.
    • By the third warp, which goes to the moon, she just gives up being surprised.
    • The final warp has Silver following her by falling from the moon to land right in front of her.
    Silver: Did you know that reentry becomes less painful after the 57th time, true story.

After The Fact: Fluttershy's Friends

  • Fluttershy shows up at the tail end of Silver's summary of her archetype, much to his exasperation. She gets an impressive Luminescent Blush from it.
    • Silver decides to start roasting marshmallows over a blushing Fluttershy.
  • Silver's reaction when Angel appears.
  • Silver plays coy about bringing up Discord and gets warped to Discord's realm. When he finally skips the theatrics Discord turns his head into an orange again.
  • Fluttershy's blush gets magnified several fold when Silver goes on about intimate relations. He has to talk her out of her embarrassment, which he does with his bullhorn.
    Silver: I tried being direct, now I shall be loud.

After The Fact: Brotherhooves Social

  • The opening in it's entirety.
  • Eliyora mentions something that happened in the TF2 Analysis videos. Silver's not holding a grudge because he repressed that memory deep in his subconscious "where it will never see the light of day".
  • Silver freaks out over Eliyora squeeing about this being a Big Macintosh episode.
  • Eliyora showing Flash Sentry as a "waifu stealer".
  • Eliyora knocks Silver out with her swearing and takes over. She gets knocked away when cuteness resets Silver's mind.
  • Silver's Equestria timeline.
  • Silver complains about Applejack's "rump pager" then starts shaking himself. It goes on for a bit.
  • Rarity is able to sense Big Macintosh's crossdressing while in Manehattan. She is filled with dread.
  • The return of Eq SPN.
    • Eliyora gets knocked out of the way by Big Macintosh. Silver tries to snark but gets by a landing Eliyora.
  • A montage of mares being aggressive ends with a clip of Pyro Eliyora. She's not happy about it.
  • Silver crossdressing, to Eli's disdain.
  • The episode ends with Eli leaving with a chained up Big Macintosh.
  • The supplement video has Silver being corrected about how many princesses there are but he draws a line when Flurry Heart gets shown.
    • Also from the supplement is his assessment of Rutherford as Too Dumb to Live and likely to bring the other Yaks with him.

After The Fact: Get a Life!

  • Silver's impatience for the ponies to bring up Twilight's ascension.
  • Silver editing one of Shatner's quotes.
  • Silver can't identify with Rainbow's ego because of his humility, which he boasts about.

After The Fact: Crusaders of the Lost Mark

  • Silver Quill drunk in Las Pegasus. It didn't make anymore sense to him either.
  • Silver winding up in a minefield. He of course has to snark which brings a Creeper ready to detonate upon him.
  • Silver sics Pipsqueak on a removed Youtube video symbol that's following him.
  • The "Exposition" gag, said as unexcited as possible.
  • Pipsqueak attacks Silver when the hippogriff makes a political joke at his expense.
  • Silver's "reality check" to Spoiled Rich over looking down on the Crusaders.

After The Fact: Hearthbreakers

  • Ginger Quill in the beginning. And Silver's Defensive "What?" over eating him.
  • Silver's descriptions of Pinkie's family.
  • Silver's rage towards Tyandaga and Sweetie Bloom because of "SCIENCE!"
  • Silver's slighting of, argument with, and fighting against Gloop.
    Silver: (Beaten up and slurring) Funny thing about creatures without bones. There's not much you can break. How I currently envy them.
  • Silver, Sweetie Bloom, and Tyandaga decide to go smash a rock when they find out that it apparently ships ponies. Cadence beats them to it.
  • Ginger Quill makes his return at the end. Guess he's just as vicious as Silver.

After The Fact: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

  • Silver Quill interrogating Pinkie Pie for information.
    Silver Quill: (in a phony accent) So, my Pinkie Pie...I hear you have secrets. Secrets that could shape the future of Equestria!
    Pinkie: Well, maybe I do, and maybe I don't!
    Silver Quill: (still in phony accent) I do not deal in "maybes". Especially when talking about babies. You will tell me what I wish to know, or suffer the consequences!
    Pinkie: Um, before we go any furthur, what's with the getup?
    (camera pans back to reveal Silver dressed in a Trixie-themed uniform)
    Silver Quill: (normal voice) Oh. I made this back when Trixie took over Ponyville. Thought I'd get with the winning team, but I literally bet on the wrong horse.
    Pinkie: (unimpressed) Uh-huh...
    Silver Quill: (back to phony accent) Now, my Pinkie Pie,you will tell me what I wish to know, or bad things will happen!
    Pinkie: NEVER! Loosing a friend's trust is the fastest way to loose a friend!
    Silver Quill: Then I am left with but one recourse! (holds up a balloon) Did you know I am part woodpecker?
    Pinkie: (gasps) You wouldn't dare!
    Silver Quill: (pops the balloon with his beak)
    Pinkie: (screams)
    Silver Quill: (holds up another balloon) Tell me your secrets!
    Pinkie: NEVER!
    Silver Quill: (pops balloon)
    Pinkie: (winces) Curse your black heart, Silver Quill!
    Silver Quill: (silently holds up a Pinkie Pie balloon)
    Pinkie: (stares in horror)
    Silver Quill: (says nothing; pops balloon)
    Pinkie: Alright, ALRIGHT! I'll tell you the truth...
    Silver Quill: Yes?
    Pinkie: I used discount sugar in my last batch of cupcakes!
    Silver Quill: ......Whas?
    Pinkie: And there's no National Lederhosen Day. I just wanted a costume party. I hadn't had one in five days! Plus I faked Celestia's signature to approve a surprise party for, well Princess Celestia! I mean, it's not a surprise party if she has to sign for it. I tried to interrogate Spike again to find out what Twilight wants for her birthday, and then I bought his silence a cube of zincronia! I thought Gummy looked cute playing in the laundry, didn't say anything until he tried to eat Mr. Cake's face! I always thought Big Macintosh was kinda cute, but didn't want to be involved with a shipping war. Speaking of, I ship Rainbow Dash with the kitchen sink!
    (camera cuts back to Silver Quill as Pinkie continues to ramble)
    Silver Quill: Oh-kay. So it appears that getting Pinkie Pie to talk isn't the issue...
    Pinkie: I spilled frosting on Rarity's new dress and said it was the new dessert couture line!
    Silver Quill: It's getting her to stop.
  • The cameo by Bender as a pony.
  • Silver mentions that Pinkie is tied up in Twilight's castle which he knows for "completely innocent and non-incriminating reasons."
  • The Cyberpony returns.
  • Pinkie makes Featherweight a giraffe just like he asked.
  • The line of cameos in the review.
  • Silver's response to Cadence and Shining Armor not thinking of Pinkie when planning their announcement.
  • Silver abducts Mayor Mare the same way he did Pinkie at the start but with the intent of getting her to work on her Loose Lips. All under the direction of Pinkie of course.

After The Fact: Newbie Dash

  • The episode starts with Silver waking up from another drinking game and finding he's a Wonderbolt cadet. And Dusty Katt is his drill sergeant.
    • Silver somehow flew backwards once. He got a ticket for mooning the Princesses but he thinks Luna was checking him out. She denies it and Dusty Katt doubts it.
  • "Flying now."
  • Dusty Katt's shock that Silver is actually going to do a review while flying.
  • Pinkie Pool.
  • Silver briefly considers making a drinking game of Rainbow Dash mentioning the Wonderbolts. Keyword is briefly.
  • Dusty Katt interrupts a flying Silver by jumping into the air. Complete with spring sound effects.
  • Silver claims to have done 500 flying laps offscreen and invokes the logic of the Princesses. Namely that if he claims to have done something and there's no evidence he hasn't then he did do it. Dusty Katt buys it.
  • Silver having to do wing ups.
    • Then having to do more with Dusty Katt standing on him.
  • "It is amazing how awesome one can be when no one is looking."
  • The Wonderbolts and Guard Ponies going by singing when Silver brings up tradition.
  • Dusty Katt takes off when Silver tries to rope him into going over the third act.
  • Silver decides to perform a unicorn dissection. On Blueblood. With a chainsaw. For Science!.
  • Silver decides to wash out of being a Wonderbolt. Dusty Katt complies by throwing him out. Literally.

Bronies React: A Royal Problem (Season 7 Episode 10)

After The Fact: What About Discord?

  • The opening, full stop.
  • Silver brings Moondancer to Twilight as recompense for Twilight's stalking earlier in the season and mentions the three days Twilight was in the library.
  • Silver showing he's got the alcohol situation under control. With a bottle bigger than Twilight's castle.
    KP: You have a problem.
    Silver: Sister, I am the problem.
    KP: Too bad I don't have the solution.
  • Spike Sass.
  • Firebrand's reaction to KP's Lame Pun.
  • Silver makes a crack about Rarity's coat. He gets a hoofslap for his trouble.
    Silver: I'ma be over here where it's less painful.
  • The boomerang returns, much to Silver's lament.
    Silver: The only thing that comes around to me is pain.
  • Silver's lesson on Twilight's words over jealousy. KP is the student and she gets double dunce caps. Also she wants her tuition back.
    Silver: (Running away) Your money is now my money, enjoy college debt.
  • Mad Scientist Silver Quill.
  • Finn as the Ultimate Friend.
  • Silver's costume changes. Every three seconds. Culminating in a giant costume of KP herself.
    Silver: [switches his Clint Eastwood-like costume to the aforementioned costume]
    KP: [beat, understandably shocked]
    KP: What the fu-?!
  • KP unwittingly offends Applejack and gets launched into the sky. She briefly continues the episode while in the sky.
  • Silver decides to go drink out of Zecora's cauldron, just in time for KP to land and warn against it. He once again gets his head turned into an orange.
  • This bit:
    Silver: Not everything is about De Lancie.
    KP: Good stuff is.
  • When KP is being hugged by Finn, and Silver wants in, she distracts him (and the audience) by pointing out Starlight Glimmer's cameo, leading to this gem:

    Silver Quill (holding a megaphone): Hello, Starlight! Welcome to Ponyville! I'm so glad you're here in time to appreciate my new megaphone! It's just like the old one except that it's got a mariachi setting! (Plays mariachi music) It's totally annoying and I love it! Next I'm gonna play—
    (Starlight interrupts him and does something to him offscreen while KP looks on, shocked. Silver Quill then walks by with the megaphone shoved up his ass)
    Silver Quill: Ummm...she's noooot in the mood to taaaaalk...
  • Silver decides to put Luna above KP, right to KP's face.
    Silver: Luna is all things even more than De Lancie.
    (Scene cuts to Silver tied to a stake and KP holding a torch)
    KP: Tonight we burn the heretic!
    Silver: Overreaction much.
    KP: Quiet the nonbeliever!

After The Fact: Reinhardt the Warrior

  • Reinhardt makes his arrival by knocking Silver through a wall and into the world of Overwatch.
  • Silver attempting to show the Omnic Crisis, only to get several robot rebellion clips from other franchises. His tantrum to get what he wants sells it.
  • Silver is Genre Savvy enough to recognize what's going to happen to Baldrich and hangs a sign on his mustached broadcasting it.
  • Silver complains about Hanzo getting VIP and gets several arrows to head. He seems completely unbothered and finishes the review. Then he falls over.
  • Reinhardt interrupts the end credits to change the music to one of the classics. He chooses Hasselhoff.

After The Fact: The Hooffields and McColts

  • Silver speculates on various books that Fluttershy and her animals could enjoy, with the latter closing in with each title. He admits bringing up Old Yeller is a bit too far and lets the animals clobber him for it.
  • Silver cuts himself off from bringing up Red vs. Blue.
  • Silver's parody of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
  • Silver trying to sell cannonballs to the Hooffields, which Twilight and Fluttershy take offense with. He gets thrown over to the Mc Colts and goes right back to his sales pitch without missing a beat, this time offering cyanide.

After The Fact: Friendship Games

  • Silver's headcanon on what happened to human Sunset.
  • The title card has human Silver keeping pace on foot with Sunset on a bike.
  • Crystal Prep sears out Silver's eyes when he sees it.
  • Human Shining's sharp chin.
  • Silver scaring off a poster of The One.
  • Silver freaking out over the look on human Pinkie's face.
  • Silver falling through one of the portals back into Equestria.
  • Silver announcing the end of the Friendship Games, to be replaced with the Friendship Festival. Yay he did soemthing good! Then it's shown that he tied up Celestia to make that announcement. Well points for effort with this guy is pretty much the norm.

After The Fact: The Mane Attraction

  • The title card has Silver performing as a member of KISS.
  • "Fame is so fickle. But trapdoors are at a discount."
  • "Open season jerk star!"
  • "Nepotism. Sometimes it helps the good as well."

After The Fact: The Lover

  • The episode starts with a panicked Silver telling Big Mac about all of the mares he cares about falling victim to Timmy in a Well. There's also the matter of the well water but that's a long term concern. Also it's all a gag to get Big Mac to his celebration.
  • "I always knew she was a shipper at heart."
  • "By Celestia's Slash Fic collection I am messed up." Big Mac agrees.

After The Fact: The Beginning of the End

  • The opening has Sombra trying to shove one of his mind control helmets on Silver, who gets increasingly annoyed at the futile effort and mentions how he has trouble with hat shopping because of his big head. Sombra then tries his fear spell but you can see below to find out how that worked.
  • Silver Quill chasing after Sombra with a gun twice — once in the beginning when Sombra uses his fear spell on him and accidentally causes him to think that Sombra is a pack of G1 seaponies, and again at the end when Silver decides that he must pay for trying to kill Fluttershy.
  • Silver using a swarm of his "CONTINUITY" images during Pinkie's rapid fire recap of past events.
  • The first fanart image during the credits is Silver dresses as a bunny popping out the bushes with a shotgun while shouting "REVENGE!" to a deer.

After The Fact: Uprooted

  • Silver finally finishes building his castle, only for it to be destroyed by "CONTINUITY". Much to Silver's dismay
    Silver: (tearing up) I thought we were bros!
  • Silver realizes he's watching a dream when Ocellus shows up worried that she'll fail an assignment and won't graduate, a dream he's had himself. He then tells the show writers to stop reading his mind.
  • Silver interrupts his "CONTINUITY" gag because he's still mad about his castle.
  • Silver gets won over to liking the yaks by Yona and hates it.
    • Silver believes he'd have an easier time with the yaks if he could actually see their eyes then goes off because of some inspiration. Cue yaks running away while Silver chases them with a shaver.
    Silver: (laughing maniacally) Just a little off the top I swear!
  • The cameo by Sapphire Heart Song, who decides to take over the new castle. Silver decides he's better off keeping out of it.



  • Silver Quill Ships Lightning Bliss–Round Two is both this and a moment of awesome. At CMPC 2017, Silver goes to Lightning Bliss' art booth with a gift–specifically, a picture of his OC chasing after her OC with Flash Sentry in his claws, with a broken heart in the background. The kicker? He got it signed by Vincent Tongnote  himself. Blissy's reaction is priceless.


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