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  • Delivering the Shell Shocked to Tensai. Keep in mind Tensai is well over 350 pounds, with half of that located in his gut.
    • Particularly considering that Tensai looked like he was sandbagging (not assisting with the move, in this case by not lifting off) Ryback. Ryback essentially deadlifted a 350 pound man. Not easy in the slightest.
  • His run-in to save Vince Mcmahon during the 10/8/12 RAW - or at least, the crowd's reaction to it.
  • The first time he got his hands on CM Punk. Punk had tried to escape from the ring, only for John Cena to run-in and toss Punk back inside. Then Ryback hit Punk with the Meat Hook clothesline and the crowd went bonkers to the point where one of the cameras in the stands was literally shaking. Also set up by one of Michael Cole's better recent calls (and for icing on the cake, Good Ol' JR was with him).
    Michael Cole: [Punk] may not have a choice! John Cena! John Cena !!! Ryback -
    *Ryback hits Punk - crowd explodes*
    Michael Cole: This place has come unglued in Sacramento!
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  • On June 4th, the 6' 3'' Ryback threw a jobber named "Arthur Rosenburg" at least a foot-and-a-half over his head. The television feed blacked out for a split second a moment after the guy landed, prompting Jerry Lawler to quip "he went so high it knocked our picture out!"
  • After CM Punk retained the title at Hell in a Cell 2012 thanks to ref interference, Ryback gets his revenge by delivering Shellshock to Punk on the top of the cell
    • Not only that, but how he got his revenge on the interfering ref was just as awesome, after hitting him with the Meathook, Ryback picked up the helpless ref into the air and chucked him hard into the side of the cell, all from the MIDDLE of the ring, enough to almost break open the cell! Holy shit doesn't even begin to describe that moment.
    • Hell, just his first ever title match being a Hell In A Cell match and it was for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!
  • He and Mark Henry have a no contact clause, which Mark Henry got around by forcing the bar of the weight he was lifting down on his throat. Ryback's way of getting around it? Using another guy as a weapon so he wasn't technically touching Mark Henry either.
    • He ended up losing to Mark Henry at WrestleMania 29, but he managed to hit him with Shellshock.
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  • The week after his Face–Heel Turn, he gave a very articulate promo that was a far cry from his usual "FEED! ME! MORE!" It managed to win him over some of his detractors.
  • Ryback said he wouldn't let Cena get up in their Last Man Standing match. Typical heel banter, right? At the end of a very grueling match, Ryback drove Cena back first through the PPV set and landed him on a freakin' metal brace. Ryback, with some help, walked away from the scene. Cena did not.
  • During his match with Kane on the June 7th Smackdown, he picked him up and MILITARY PRESS SLAMMED HIM. He was red and visibly struggling with Kane's by-no-means-inconsiderable weight, but he pulled it off cleanly. Then later he powerbombed him through a table.
  • He shellshocks The Big Show.
  • Firmly reestablishing himself as a One-Man Army on the November 10th, 2014 Raw, laying waste to the entire Authority team, including a spinebuster to Seth Rollins, delivering a brutal Meathook clothesline to Rusev, and wrenching out of Kane's chokeslam attempt on pure strength alone before laying out the corporate monster with a Shell-Shock that had the UK crowd pop big time. All of this after a physical match with John Cena, whom, before Kane caused the DQ, Ryback had more or less been dominating, overpowering and countering Cena move for move. He’s Back.
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  • December 29th, 2014: Ryback's great promo detailing his troubled rise to the top.
  • Getting some sweet air from a top-rope jump during his match with Bray Wyatt. Ryback can fly, indeed.

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