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  • His appearance on the RAW 9/17/12 episode in a segment where Jared from Subway is giving out sandwiches to WWE superstars. Ryback shows up (Jared predictably gives a bit of an Oh, Crap! expression as the camera pans to bring him into view) and shouts, of course, "FEED! ME! MORE!" so Jared gives him a footlong sub. Ryback contemplates it for a second, and then yanks a second footlong sub from the table as he walks away. This is especially funny if you know that, in and out-of-character, Ryback is a notorious Big Eater, so more than likely those two sandwiches (if not more) were probably consumed at some point shortly thereafter.
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  • In his Skip Sheffield persona, his So Bad, It's Good catchphrase: "Yup yup yup, what it do!"
  • Shouting "I DIDN'T TOUCH YOU, STUPID!" after using Santino Marella as a weapon against Mark Henry, who had already gotten around their no-contact clause to attack Ryback by pushing a barbell down on his throat. Also, taking the time to ask Santino if he was okay before hoisting him over his head and chucking him at Henry.
  • This tout.
  • His botch on Paul Heyman
  • "DA BIG GUY IS HUNGRY!" Ryback hits up a "concession stand" where Kane (who had been made "Director of Concessions") was forced to work. He orders a whole bunch of high-protein food, which they don't carry, which caused Kane to sarcastically suggest other stuff and throw food at him. Ryback gets pissed, things devolve into a Food Fight. Then, when Kane has left...
    Ryback: HEY KANE! [grabs a bag of peanuts] YOU FORGOT YOUR NUTS...STUPID!
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  • After one match with Adam Rose, a couple of Rosebuds climb into the ring to try to protect Rose. The problem? Both those rosebuds were dressed as food, a hot dog and a banana. The fact that people wearing food costumes tried jumping into a ring with a guy who's motif is "FEED! ME! MORE!" is hilarious in itself, but it spawned this amazing line from JBL after Ryback proceeds to Shellshock both at once:
    JBL: That hotdog had a family!
  • When CM Punk did a shoot on Colt Cabana's podcast after Punk was released from WWE, he commented that Ryback injured him, and singled out one incident in which Punk claimed that, after a botched spot, he went to Ryback for an explanation and Ryback apologized saying, "My bad, it was an accident, I'm dumb as fuck." The idea of hearing Ryback saying that is hilarious in itself, but when Punk got a similar injury training for his UFC debut, Ryback tweeted, "@CMPunk My bad it was an accident 'I'm dumb as f&€#'". Regardless of your feelings towards either man, you must admit this a pretty damn good Take That!.
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  • Speaking of ripping on Punk, Ryback mimicking his entrance at Payback 2016 in Punk's hometown of the ever-annoying Chicago. The crowd obviously hated it, but it was Trolling at its finest.

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