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Awesome / Raiders of the Lost Ark

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  • Indy's Establishing Character Moment where a treacherous guide tries to shoot him and Indy disarms him with his whip.
  • The entire sequence where Indy dodges through all the traps in the temple to steal the Idol and makes his daring escape which includes outrunning a large boulder.
  • Indy just shooting the Egyptian swordsman who had just challenged him to a fight. Possibly the most famous Throw It In! in the history of cinema, and a defining moment for the character. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • And one for the guy playing the shootee, considering he was hired for his sword-fighting prowess, and not his ability to do a convincing backwards pratfall.
    • Bonus points for actually being the most likely outcome of such a showdown. Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight.
  • The Lord lets the Nazis know just what He thinks of the National Socialist agenda. And THAT, folks, is why you don't take the Ark of the Covenant lightly.
    • Keeping in mind the Nazis's preferred method for disposing of their victims, there's also a layer of Karmic Death to it.
    • And not just frying the Nazi soldiers and melting the leaders' faces when they open the Ark, either. Earlier there's the scene with the Ark in a box with the Nazi swastika on it. The Nazi emblem (not to be confused with the original Hindu-Buddhist swastika) gets burned off from inside the box. God's personalized Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin to the Third Reich.
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    • Don't forget the fantastic score playing during this scene.
  • Indy retakes the Ark from an entire platoon of Nazi troops singlehandedly, showing us all just how potent the Indy Ploy really can be.
    • We must elaborate, Indy is literally thrown under a bus! No seriously. And they STILL can't stop him!!!
  • The awesome fist fight with a guy twice his size in front of a rotating plane. And Marion gunning down Nazis from inside it.
  • The Nazis are running around with chaos, Bellouq just standing there as a tower explodes behind him. Rather than freaking out, he just lets out a sad sigh as he realizes there's only one possible reason all this is happening.
    Bellouq: Jones!
  • The bar fight in Nepal. Rather than dramatic orchestral scores, it's a lot of rough and bloody fighting loaded with flames covering every surface of the building, props getting smashed, and a Giant Mook responding to having his arm set on fire by trying to punch Indy with it. In addition to Indy casually calling for whiskey while he was barred down by the Giant Mook and smashes the bottle towards his face.
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  • The villains are getting away in a submarine! What now? Swim to the sub and climb aboard, obviously. Blatant use of the Rule of Cool, of course, because the hatch was already closed (so Indy can't get inside without being noticed), there's no room to hide inside a U-boat anywaynote , and he obviously can't just cling to the hull all the way through the Mediterranean. Still really, really awesome. Made even better when Captain Katanga tells one of his men to locate Indy after the Nazis reclaim the Ark and Marion. The crewman immediately points him out: stowing away on the sub. The whole crew of the ship cheers him on, accompanied by an epic reprise of the Raider's Theme and Katanga's joyous salute to a drenched but undefeated Indy seals the awesome package.
  • Question: What do you do when you try to steal a Nazi uniform but it's the wrong size?
    Answer: You knock out the Nazi guard berating you for being drunk with one punch and take his uniform.
  • Marion drinking Belloq under the table. Sure, Toht showing up renders it moot, but it's still awesome.
  • One for Sallah for noticing the dates were poisoned and managing to catch one mid-air just as Indy was about to let it fall in his mouth.
    Sallah: Bad dates.
  • The entire movie making even the most mundane parts of Archeology look cool with the right music and tone. Special mention goes to the map room scene and using the Surveying tool to pin point where the Ark is. Lastly Indy, Sallah and a group of diggers loyal to him start digging the Ark site right under the Nazi's nose.
  • Marion, subverting the Damsel in Distress cliche at every opportunity. She never once waits for Indy to save her.
  • And, of course, John Williams presents one of the finest scores of one of the finest film composers' careers.
  • A villainous example during the chase scene: after his men are easily knocked off the sides of the truck by Indy, the German senior NCO curses, nuts up, and climbs over the top of the truck to surprise Indy, almost managing to fling him to his death through the windshield. The Rifftrax crew even dubbed this surprisingly vicious mook "Düsseldorf Strauss".


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