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  • For starters Moon Knight has canonically bitch-slapped Black Panther
  • Sliced up Deadpool so badly in a no holds barred fight he made the Merc With A Mouth literally cry uncle.
  • The title character taking on Count Nefaria (a villain who's on the same power-level as freaking Thor) in a one-on-one fight and actually holding his own. In fact he was so angry (The Count had killed his friend Echo) that he managed to make the Count retreat. When Moon Knight woke up after, he found himself chained to a hospital bed.
  • The 2014 series.
    • First issue: Mr. Knight vs. the Slasher.
    Mr. Knight: I stopped you two minutes ago. Look down.
    • Second issue: Surprisingly it isn't even Moon Knight, one of the sniper's intended victims found out what was going on, came out of the elevator as the sniper and Moon Knight were fighting and just shot him, ending the threat right there and then.
    • Third issue: Moon Knight punches ghosts! Nuff said!
    • Fifth issue: Mr. Knight beats his way through a building filled with criminals to rescue a kidnapping victim and when the last one tries to get away via the roof he orders his Mooncopter to plaster him leaving the kidnapper a bloody mess and him in the position to give a Badass Boast.
      Mr. Knight: Listen. Where are you going? Tell your friends. Tell everyone you meet. You tell them all. When you see me coming? RUN.
    • Sixth issue: The All-New Black Spectre actually gets Moon Knight on the ropes and even manages to destroy his limo and predator drone. He only really loses due to his own sloppiness.
      • Moon Knight gets his own CMOA with his short, succinct verbal takedown of the newcomer, implying some vague respect for the old Black Spectre.
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    • Seventh Issue: While chasing a high tech assassin that just blacked out New York City after Moon Knight interferes with his mission, Moon Knight still takes the time to stop looters and potentially over anxious police from escalating things into a full blown riot along the way.
    • Fifteenth Issue: After being curb-stomped by a bogeyman that had been stalking and eating children, and with Khonshu telling him it isn't any of his business, Moon Knight tells the god where to stick it. Without Khonshu's blessing or even taking the time to fully recover, he goes to his armory and loads up so that when the bogeyman next shows itself, it ends up facing a heavily-armed former mercenary who is quite skilled with Guns Akimbo.
  • The 2016 series.
    • From issue one:
      Khonshu: He must be stopped. But first you must turn around.
      Marc Spector: What? Why?
      (Cut to the orderlies from the mental hospital, now revealed to be humanoid dog creatures.
      Khonshu: Because it is time to kick some ass.
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    • Issue Two:
      Frenchie: Where is Marc?
      (Moon Knight, in full "Mr. Knight" white suit and mask appears)
      Moon Knight: I'm here. We are dealing with an invasion of Immortals from another dimension, and we are on the clock people. Let's rock.
      Khonshu: That's my boy.
    • Issue Seven: Spaceship Pilot Marc Spector dogfights Space Werewolves on the moon.
    • Issue Fourteen: Taking ownership of his own insanity, Marc/Jake/Steven/Moon Knight kills Khonshu with their bare hands.

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