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  • Moon Knight's The Comically Serious type personality makes for a few laughs in his appearance in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Especially the part with him and Vulture arguing over whether or not freeing the Tinkerer would be in Spidey's interest. Eventually the Web-Head gets annoyed, shouts at the two, and asks which one would prefer to fly him there. Moony just slowly lifts his hand up like a child.
    • Another happens in his interactions with Spider-Man beforehand, where he questions why Spider-Man doesn't simply destroy Wilson Fisk. He sees no problem in this.
  • His one appearance in Infinity Wars as well as seemingly the only panel anybody remembers from it:
    Moon Knight: Wow, I picked a bad moment to space out. What'd I miss? [...] Who's Gamora?
    Spider-Man: Just punch whoever I punch in a second.
  • From issue #4 of the 2011 run:
    Carol Danvers: Has anyone here ever dated Moon Knight?
    Luke Cage: No.
    Wolverine: No.
    Spider-Man: Little bit.
  • In the 2014 Warren Ellis series, the first issue has this, while Spector is in his Mister Knight persona for the first time on panel:
    Mister Knight: So I've got this straight: you go up, you hide, you track fit people, and then you kill them, take pieces of them down here, and paste them into your body with obsolete, exotic machinery. And you think this is the best use of their lives and your time and skills.
    Slasher: No offense, buddy, but you're a mile underground wearing a white suit and a bag on your head.
    Mister Knight: Fair point.
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  • "Yes, son. That's right. The appointment is because of my farting."
  • Issue 3 of the Warren Ellis series has this description of its plot: "In this issue: Moon Knight punches ghosts!" Also, it's awesome.
  • Issue 6 of the Ellis run; the new Black Spectre's origin is played out in chilling detail, and the short confrontation between him and Moon Knight results in CMOA's on both sides; there is however something blackly hilarious about Black Spectre's meticulous planning literally blowing up in his face when he gets sloppy and detonates a car bomb right next to himself.
  • in Issue 2 of the 2017 series the book jumps to Marc who is already in the middle of a fight against what the narration (heavily implied to be Khonshu) describes as a random attack by disabled gentlemen including fending off a man with no hands with blades tied to his arm stumps.
    Moon Knight: Stop that! This is dark even for me.
    • The Lame Pun Reaction from Khonshu and Steven Grant:
      Moon Knight: Well, what can I say? The truth...hurts.
      Khonshu: Oh, dear.
      Grant: Marc.
      Moon Knight: What? I'm not always just grim and violent.
  • Marc having a Battle in the Center of the Mind with Jake over a secret Jake's been keeping, while his physical body is meditating peacefully. Then he has a sudden physical outburst of: "I AM NOT A DOUCHE!", "YES YOU ARE!" which scares off a random passerby.
    • On the sidelines, Steven Grant is trying to get the two to stop while Khonshu advises Grant to stay out of it and let Marc and Jake vent.
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  • Moon Knight and Sun King's conflict throughout the ages:
    Medieval!Moon Knight: Ha! Worst knight ever!
    Medieval!Sun King: HATE YOOOOOOUUU!!!
  • During Charlie Huston's run, Taskmaster stages a nasty home invasion on Spector under the impression that he is alone and crippled. This information is less than accurate, as Taskmaster gets steadily humiliated, finally giving up and being utterly exasperated when he finds Samuels the butler with a blunderbuss inches from his face.
    Taskmaster: Oh, come on!