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  • His match with Brian Cage at Beyond Americanrana '16. Mind-blowing moves you wouldn't think possible from guys this big.
  • His match with Jeff Cobb at LW No Dropkicks In The Living Room.
  • His series of matches with Dominik Dijakovic in NXT. Seeing Lee in the ring with another large heavyweight that is his equal in terms of athleticism is damn unnatural. In 2019 they practically became the Godzilla vs. King Kong of NXT. Except with way more flips.
    • Their matches at EVOLVE and Pro Wrestling Guerilla (when Dijakovic competed under the ring name Donovan Dijak) were amazing as well. The latter match even got a five-star rating by Dave Meltzer.
  • At Survivor Series, he came SO CLOSE to being the Sole Survivor in the men's elimination match. And while he did lose in the end, he still got a fistbump of respect from Roman Reigns.
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  • On January 22nd, 2020, Lee defeated Roderick Strong to win the NXT North American championship despite the odds from The Undisputed Era.
  • On the July 8th, 2020 episode of NXT "Great American Bash", Keith Lee defeated Adam Cole, with both NXT North American and NXT Champion on the line, not only ending Cole's 403-day reign as the latter champion but also becoming the first ever double champion in NXT history.
  • At Payback 2020, Lee beat Randy Orton in five minutes.
    • That's right, Lee managed to beat a 13-time world champion in the span of five minutes in his first pay-per-view match. This is even more impressive given how at the previous event, Orton was in a very competitive match with WWE champion Drew McIntyre. In that match, Drew won by roll-up.