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  • Becoming the longest reigning WWE champion in over a decade note .
  • In June of 2004, JBL got fired as a financial analyst by CNBC after the infamous "goose-stepping" incident in Germany, while on TV, Eddie Guerrero wrecked his limo out of revenge. A rough week for JBL, well and truly, and on the June 17th edition of Smackdown, he fired back with one of the best promos of his career, if not the best.
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  • Throwing John Cena off the stage and through a car's windshield at Great American Bash 2008.
  • It has been stated many a time and should be said here that JBL's brutal match with Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day 2004, bloody DQ finish and all, was what put Bradshaw on the map as a main event wrestler.
  • Bradshaw making himself rich in Real Life. In his book "Make More Money Now", he mentioned a story back during his days roaming the independents and Mexico that he would take massive ribbings from the boys because he wouldn't join them for the obligatory post-show bender. We all know how that turned out...
  • In the first (and so far only) Barbed Wire Steel Cage match in WWE against The Big Show, despite essentially being curb-stomped for a good chunk of the match and being chokeslammed through the ring off the top rope, having the presence of mind and Genre Savvy to crawl under the ring apron to ringside a second before Big Show's feet hit the floor.
  • Whenever he does an extremely strong Clothesline From Hell, like one he gave to Mr. Ass that made him spin several times through the air before he came down.
    • How about the one he gave to 2 Cold Scorpio outside the ring?
    • Or the one he gave to Heath Slater on the 1000 episode of RAW? It literally planted him upright for a good full second. JBL grins like an idiot in response.
  • His match against Vader at Breakdown 1998, which was mostly a Curb-Stomp Battle in his favor. He even lifts and throws Vader several times.
  • Monday Night RAW, 5/26/2014: The Wyatt Family comes out and attempt to use Jerry "the King" Lawler as a way to break John Cena's resolve. After Lawler states that he won't move, Bray has Luke Harper and Erick Rowan go get him, telling the other two commentators, specifically JBL, not to move. JBL gets up and removes his coat, in an attempt to fight off Harper and Rowan. Sure, he ends up eating Harper's Discus Clothesline for it, but the sentiment was still there.
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  • When he was commentating on a match between Kane and MVP, Kane picked MVP up and threw him at him. MVP bounced off JBL like he was a brick wall.
  • The Ascension, freshly up from NXT, spent the first couple of weeks destroying Jobbers and disrespecting veterans and legends of the business. JBL, who usually leans toward favoring heels, has even shown visible frustration at their antics. But then the RAW Reunion show on 1/19/15 came around and JBL's patience with the Ascension ran out. The entire segment must be seen to be believed, but if you want the short version, JBL's right arm still works perfectly. DAMN!

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