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YMMV / Keith Lee

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  • Memetic Mutation: The number of times Keith Lee gets just the perfect camera shot makes you wonder if he has hyper awareness how to make himself look best. The most well-known instance would be the rise up behind an unsuspecting victim trope.
  • Shocking Moments: He's a big fat guy who can do hurricanranas and fly around like a cruiserweight, what else would you expect?
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Keith Lee was massively over in NXT, where he became the first dual NXT and North American Champion. Then he dropped both belts so he could be called up to the main roster... where they replaced his iconic theme was a lame new one, slapped a dopey-looking vest on him because they thought his stout physique was unattractive, and subjected him to months of the same 50-50 booking almost everyone gets where he almost never gets any clean wins, and sent him back to developmental to retrain him to work "the main roster style" (i.e slow, lumbering and boring like a big man should be, because who the hell wants to watch an Acrofatic Lightning Bruiser who can fly around the ring as easily as he can bench press his opponents out of it?). He was forced to take time off after a health scare relating to COVID-19 causing his heart to swell, and after he eventually came back he was given the new nickname "Bearcat" (a homage to groundbreaking black wrestler Bearcat Wright that nevertheless sounded incredibly silly to modern ears), given some pointless non-stories, then casually released in the 4th of November mass release, leaving fans flabbergasted that WWE had yet again managed to squander such an easy main event talent.