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Awesome / Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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66 years old and he's still got it!
  • "Damn, I thought that was closer."
  • How about Indy surviving a nuclear explosion by climbing into a refrigerator! Say whatever you want about the moment, whether it is a Never Live It Down moment for the series or not, it's clearly another example of the Indy Ploy working even when there is heavy opposition against it!
    • But the scene of Indy looking at the mushroom cloud is just amazing. Showing that it's a new world for him. One reviewer vehemently defended the scene as it sums up the following film in four words: "New era, same Indy."
  • The fencing duel atop two speeding jeeps. Wow.
    • Props to Mutt for doing this while having his crotch repeatedly being hit against plants.
    • Props to the actors for doing this in real life. Yes, they actually drove jeeps through a jungle and had a swordfight on them.
  • Oxley uses the Crystal Skull to divert a sea of army ants away from Indiana and his party.
    • And again to scare away the natives watching Akator.
  • Indy blows one native's poison dart back at him from the other end of the blowgun, and scares off another with his revolver.
  • "I like Ike."
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  • The car chase through the university, including Indy taking time from running for his life to answer a student's question.
  • Indy forced into staring into the eyes of the crystal skull, something which drove his friend Oxley insane and yielded no results when Spalko did it, remaining sane but still compelled by it to return it to Akator.
  • Indy is just a Crowning Dude of Awesome.
  • The theme music... pop in the DVD and all good memories come back.
  • Let's face it. Even though everyone has skewed opinions on this film, you can't deny that Indiana's a complete badass.
    • As is Harrison Ford, still rough-n-tumbling in that classic fedora and jacket well into his 60s. Cool Old Guy indeed.
  • The fact that Indy managed to survive the 19 years in between the third and fourth movies still having the kind of adventures that would kill a normal person and being an allied spy during World War II.
  • While Oxley and Indy have to deal with the ants, Marion manages to get Mutt and Mac safe from the Russians and notes that there is a tree coming from a nearby cliff's face. After they have dealt with the ants and get Indy and Oxley, Marion drives top speed towards the cliff and lands the amphibian car on the tree, which allows them to safely touch into the water and, to rub salt into the Russians' wounds, as soon as they leave the tree it smacks several Russians climbing down the cliff. The Indy Ploy is contagious!
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  • We can't forget the one thing that makes this movie entirely worth it: Marion returns and marries Indy. That's not just awesome for the movie, that's a meta-awesome moment for the writers for planning this, and Karen Allen for coming back. It's also probably the one thing people universally like about this movie.
  • The climactic shot of the film, when Indy gets to watch a giant flying saucer demolish Akator and disappear is an amazing sequence. The music for the scene is equally awe-inspiring.
  • "Drop dead." [punched] "I'm sorry. I meant drop dead, comrade."


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