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Heartwarming / Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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  • The scene at the beginning, where the Soviets drag Indy out of the car. All you see is the hat and a shadow picking it up, with the theme in the background.
  • This exchange is a winner:
    Marion: I'm sure I wasn't the only one to go on with my life! There must have been plenty of women for you over the years.
    Indy: There were a few, yeah, but they all had the same problem.
    Marion: Oh yeah? What's that??
    Indy: They weren't you, honey.
    • Pretty much the entire adult audience "Aaaaw"ed during that scene.
    • Her great big ol' smile helps that, too.
  • Indy and Marion's reunion. Unlike in Raiders of the Lost Ark where an angry and bitter Marion punches Indy in the jaw the first time she's seen him in 10 years, the first time Marion sees him after 20 years it's with a big smile and Indy is just as happy to see her, forgetting for a moment they've been captured by the Russians!
  • At the end when Indy and Marion FINALLY get married. The wind blows the door open, sending the iconic fedora landing at Mutt's feet. He picks it up and almost puts it on before his dad snatches it away as if to say, 'Close, kiddo, but not yet."
    • To wit and to match what was written about illumination in The Last Crusades' Heartwarming entry, Mutt doesn't treat the hat as a prize. You can see him hold and look at it with reverence and respect as if the hat itself contained some sort of power. It's also perhaps the first time that it really hits Mutt that his dad is THE Indiana Jones; that his dad is this really amazing man instead of a deadbeat that he's thought all his life. He's experiencing for the first time in a very real way the sort of awe all children have at their invincible fathers.
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  • Indy discovering he has a new family after his father and surrogate father Marcus Brody have passed away.
  • The warm smile of respect on Indy's face when he mused how he had found kindred spirits in The Interdimensional Beings:
    "It wasn't gold, it was knowledge; knowledge was their treasure."
  • At the end, Mutt finally accepts Indy as his father, as before this he didn't accept it, but at the end he finally calls him Dad.
  • Indy and Marion finally getting married and Indy bringing their son and proudly linking arms with his new bride and son in front of the church. Cheesy yes, but sweet.
  • Meta example: While Harrison Ford admitted that - at the time this movie came out and for years after - he had no interest in playing Han Solo ever again, he also mentioned that he had been practically chomping at the bit to play Indy again for years, he loves the role that much. Since he's agreed to Indiana Jones V even though he's well into his 70s, it's safe to assume he still feels that way.
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  • Another Meta example: Spielberg taking full blame for the infamous refrigerator scene even though Lucas would later admit that it was his idea and his alone. It really does show how much of a friendship both filmmakers have.
  • Indiana Jones saying "Somewhere, your grandpa is laughing" now becomes this as Sean Connery has recently passed on.


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