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    Horseshoes Ch 1- 8 


  • Gentaro's Establishing Character Moment after he Came Back Wrong. He starts by brainwashing Kengo and Ohsugi before leaving to find Ryusei. Then, he comes save the day by defeating Dustards before calmly transforming into Fourze's Magnet States. He then summons Ophiuchus who circles around Aries and devours him.
    • Just as Yamada is about to be eaten, Gentaro has some choice words to the Apostle of Sleep.
    Gentaro: "We are Ophiuchus. And we are your grand finale."
    • Then, after erasing his friends' memories, he gives a speech to Ryusei to show dangerous he's become.
    Gentaro: "I suggest you get this memorized: I'm dead. You killed me. I'm never coming back to life. I died. No amount of science or magic will fix what you have instigated. I am not allowed to find peace until I complete my mission. If you have any sanity, you go to your friend, you tell him that you were forgiven, and you hide. You are no longer the Kamen Rider that came to save me and the Kamen Rider Club and you no longer have the means to fight. You are a target of my hatred and my vengeance, but I shall spare you. After all, we're friends."


III-System Shock

  • Ophiuchus's plan to brainwash Gentaro, poking through Gentaro's desire to make friends and twist it to believe that he failed his parents' problems and creates a Bad Future scenario to break Gentaro down. Thus this begins Gentaro's Start of Darkness and goes to show that Ophiuchus is one heck of a Manipulative Bastard.


  • With the Kamen Rider Club affected by Gentaro's death, Ohsugi gets everyone back on their feet with a Rousing Speech to help motivate them to help save Gentaro.
  • Gentaro being a Manipulative Bastard against Principal Hayami, pressing on Hayami's Berserk Button to get him vulnerable enough for a snake bite.

VI-Master Hand

  • Gentaro resurrects Jiro Inseki and brainwashes him to his side.
  • Riderman and Amazon team up to fight against Libra Zodiarts and the Dustards. Riderman even taunts how Libra is pathetic and mocks on how he's weaker than Marshal Yoroi, his personal rival. Then Amazon defeats Libra with the Super Daisetsudan that cleaves him in half!
    • This is followed up by Leo Zodiarts kicking both of their asses. Take note that both Riderman and Amazon are part of the Legendary Seven Kamen Riders.
  • A minor one, but Miu shows that she doesn't take smack against an Imagin. When Urataros, possessing Shun, starts sweet talking her and calling her "Princess", Miu slaps him hard enough to knock him unconscious.


  • What does Tomoko use to help motivate Chosuke and Motoyama to help fight against evil? The famous I Am Spartacus scene in Angel's Grove!

VIII-Maiden Name

  • Chosuke rouses his delinquent gang with a powerful speech that ends with him stating that their strength will "be enough to rip the heavens apart".
  • Norio Eguchi/Kamen Rider Den-O: Wing Form goes toe-to-toe with Fourze. He lost, and nearly had his head cleaved off by a chainsaw, but to be brave against a resurrected Gentaro and survive is a pretty big feat.

     Horseshoes Ch 9- 17 

IX-Name Tag

  • The Kamen Rider Club and friends getting prepared for The Plan. Most specifically, they used an interesting way of messaging: have the Imagins in mascot outfits use their balloons as signals for everyone to see.
    • To break it down, it goes like this:
      • Step 1: Ohsugi, just like in the original series, rambles on and finds everyone left him alone. This time, as he goes into Large Ham mode, he signals Hana to start the plan, involving the Imagins to dress up in said mascot outfits.
      • Step 2: Get JK, Norio and Chosuke in position to trail Kengo, Misa and Jiro.
      • Step 3: Erin and Tomoko prepare a play with Riderman and Amazon as a distraction.
      • Step 4: Miu and Shun start uncovering data from the original project and OSTO group.
  • Yuki gives Yukina a good "The Reason You Suck" Speech regarding Yukina's attitude regarding Gentaro.
    Yuki: "Gen-chan died protecting people from a tyrant who treated his fellow classmates and teachers like puppets, putting them into a slumber because he could do so! Gen-chan died protecting his friends from a heartless monster, and I'm not the cause of his death! If you knew so much about my best friend, maybe you should learn how to be nice to your fellow students before you start making stupid accusations! I won't let you insult my friendship with Gen-chan nor will I let you get away with soiling his good name, Yukina! You will never gain his hand in friendship the way you're acting!"
    • This is then followed by Ryusei also agreeing and telling Yukina that she needed to shut up.

X-Tag Team

  • Yuki pulls out the Flashake Foodroid from her Hayabusa Plushie to blind the Dustards.
  • Motoyama/Den-O: Sword Form fighting off against Libra Zodiarts. Very fitting considering Libra was the one who turned Motoyama into a Zodiarts in the first place.
  • JK/Den-O: Gun Form going up against Gentaro, using everything at his disposal, including Ryutaros' ability to summon his dance posse to dogpile Gentaro. JK also gets credit by going Guns Akimbo and dodging rubber bullets before transforming.
    • Both Chosuke and Norio: (Den-O: Axe Form and Wing Form respectively) coming in to save JK before Gentaro kills him.
  • Shun and Miu getting Emoto to open up and reveal he's the Virgo Zodiarts, then snatch his Horoscope Switch by tossing boiling hot water in front of his face! This comes after Shun's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner:
    Shun: Well, you should at least give us a chance to have some tea first.

XI-Team Spirit

  • In the flashback, Ohsugi shows how much he has grown in the story with the following Badass Boast:
    Ohsugi: "I don't think I can handle it. I know and will handle it."
  • Ryusei vs Shun/Den-O: Rod Form ending with a Curb-Stomp Battle and Ryusei killing Shun in the process!
  • Axe Form being the one to give Gentaro's first loss. Made even better when you realize through Fridge Brilliance that Gentaro was the one kicking Chosuke's ass. Now it's the other way around!
  • Ohsugi's confrontation with both Ryusei and Virgo Zodiarts. For the former, this is because Ryusei just recently killed Shun and is splattered with his blood. For the latter, Ohsugi does Shun's two-fingered salute as he's sent into the Dark Nebula!
  • Miu confronts Libra Zodiarts along with Kengo and Jiro in the Power Dizer.

XII-Spirit of the Web

  • Ohsugi rescuing Sonada and Kijima without hesitation in the M-Bus Station.
  • Den-O: Sword Form and Amazon jumping into the fray against Leo Zodiarts while Den-O: Gun Form starts going after Virgo Zodiarts, Ryusei and Aries Zodiarts (Toshiya Miura).
  • Tomoko, Erin and Yuki fighting off against Dustards, with Tomoko using her snake skin and Yuki using her Hayabusa plushie as weapons.
    • Gets even better in the next chapter with Nadeshiko returning—she was in a SOLU form that upgraded Tomoko and Yuki's personal items.
  • Three words: "Nadeshiko Rocket Kick!!!"

XIII-Web of Sin

  • Chosuke and Norio confront Gentaro over Misa's death. Gentaro starts going into a Breaking Speech for Norio to return with a retort that gives Gentaro a minor Villainous BSoD.
    Gentaro: (in regards to Norio teaming with the Kamen Rider Club) "You share my pain and suffering, Eguchi. We were both betrayed by people that we bonded over. You did a good deed yet Misa still gave you a negative score, and those cultists never even bothered to see your distress when she made you transform into Cygnus. In fact, they were worshiping him and none of them even cared that you could've been placed in an irreversible coma for the rest of your life! So why, Eguchi? Why are you willing to side with backstabbers? What makes you so eager to ally yourself with these...traitors?!"
    Norio: "Because...they aren't traitors! They made mistakes, but the Kamen Rider Club is capable of atoning to fix them! The Ugly Ducklings never had that mindset—they never thought about changing their ways, and they will never admit to their mistakes or errors. I'm not like them. I realized what I was doing as an Ugly Duckling, and I became something better. I became...a hero!"
  • Haruka, Hana and Ohsugi against Kengo, Yuri Kuramochi and Jiro. Ohsugi gets major badass points in freeing Kengo from the brainwashing spell while Kengo is choking him with his hands on fire.
  • JK is about to be killed by Ryusei. Who comes and saves the day? Shun...but he's now a Serpent-bearer!

Intermission 1-Scorpion Spider Crab

  • Mari going up against Kijima with nothing more than a wooden staff and Kijima's left hand has been mutated into a crab claw.
  • Rumi charges toward Satonaka and kicks her in the face with added help with a vaulting pole.
  • Mari making a contract with the Serpent-bearer as she starts losing oxygen from Kijima's crab claw.
  • Teruhiko hits Satonaka in the face with a shot-put ball.

XIII-2 - Of Sins and Shadows

  • Yuki begins to tell Yukina off even more ending it off with saying, "You are a BITCH!!!". This then turns into a Batman Gambit with Tomoko and Erin adding their two cents so that Yukina becomes so enraged, that she does their work of beating up Dustards for them.
  • Den-O: Sword Form, Amazon and Riderman team up to destroy Tatsugami's form of the Leo Zodiarts with Riderman making a hole in the armor and riddling it with bullets while Sword Form and Amazon slice him up at the same time. This ends with Riderman obtaining the Cancer Switch for safekeeping.
  • Ryusei and Shun's fight ends with Den-O: Gun Form going Full Charge on him...because Shun was only distracting Ryusei long enough for JK and Ryutaros to wake up and defeat him!
    • Moments later, JK gets his own when just as Shun is about to kill Ryusei, he stops Shun and states that death wasn't going to solve anything. Shun concedes...for now.
  • Den-O: Axe Form gets one for giving an Armor-Piercing Slap to Yukina to shut her up.
  • Nadeshiko and Virgo Zodiarts' battle ends with Nadeshiko removing the Gyro Switch and falling to her death...only to use the Rocket and Winch switches to latch onto Virgo and give her a powerful uppercut before using the Scissors Switch to slice her in half!

XIV-Shadows of the Damned

  • A villainous one with Ecydsis able to take over Hayami's mind and hitting him where it hurts most—that Hayami hates being nothing.

Intermission 2-Voodoo Child

  • Shotaro/Kamen Rider Joker fighting off Gentaro (or rather a duplicate of him).
  • Ophiuchus's plan to brainwash Philip counts. Step 1: have a copy of Gentaro distract Shotaro. Step 2: while Philip is rambling on and on in his book study, Ophiuchus bites his ankle. Step 3: As Fourze, Ophiuchus weakens Shotaro so that he can't stop Philip being converted into evil. Step 4: with a newly brainwashed Philip, use him to kill off Shotaro.

XVI The Damned Don't Dance


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