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Nightmare Fuel / Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

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Kamen Rider Fourze already has a page filled with Nightmare Fuel, but it seems like Horseshoes and Hand Grenades will out-trump it in sheer horror. You have been warned.

    A Month of Sundays 
  • Damballa. Everything about him is freaky. He introduces himself in the second Intermission of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades making his Deal with the Devil with Shotaro Hidari. How does he do it? By summoning an evil mannequin version of Shotaro with no eyes and a mouth filled with nails. He then spits the nails out and pins Shotaro to the wall and then starts hammering nails to his heart and mind. When it's all said and done, the next scene cuts to Akiko and Ryu waking a, supposedly, sleeping Shotaro... and then Shotaro starts transforming into a wooden doll with similar nail teeth along with the mentality of a seven-year-old boy!
    • And it becomes worse in Month of Sundays. How does Damballa materialize? Doll Shotaro collapses and falls slack, and the serpent escapes from his esophagus. His sole reason to give Shotaro the mentality of a kid was so it could easily adapt to his new body. In his words, it was either that or, possibly breaking down and going insane from having been recently killed off by Philip—brainwashed by Ophiuchus.
    • He transforms people into Creepy Dolls without a care in the world. The best example has to be with Eiji as we actually get to see how his mind breaks down from the process. What does not help is Shotaro and Haruto commenting on how he'll be smiling.
    Shotaro: "Smile! You can't be a good harlequin without a good smile!"
    Haruto "That's right! You'll be happy forever and ever and ever and EVER..."
    • And speaking of that...
    Eiji "It hurts! Make it stop, make it stop! I can't take's like my mind is being ripped apart! Someone, anyone...SAVE ME! Help hurts so good! I feel so happy...hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!"
    "Unfortunately, no one heard him. Still, Eiji Hino kept that twisted smile on his face as his sanity started to break into a thousand pieces."
    • How Damballa gets his human form: Shotaro gets spasms and Ryu somehow gets brainwashed and slams an axe into Shotaro's head. It looks like he's killed...until it's revealed that there was no blood on the axe blade. Then...Shotaro starts laughing and Damballa materializes in a white aura. Then Shotaro acts like a zombie and goes to the hat rack and picks up a hat for himself to cover the "wound".
    • And even Damballa's brainwashing is freaky. Just as it looks like Shotaro could over-come the spell, Damballa transforms into his serpent form and brainwashes him by stating that Damballa was his friend and that he saved Shotaro from dying and it works.
      • It makes the later scene in Sundays-6 even more frightening. Shotaro pretended to look like he was free from Damballa's spell and to look for Kamen Riders to help in the fight. When he's alone...his eyes glow purple and Damballa materializes next to him, both of them planning to collect Kamen Riders to be their playmates.
  • The Carnival of the Human Spirit act in which the characters have to kill the Creepy Doll Kamen Riders. Let's see...
    • Haruto: Yayoi slices his limbs off and burns him alive, and forcefully removing his button eyes
    • Eiji: Gets shot in the face twice—but he survives due to him being porcelain—and his stomach punched through by Hina with chunks of porcelain falling out.
    • Shotaro: Akiko, as Kamen Rider Skull, blows his arms off and then places a gun into his mouth. Boom, Headshot! and his head drops onto the floor.
  • The entire subplot of kids being kidnapped, brainwashed, and used for genetic experiments. Teruhiko was lucky enough to a) know what the hell was going on and b) having the Heroic Willpower to escape before he became like the other Switchers.
    • The amount of Adult Fear Takashi had, due to the fact that he saw his son transform into a Zodiarts in front of his eyes.
  • Chiyoko frightened out of her wits by Quetzie and his Serpent-bearer Ankh. Particularly in how Quetzie shows how much of a Creepy Child he is when he asks for blood.
    "Do you know what's the best thing about friends? They share."

    Horseshoes and Handgrenades 
  • Ophiuchus brainwashing Gentaro to go against his friends in III-Genesis

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