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  • Two words: Operation Sledgehammer. 47's chasing a wounded Sherriff Skurky through a small town absolutely overrun by I.C.A. soldiers. And they're all looking for one man. You've got burning buildings, civillian massacres, armor-clad Heavy Troopers and a showdown at a local church. And then you remember that one line from the Prologue:
    Travis (to 47): I would send in one of the teams, but this is a job for a scalpel, not a hammer.
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  • Infiltrating Dexter Industries in Absolution, where you can put not one, but three Mad Scientists in their place. Special credits go to sabotaging Dr. Valentine's hair formula and watching the sick bastard burn as he falls off the balcony. Or lock him in the bomb room where he goes all Bad Boss. Best part is no one even notices his death.
  • One of the ways to take down Sanchez is to pose as the Patriot and enter the cage match. And it's glorious, especially if you pull off the "Untouchable" challenge. note 
  • "Go with God, motherfucker!"
  • 47 mowing down the Saints after they ambush him in the Waikiki Inn.
    Travis: Saints, status report. Saints? Do you copy?! Status report!!!
  • Near the end of Absolution, Dexter gives Victoria her isotope back. Every guard surrounding her died. Too bad she got sedated just for you to rescue her again.
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  • 47's short scene with Travis at the very end.
    Travis: Just tell me... did you kill her? Diana. Is she really dead?
    47: You will never know.
  • The new Point Shooting mechanic in Absolution can allow you to pull off some totally badass kills. You can sneak up on an assembled meeting of guards, enter Point Shooting, target all of them with headshots and wipe out most, if not all, of them before half of them know what's going on.
    • In one missionnote , you can K.O/Kill a stripper hired to jump from a cake. Then you can hide in the cake, and when the people arrive, 47 can jump from the cake and point shoot down an entire retirement party. Given that this checkpoint has no other objectives than to just walk through it, there is really no other real reasons to do this than the sheer awesomeness.
  • The cameo from Kane a la Kane & Lynch is this and some solid gold CMOF. A couple of rowdy redneck bikers menace a broken-down old man in a bar, believing he killed their tunes... and he decks them both without a word, one punch for each. The place collapses into a full-on Bar Brawl afterwards, but that's still the highlight.
    • And the really fun part? He didn't kill the music. You did.
      • You then have to get through the entire bar with random people taking swings at you along the way: there is an achievement for making it through without having a single hit land on you.


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