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Awesome / Hitman: Blood Money

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  • Any level when you can pull off a Silent Assassin rating and live up to 47's mythic reputation. No-one even knew you were there, there were no witnesses, not a shred of evidence and most of the time the hit looked like an accident. The rest of the time, you're the living embodiment of Paranoia Fuel: no amount of bodyguards, guns, walls, bars, alarms or distance can save the mark once 47 has taken the contract.
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  • The tutorial level has 47 break his usual Silent Assassin ways in order to single-handedly eliminate an entire gang of crack dealers working out of an old amusement park before eliminating his target.
  • Infiltrating the Heaven and Hell party and rigging the pyros to set one of your targets on fire, only for her to dive into the shark tank to be eaten. The crowd think it's All Part of the Show.
  • Delivering an ironic death to statutory rapist and suspected child prostitution trafficker Alvaro D'Alvade in the "Curtains Down" level of Blood Money. Seeing how well it relates to Tosca has to be seen to be believed.
    • Dropping the chandelier on Delahunt immediately afterwards puts the icing on the cake.
  • Also, the premise of the "Amendment XXV" level. Infiltrating the White House to prevent the assassination of the US President is nothing short of sweet, especially if you get a Silent Assassin rating in the end.
  • The ending has one objective. Leave no witnesses. More precisely, 47 has managed to fake his death with Diana's help and lure the entirety of the Franchise's leaders into one location as well as all of the people who know his identity. While an innocent man (or two, depending on whether the priest was a Franchise member) is killed, 47 successfully ends the Franchise as well as restores his status as an unknown killer. All to the tune of "Ave Maria".


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