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  • Dispite her Jerkass/Blood Knight/Psycho for Hire status, Charisma's fighting ability is so amazing, it is hard not to enjoy her butchering anyone who gets in her way.
  • Traduce and Hard Boiled working together to defeat Cash's mooks.
  • Rainbow Dash completing "The Maul", a supposedly unwinnable training course use to test SS Agents.
  • Hard Boiled figuring out Traduse is a changeling, the very minute after meeting her.
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  • Astrid storming Max's dig site to save Star Fall.
  • Rainbow, Astrid, and Starfall, defeating Nightmare Umbra The Dreaded War God, who is thought to be invincible. note 
  • The battle between Max's private army and the Orion City police force-with help from Rarity and Spike-at senator Birch's mansion.
    • Rarity pinning an entire battlefield down with just her own magic. Twilight ain't the only unicron from the past with powerful magic.
    • Spike cutting through Cash's Mercs like paper. He sure has taken a few hundred levels in badass in a thousand years.
    • As bad as he may be, Max driving an armored van through the wall during the battle at Senator Birchfield's mansion and casually greeting Rarity as he entered the building was a pretty awesome entrance.
    • As sad as it may be, Trail Blazer managing to use his Charisma's love for each other to save his friends by getting her to let her guard down, so Spike could get the jump on her.
      • Despite almost dying, even Charisma herself was impressed.
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    • After all the crap Max put her through, it is very satisfying to see Melody Drop get the drop on him, before smacking him around while giving him a piece of her mind. It doesn't work out for her in the end, but it was satisfying while it lasted.
  • Charisma finally having enough of Max's crap and kicking the crap out of him(At one point, even breaking his shoulder.), while giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Charisma: If you wanted someone to kill you so bad, you could gotten literally anyone who's spent more than five minutes with you!
  • The second battle between Rainbow Dash and Element Powered!Charisma, where they fight each other to a draw in a midair battle at Super Speed, while destroying their surroundings, à la Dragon Ball Z style.
    Charisma: Looks like we're one-for-one now. Time for the tie breaker!
  • The team battling Max in Fluttershy's Temple:
    • Applejack moving towards Max, while trying to blast her with all his power, and slowly and surely being backed into a corner.
      • This is enough force to knock those standing close to the beam across room!
    • While Applejack and Max are in the midst of her power struggle, despite the light blinding everyone else, Hard Boiled uses his truth finding talent to guide a bullet straight into Max's chest. It doesn't do much good, but it does give Applejack the opportunity to pin him down.
    • Despite being overpowered and surrounded by enemies, Max still manages to come out on top, by using his psychic lying to give Applejack a seizure and KO-ing Hard Boiled and Traduse.
    • Star Fall and Calumn showing up in time to blast Max across the room, before Star fights Max to a draw despite being injured from her run in with Charisma.
    • Calumn revealing he was disguised as Trail Blazer, while Max took him hostage and gets the drop on him by casting a relatively ineffective sleep spell on Max Cash and in the half a second it take for the latter to recover, Calumn catches Cash's horn in the hole in his leg to perform a take down maneuver while shattering Cash's horn.
    • Astrid finally getting to sink her claws into Max before ripping his heart out! He unfortunately gets better.


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