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Awesome / Harmony and Valor

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  • Flash Sentry is this, full friggin' stop. He's one of the nicest guys you will ever meet; He's a gentleman to the girls, a great BBBFF to his little sister and is generally friendly to anyone, regardless of religion and sexuality. God forbid, however, that you start shit around his vicinity, such as harassing his loved ones or other innocent bystanders. By the time you realize your mistake, he's already beaten you down. And he'll do that in a flash if you provoke his wrath.
    • To a lesser extent, Sweetie Drops/Bon-Bon. Flash describes her as a "badass ninja", pretty accurate considering how she beats down her opponent in the fourth chapter of Cultural Differences. Flash apparently spars with her occasionally.
  • Flash's mom, Legalhawke, despite what little we've seen of her so far, also qualifies. Even though her husband walked out on her and their children years ago, she's still able to raise three kids and have a successful career as a criminal prosecution lawyer. She has a reputation of putting a lot of bad people behind bars, including drug lords, mob bosses, serial killers, and hit-men. And she always wins. Plus, unlike how prosecutors are usually depicted as the bad guys trying to get there opponent's client locked up, it is clear that Legalhawke only takes cases against those she knows are bad.

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