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An NBC Game Show hosted and created by actress and daytime television personality Ellen DeGeneres; it is basically a Minigame Game, where pairs of contestants must participate in physical stunts or games adapted from those done on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as an Audience Game.

The four winners advance to the final round, "Know or Go", an elimination game (and perhaps Ellen's most famous audience game) where the contestants take turn answering questions posed by Ellen. If they don't answer correctly or take too long, they get eliminated. Oh, and they're also dropped through a trapdoor under them. The last contestant standing gets a chance to play a Bonus Round for $100,000.

It premiered as a preview in December 2017, and premiered in its normal timeslot in January 2018. It ran for four seasons; the final episode aired in May 2021, and its cancellation was announced in January 2022.

Said games include:

  • Aw Snap: Transport apples to the designated location with your mouth. Oh, and the two players are also attached to each other via bungee cords.
  • Blindfolded Musical Chairs: Self-explanatory; the seats rise out of the ground. Played with five contestants until the last contestant standing.
  • Buckin' Blasters: Two players will be controlling a cannon, and much like a rodeo, it make them difficult to shoot the other players portrait (it'll get crazier when it hits). The winner is whoever shoots all three of their opponents portraits.
  • Burst of Knowledge: Three players answer questions while standing around a table with a slowly inflating balloon full of shaving cream. Give a correct answer and you can pass the balloon to the next person; if it pops on your turn, you're out. Last player standing wins.
  • Danger Word: It's more than just Password, it's Password except that if your partner makes you say the titular danger word instead of the clue word, you take too long, or you otherwise lose the round, you get blasted with something. First to get blasted three times loses.
  • Dizzy Dash: Trivia; to buzz in, you must grab a ball off a platform. Oh, and you're also spun around on a spinning platform before you do so.
  • Don't Leave Me Hanging: A category is given, and three contestants alternate giving answers from it. A contestant gets a strike if they give a wrong or duplicated answer, or don't respond. Three strikes and you're out, literally.
    • Knockin' Boots: Similar, except about songs containing certain words, and the ejection protocol involving being kicked over by a giant boot.
    • Great Taj Mah Wall: Similar, except five contestants are strapped behind 5 walls, with Ellen reveal a picture with many images for about 10 seconds. Answer incorrectly, repeating answer or can't think of something, you'll be yanked to the wall from behind.
  • Dirty Laundry: Two teams of two are conjoined inside of a huge shirt and are given three clues to what the host is describing. The teams then must grab their color corresponding ball and throw it into the giant washing machine. The first team to do so gets the choice of either answering the question or passing it to the other team. The first team that gets three points wins the game and must choose one player to advance to play Know or Go.
  • Five Second Rule: Two members have to think on their feet and list four answers that fall into a given category in only five seconds.
  • Heads Up!: Get your partner to guess as many words as possible, using verbal clues for the first 30 seconds and only gestures for the next 60.
  • In Your Face, Honey!: Throw a ball to the target as close as possible, whoever scores the most points wins.
  • Make It Rain: Two contestants alternate answering questions. Answer correctly and you get to open an umbrella; find the one that contains a cash bonus (originally $10,000, later $5,000) to win the game. The rest just dump water on you.
  • Mount St. Ellen: Three contestants, dressed in puffy mountain climber outfits, climb up a slanted "mountain" with ropes on it to retrieve the three diamonds located at various height levels. The first to get all three down wins. Of course, to make things more interesting, the slope is also wet and slippery, some of the rope "handles" aren't even attached to the slope, and Ellen can also shake the mountain up and down.
  • Master Blaster: Assemble the jigsaw. The losers get blasted away.
  • Mazed and Confused: Players have 60 seconds to find the maze exit. Of course, Ellen will blast a fog machine and confetti to make it difficult.
  • One-Eyed Monster: Answer a question with a number between 0 and 5. For each number off from the correct answer, you must pull a tooth from the monster's mouth, hoping not to pick the one that will cause the monster to eat you instead and put you out of the game. In the second season, a Card Sharks-style High-Low audience poll is used instead, with the loser having to pull between 1 and 4 teeth.
  • Oh Ship!: Wearing puffy sailor suits, guess the correct answer by racing to a hole corresponding to it. The incorrect answers spray water at the contestants instead.
  • Runaway Bride: Similar to Mount St. Ellen, but the players are in dresses and are on a treadmill trying to stay on the treadmill while getting 3 slices of cake onto their plate. Obstacles like a bell and two spinners will get in their way, and there’ll be slices of sandwiches and cheese flying at them as well, and whoever gets 3 cakes first advances.
  • Say What?: Relay a sentence across your team, except they're all wearing headphones and have to read lips. Score a point for each word from the original sentence that somehow survives.
  • Scary Go Round: Transport 3 large balls across a set of spinners. Your opponent can also shoot balls at you. Fastest time wins. In the second season, there are two teams of two that relay the balls. They also get to decide who gets the ball and who drops it in.
  • See You Later, Alligator: Solve the rebus sentence correctly, and you get to eject one of your opponents. It's all the fun of Concentration without that pesky prize matching.
  • Son of a One-Eyed Monster: Be the first to find the common bond between a series of words Ellen reads off: whoever answers correctly must choose one of eight eggs, looking for the one egg that contains confetti (which means you win) instead of slime.
  • Taste Buds: Two teams, blindfolded and with their arms linked, try to taste and guess the food they just ate.
  • Tuba Toothpaste: Answer the questions correctly, or you must press one or more valves (randomly determined) that may or may not spray toothpaste over you (also randomly determined).
  • You Bet Your Wife: Two couples play; the husbands must bid on how many answers their wives can name from a given category. First to three rounds wins. Oh, and the wives are also hanging on bungee cords, blindfolded, and if they lose a round, they get dunked down and Covered in Gunge.
    • The Stink Tank: Similar, except played by the contestants — with a chance of getting dunked into a vat of slime.

This series provides examples of

  • Blown Across the Room: This tends to happen to the losers in many ways.
  • Bonus Round: Hot Hands; the player is shown a portrait of a celebrity, and has three seconds to guess who it is before it's automatically switched to another one. There is an ascending money ladder, while getting 10 right in 30 seconds awards the grand prize of $100,000.
    • Replaced by "Hotter Hands" in Season 4. Answer a series of questions in 60 seconds, each with two answer choices. The prize money builds with each correct answer, but a miss means you have to start over from zero. When time runs out, you win the value of the longest chain you made, or the grand prize of $100,000 for getting seven in a row.
  • Christmas Episode: The "Holiday Spectacular" that served as the season 2 premiere.
  • Circling Birdies: Stars appear around a player's portrait when they are hit during the Buckin' Blasters game; Ellen's animated alter ego also sees stars in the explanation video for Dizzy Dash.
  • Covered in Gunge: There are quite a few games that involve this for Rule of Funny, particularly Danger Word, Tuba Toothpaste, and You Bet Your Wife.
  • Eject the Loser: Just as often as messy stuff is thrown around, some games dispose of their losers in equally-hilarious fashion (plus the winner too, for Rule of Funny). Plus the intent of Know or Go.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Any attempts to dissuade Ellen from dropping contestants who lose at Know or Go never work for long, as she'll inevitably push the button.
  • Point-and-Laugh Show: It seems to be going for this vibe, as exemplified by Ellen's Deadpan Snarker attitude, and her amusement at the contestants' expense.
  • Red Herring: Much like the trivia games on her show, Ellen's questions are often worded so that their opening statement end up only being vaguely related to the actual question (such as, for instance, "My dogs are named Kid, Wolf and Auggie; what is the name of Charlie Brown's dog?")
    • In one episode, a contestant in Know or Go fell for the trap (literally) when asked "If there are 12 inches in a foot and 3 feet in a yard, how many feet do you have?" As in the body part.
  • Shout-Out: The episode titles, with such names as "I'll Have What She's Playing", "Just Keep Spinning" (an Actor Allusion as well), and "You Can't Handle the Toothpaste".
  • Show the Folks at Home: For Danger Word, with celebrities!
  • Spin-Off: The series is basically an Adaptation Expansion of the Audience Game segments from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.