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Heartwarming / Harmony and Valor

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It Sounds Better Than "Pity Date"

  • This story is about Sci-Twi learning that when she ignored Flash Sentry during the Friendship Games she accidentally hurt his feelings, because he thought she was Princess Twilight. She decides to make it up to him by asking him out to a "simulation date."
  • Once Sci-Twi explains her intentions to her friends they agree to help her with the plan, mostly to try to help Flash feel better.
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  • While Sci-Twi tries to learn more about Flash, more of his history as the Nice Guy is told. He stood up for Lyra and Sweetie Drops when they came out with their relationship, helped the mathletes clean up their clubroom when someone trashed it, and back when the school was divided he helped Fluttershy walk dogs from the shelter every week.
  • Sci-Twi and Flash start out rocky at the beginning of their "simulation date" but find common ground to talk about. It turns out Flash is also a big brother, he has a little brother and little sister who also call him their "B.B.B.F.F."
  • Sci-Twi is harassed by two thugs at one point and Flash immediately defends her from them. Doubles as an awesome moment when he beats them both with no trouble at all.
  • By the end of the night Flash assures Sci-Twi that even if she's different from Princess Twilight she's no less amazing and is going to make someone very happy one day, Sci-Twi also realizes why a Princess is so attracted to Flash as well.

A Daughter Not His Own

  • Sci-Twi has her wall decorated with various pictures she has taken with her new friends.
  • Sci-Twi now lets Spike eat at the table with the rest of her family, wanting for him to be treated with the same respect as a human-being since he received his "enchantment." Shining and Cadance don't mind since he has always been a good dog.
  • Shining Armor is shown to be friends with Flash Sentry's mother Legalhawke.
  • As soon as Shining Armor gets a call that his sister has gotten into a fight, he drops everything and rushes to CHS, even if it means getting yelled at by his boss later for breaking protocol.
  • The Rainbooms got a mutual friend to give Sci-Twi self-defense lessons when she begins to get bullied by Gilda. From what was seen previously, it is probably not to far off to guess that "mutual friend" is Flash Sentry. This was later confirmed in one of the side stories.
  • At the end of the story Sci-Twi tells Shining Armor and Cadance how much she appreciates the two of them taking care of her since her parents died and shows them a giants display she made for them of memories of the times they have had together over her life. She asks them, since it was Parents' Day, if she could call them "Mom and Dad" just for the day and when they say yes they all begin to cry Tears of Joy. Even Spike gets to call them Mom and Dad for the day.
    • This is especially heartwarming as Shining and Cadance were just talking earlier about how they both let Twilight down while she was at Crystal Prep, considering themselves failures for never noticing how miserable she was or how others treated her.

Heart of Valor

Cultural Differences

  • While visiting her human counterpart, Princess Twilight says she can work out something to let Sci-Twi and human Shining Armor come to Equestria and meet the pony versions of their deceased parents.
  • After Princess Twilight and Flash Sentry calm down and let Sunset explain a few things to them, Princess Twilight says she doesn't have a problem with Flash being an atheist, even if it goes against what everyone in Equus believes, because it would be hypocritical to hold it against him after he has accepted her quirks that come with being a pony. Flash for his part does say he is more open-minded these days after seeing so many magical events and is more willing to believe in things.
  • Human Fluttershy visits Equestria and helps her pony counterpart care for her animal friends.
  • Pony Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash explain that the concept of herding in Equestria is very different from a polygamist marriage in the human world. Instead of a stallion marrying multiple mares, it is multiple ponies marrying each other, each with equal rights and responsibilities in the relationship and the freedom to leave if they desire.
  • Flash stands up to two drunk men when they harass Lyra and Sweetie Drops, who are on a date, in a restaurant. After the short fight where Flash and Sweetie mop the floor with the two older men, the whole restaurant bursts into applause and the waiter offers their meals on the house if they escort the two men outside.
    • Flash also says that he and Sweetie spar together sometimes, a small thing they do together as friends.
  • Flash says he knows that his mom is dating someone and says that he's fine with it as long as the guy makes his mom happy, since she deserves it.
  • When Flash talks to his sister, True Action, about her being a lesbian, she says she wanted to tell Flash herself but was scared about how he would feel because of the stories she heard about families rejecting their gay kids. Flash assures her nothing she does will ever stop him from loving her, and she calls him BBBFF for the first time in years.

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