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It Sounds Better Than "Pity Date"

  • Spike claims that he wasn't the one who left a "gift" on Ms. Harshwhinny’s garden, the Doberman from down the street is framing him.
  • CHS once fell behind due to the previous principal turning the school into his own personal playground. Most of the Rainbooms are not fond of that time. Pinkie only likes him because he replaced all of the water fountains with chocolate milk dispensers.
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  • Pinkie being her usual Innocently Insensitive self when she figures out how Sci-Twi broke Flash's heart and describes it in great enthusiastic detail for her.
  • Fluttershy give several Big "NO"s to Sci-Twi while repeatedly jabbing her after Sci-Twi says she wants to ask out Flash. After she's done, Pinkie just says "What she said."
  • It turns out that Rarity made an exact model of Midnight Sparkle's dress because she still thought it gave a "dark" appeal. Sci-Twi just gives her a Blank Stare.
    • Similarly, she also gives Rainbow a stare when she explains how they came up with the ship name "FlashLight" for Princess Twilight and Flash Sentry.
    Rainbow: Well I thought it was clever.
  • Rainbow and Applejack argue over the best way to ask out Flash until Pinkie says she would just say "Hi Flash, what's up?" Before Rainbow can respond Flash shows up and says hi back to Pinkie.
  • The start of Flash and Sci-Twi's simulation date is very awkward. Flash has trouble finding something to talk to her about and jumbles over his words, embarrassing himself.
    Sci-Twi: The salmon looks nice.
    Flash: Y-yeah, I like salmon. I like fish. Salmon are fish.
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  • The disguises Rainbow, Sunset and Rarity use when following Sci-Twi and Flash work because everyone around them was doing their best NOT to look at them.
  • When Rainbow, Sunset and Rarity try to abort the date when Sci-Twi becomes too attracted to Flash herself and asks him to drive them to Whitetails’ Peak, she just tapes them all to a lamp-post. Sunset doesn't even know where she got the tape from.
    • Made funnier by Pinkie bursting from a trash can just to say "plot convenience" before disappearing again.
      Sunset: One of these days I will figure out how she does that!
      Rainbow: No you won't.
      Sunset: I know.
  • Sci-Twi returns to Rainbow's house only to find the rest of the girls have Shining Armor Bound and Gagged in a chair. Sci-Twi decides to just leave him like that until morning.

A Daughter Not His Own

  • One of the photos Sci-Twi has of her new friends is a shot of an ill-fated canoe trip. While everyone else in the photo is screaming in fear while going off a waterfall, Sci-Twi is seen laughing like she's on a roller coaster.
  • Sci-Twi talking in her sleep asking her daddy not to make her eat any more broccoli.
    • Shining Armor wakes her up by telling her she's late for her first class. She springs out of bed and startles Spike, only calming down once Shining Armor reveals he was kidding.
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  • The Running Gag that Shining Armor's family refuses to let him cook anything after all the burnt food he lived off of in college.
  • Gilda mistakes Shining Armor to be Sci-Twi's dad instead of her big brother. Shining asks her how old she thinks he is, but Gilda just says she doesn't hang out with "old people".

Heart of Valor

  • Gilda still has a broken nose from Sci-Twi punching her. When the Grand Master asks what happened to her Gilda just shouts "Shut up, that's what happened!"

Cultural Differences

  • Princess Twilight is asked what she ate when she first came to the human world by Sci-Twi's family. Her Long List leaves various expressions of shock and impression on the others.
    Twilight: Some bacon, some sausages, some breakfast ham, a cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger, a bacon cheeseburger, two hot dogs, a chicken patty, a four-meat pizza, a turkey sandwich, some spaghetti and meatballs, a roast beef sandwich with gravy, some bratwurst, three beef tacos, three beef burritos, a T-bone steak, some roast duck, some sweet-and-sour chicken, some Mongolian beef, some barbecue ribs, some chicken tenders, and some bologna, although I’m not entirely sure that last one was actually meat
    • When Sci-Twi comments she thought that Princess Twilight only stayed in the human world for a few days originally, Princess Twilight just says that meat was all so good before eating more meat.
  • Princess Twilight and Sunset are researching the gods and religions of the human world and Twilight tries to understand everything that they find.
  • Sunset is amazed that Twilight describes Princess Luna's decent into NightMare Moon and attempt to cause a Night That Never Ends as a "phase."
  • Twilight nearly has a mental breakdown when Flash Sentry explains that he is an atheist and doesn't believe in any gods, completely going against the beliefs of every being in Equus. She becomes even more confused when Sunset explains that the instincts of the beings in Equus that let them understand they were made by Queen Faust are not shared by humans.
  • Twilight finds a book that is about Scientology. Both Flash and Sunset try to stop her from reading it but Twilight thinks it is a religion about science and asks what isn't to like. The next scene shows Twilight burning the book in an alleyway.
  • Pony Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are both disturbed by the fact that Zephyr Breeze has a fillyfriend and she wanted him to apply for a herd licence.
  • When Flash tells True Action that he's known she likes girls since she was 7 and came home babbling about how pretty a classmate was, True remembers the girl and chirps "Too bad she was a total bitch."
    • While Flash and True are having their precious sibling bonding moment, it turns out that Flash was holding Zephyr by the mouth, dangling him over the side of the mall's roof, and had already given him two black eyes during an off-screen beating. Flash and True almost forgot about him before Sunset reminded them and told them they should wrap up before someone spots them or Flash loses his grip.

Can Ponies Get Drunk?

  • Sci-Twi's friends have massive out-of-character moments while they are drunk at the party, and it still takes Sci-Twi a while to piece together what was wrong with them.
  • Sci-Twi's most embarrassing secret is that when she was six she asked her then babysitter Cadance to marry her.
  • When Sci-Twi gets tired of the party, due to the drunken antics of the attendants, she tries to get a ride home from Sunset.
    • Sunset is complaining how nobody has asked her out even though she has been single for months and is upset Flash was too much of a Nice Guy to feel her up even while they were dating.
    • She also confesses to Sci-Twi that she wants to have a three-way with Flash and Princess Twilight.
  • Pinkie complains about nobody asking her out, while every boy in school appears to be attracted to her friends. Then she notes Sci-Twi is the exception since she got rejected by Flash.
    Sci-Twi: Bite me.
  • Rainbow's puke is Rainbow colored, and Sci-Twi wonders if it is due to her magic. She takes a sample just to be sure.
  • Sci-Twi once tried an alcoholic drink when she was six, after her dad said it was a drink for grown ups only to prove she was a grown up. She starts screaming like her throat was on fire. Her mother spends the next hour alternating between comforting her, yelling at her for disobeying her dad, yelling at Night Light for leaving his drink alone where Twilight could get to it, and yelling at Shining Armor for laughing at the whole thing.
  • While everyone is hungover the next day, Pinkie asks for either poison or a gun.
  • Sunset doesn't want to bother Princess Twilight with a simple question of if Equestrian ponies can get drunk or not and use up pages of the magic journal, then Rainbow points out she used several to brag about a video of her as Daydream Shimmer.
    • When Sunset gets mad that they read her journal they point out it isn't a personal journal and Sunset's been a little rude keeping it to herself. Some of them say she should share it with Flash so he can talk to Princess Twilight, but Sunset says if she did that they would fill the whole journal in one sitting.
  • Princess Twilight's stories of ponies getting drunk, including herself, Princess Celestia, and Berry Punch.
  • Everyone finds out that Princess Twilight is at least 21, but doesn't look older than 16 because the portal messes with your age a little. Sci-Twi notes that this brings up a few questions about her relationship with Flash. When they ask how old Sunset herself is she trolls them by saying she's 80, then says she really was only 20 when she first went through the portal.
  • Sci-Twi jokingly teases her friends about what they did while drunk last night, including showing everyone the picture of Applejack and Rarity making out and whispering to Sunset she's sure that Princess Twilight and Flash will agree to a three-way with her if she asks nicely.

Seeking Valhalla

  • It turns out that Big Mac is quite the Chick Magnet in Ponyville. When the town heard about him being in a relationship with Sugar Belle many of the mares burned an effigy of Princess Cadance, calling it a declaration against love itself. Mayor Mare showed more maturity in public, but at the bar she rambled about a law forbidding stallions in Ponyville from dating any mares out of town.
  • When Rime first appears Pinkie is amazed by his extra legs and being her usual self starts rambling to him about them before trying to play patty cake with him. Rime quickly grows annoyed with her being in his personal space and punches her in the face, sending her flying into Applejack's stand.
  • While fighting Rime, Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow take cover and Twilight tries to give signals to them only for them to have no idea what she means forcing her to explain the plan to them.
    Rime: I can hear everything you're saying.
    Twilight: That’s why I was using signals. Never mind, rush him!
  • It turns out Rime has heard of Twilight and her friends before, but their adventures have been greatly exaggerated to them violently killing all their enemies. Rime is a bit disappointed to hear that isn't quiet how it went. Even Twilight realizes they have used the Elements of Harmony to solve a majority of their problems.
    • The one adventure Rime has heard of that is more or less what happened is hearing about Starlight and how she was "a sorceress who uses dark magic to steal other ponies’ skills and talents and then brainwashes them into your mindless minion," right when Rime was expecting to hear otherwise. But the one detail he didn't hear about was how she was reformed, which he is quickly told about once he holds a sword to Starlight's snout.

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