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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Different Verse 
  • Mitchell turning into a hippie after taking all of his anti-anxiety medication in one sitting during "Funk"
  • Rocky Horror chapter has Mitchell dressed as Magenta to get Quinn to forgive him and Michelle's narration of the episode
  • Just about anytime Mitchell and Sue interact in the A Different Point of View series
  • Quinn's reaction to Mitchell standing up to Sue in A Different Point of View, Part II
    • Quinn: (thinking.) 'I've never been more attracted to him than I am right now. I wonder if that closet will hold the both of us?'
  • When the glee club lists their reasons for not wanting Jack in the club.
  • Mitchell in Brittany/Britney during his toothache, and Jack's lines right after Mitchell can start to speak again.
  • The callback to Mitchell's "Rachel in the Britney Spears' Baby, One More Time" outfit dream.
    • Also, Mitchell's brief Imagine Spot where we cut to him right after he turned on the TV while Freddy Krueger is on:
      • Mitchell (Age 6): "AAAAHHHHHHH!" a six year old Mitchell ran through the dark house, screaming, "THE MAN WITH THE KNIFE HANDS! FATTY COUGAR'S GONNA KILL ME IN MY SLEEP!"
  • Then there's the classic Mr. Schue hallucination of the ND kids as little kids with Little Quinn and Little Sam getting dialogue and Little Jack, Little Mitchell and Little Michelle added to the mix. Funniest and cutest hallucination ever!
  • The fact that Jack has managed to install a Bat-Cave inside of McKinley High without anyone in the school figuring it out.
    • Finn: Dude. How did you get away with all this?
    • Jack: You honestly expect me to tell you?
  • Mitchell launches himself into the fight against Karofsky in "Furt" with "MORTAL KOMBAT!" Unfortunately, Mitchell misses and knocks himself out by slamming into a locker behind Karofsky.
  • "What in the name of Apple Brown Betty are you doing?"
  • Mitchell hitting his head after getting free from Jack's grip
    • Sam and Finn's conversation about rashes that got rid of Rachel
  • Pretty much anything done by Mitchell in chapter two of A Different Take

    He's Alive/Through Our Eyes 
  • Dylan and Jack's flashback to when they broke into Dustin Goolsby's office
  • Jack's logic behind kissing both Sam and Santana in He's Alive's version of "Rumours"
    Jack: If anyone kisses me and isn't turned on, you're not gay...or straight.
  • Dylan trying to get through to Quinn during her time with the Skanks.
    Dylan: What happened to you, Quinn? When you left for the summer, you wanted a change in your look. I understood that and now it looks like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards, that's been covered in pink paint. And what the hell is this about you dating a 40 year old skateboarder you met at a truck stop?!
  • The inference that Jack and Jenn started the whole "Why is the T-Rex eating the Jew?" comment.
  • Jacob Ben-Israel being referred to as a ''buck-toothed human bottle opener."

    Misc. Works 
  • The Benefit of the Doubt features a scene where Mike is almost attacked by a lion in Daniel's house. Daniel keeps it for the day he can use it on Finn. Made even funnier that the the lion's name is Bás, which means "Die" in Irish.
  • Jack's insane tactics that he used to outwit Ridley in The Mark

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