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YMMV / Harmony and Valor

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  • Anvilicious: Several readers have accused chapter four of Cultural Differences of being this towards the persecution of the gay community. Word of God has insisted that this was not intentional — it was simply a side effect of events being viewed through the eyes of a character who had good reason to value tolerance.
  • Ron the Death Eater: The human version of Zephyr Breeze; the canon version was also a Casanova Wannabe, but this version outright harass the girls he flirts with, and even claims that any girl that he sees belongs to him.
    • Ironically the author has said that he does not really have a problem with Zephyr Breeze, he just sees him as one of those characters that everyone can get behind on hating. And he's planning a chapter in a fic that'll portray the pony version of Zephyr Breeze in a much more positive light; he'll be more mature and responsible, but still just as obnoxious.

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