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  • The Narrator beating himself up to implicate his manager to get cash.
    • One of the very rare moments where a Wounded Gazelle Gambit could be considered cool. This is rivaled only by Tyler Durden intentionally allowing himself to be beat all to hell by the Mafia goons, then tackling their leader and screaming "YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE I'VE BEEN!" while bleeding all over him. So shocked and disgusted by this display of insanity are the goons that they gladly allow Fight Club to continue using the garage.
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    • And then, upon getting to the end of the film and realizing that it was the Narrator himself who did this... Fridge Horror aside, it's still pretty impressive that such a passive-aggressive wimp took control of the situation so definitively.
  • The last five minutes of the film. Especially that one line, "The gun's in my hand."
  • "We have just lost cabin pressure."
  • The way The Reveal Wham Line happens. It's both hilarious (see the "Funny" page) and super-cool.
  • "My eyes are open."
    • Finding CMoA in the modern world seems to be the premise of the movie.
  • The book tended to use recurring Arc Words quite a bit (similarly to the movie, but to a much greater degree). One of these is a bit about mixing explosives, and how some people like to use paraffin, but the narrator doesn't, because it never works for him. Cue The Reveal, and then the Narrator, Marla, and several other minor characters standing atop a building that is rigged to explode... "Tyler, you mixed the nitro with paraffin, didn't you."
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  • On a meta level, the cinematography is enough to make any film geek swoon.
  • The narrator escaping the police depot and finally standing up to Tyler, followed by the Curb-Stomp Battle in the parking lot. And, as icing on the cake, this is when Tyler drops all pretense of being a real person, and makes gleeful use of his immunity to bullets and Offscreen Teleportation.
  • Tyler and his army (disguised as waiters) reinforming the police chief who wants to rat out Fight Club in the most badass way possible, overwhelming and kidnapping him in the bathroom as Tyler gives some words of encouragement that end with this amazing statement:
    "Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us."


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