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  • After learning about the definition of 'rules', Draggy tells the principal, "Ari told Draggy not to… And that is a rule!"
  • Despite being not as experienced as Guile in fighting, he manages to dodge Guile's assault, stop his spell, and immobilize him by biting his arm.
  • He catches Guile's rod between his teeth, preventing it from harming Starky physically.
  • He casts Cough Drop at the evolved Starky, distracting the latter long enough for Guile to cast a powerful spell to knock him out.
  • After evolving, he catches Skelly between his teeth and throws him away out of the park, saving Ari's friends from Skelly's wrath.
  • During the battle against Genie, Draggy jumps in and casts a Cough Drop just to defend an incapacitated Guile from Genie. He doesn't even budge when Genie is already coming with a chainsaw (and even after Ari and Guile telling him to retreat). This leads to Guile's first Heroic Second Wind in chapter 12.


  • Whenever Yoshino swipes a Strengthen element, expect Guile to do something that a usual mage never does, although he nearly faints because his body can't really handle the strength boost.
    • He grabs Snibgoblin's arm and spins, before releasing the creature to a tree.
    • With his arm bitten, after receiving the boost from the element, he lifts Draggy to the air and is going to perform a piledriver on him. Unfortunately, he's holding back, and Draggy escapes from his grip.
  • Starky's Raydiation? Pfft. He only ends up with minor burns.
  • Guile's first battle in the real world. Having sharp claws going clean through the right clavicle and crippling the right arm of a right-handed mage? Not a big problem. Can still try using the other arm.
  • Skelly hurts Pip, which enrages Guile so much that he easily separates Skelly's skull from his skeleton with a kick. Yes, with a kick, and what makes it impressive is that Guile is a mage. Unfortunately, Skelly's ability of Pulling Themselves Together negates his moment of awesome.
  • In the second fight against Skelly, the skeleton clown manages to beat him up, reopen the injury on his ankle, and cause Draggy's Cough Drop to hit him instead of Skelly. However, Guile is still standing up after those beatings.
  • Tremor Fist debut. Guile literally smashes Skelly to smithereens with it.
  • When Guile takes off his coat and delivers a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner to the Tutanshaman Brothers...
    "I take off my coat when I am serious about pulverizing you!" Guile's baritone voice echoed as he clenched his hands.
  • When Guile hears the Tutanshaman Brothers mocking and threatening to kill Draggy, he enters a devastating Unstoppable Rage. With a furious roar, Guile causes a tremor, creates fissures on the ground and tree trunks, and blows off the leaves from the trees and hedge.
    • His angry roar results in a mild tremor at West Shinjuku as well.
  • Chapter 12.
    • When he receives Akira's tutelage in fisticuffs, he then practices punching in front of a big tree. The awesome moment is when he uses Tremor Fist on the tree, which disintegrates the whole tree into chunks of broken lumbers.
    • When he overwhelms Genie in a fistfight out of sheer rage. Cue Megaton Punch.
    • His first Heroic Second Wind in chapter 12. Despite having a huge gash on the right side of his chest and is slowly dying, he suddenly manages to muster up his remaining strength just so that he can protect Draggy from the chainsaw.
      • And his Tremor Fist. Genie barely dodges it, but it still manages to break her right arm and cause Blood from the Mouth.
    • His second Heroic Second Wind in chapter 12. Guile's evolution and the sequence afterwards. His sheer determination enables him to One-Hit Kill Genie.
      • His Badass Boast after taking the third chainsaw to his chest: "Even though my body is on the verge of collapsing… I WILL NEVER GIVE UP IN MY HEART!"



  • He taunts Yoshino by boasting how dangerous Chikara can be when angered. This only results in Yoshino ordering Guile to attack him.
  • He successfully blasts Guile with Raydiation. Unfortunately, it barely hurts Guile.
  • After evolving, Starky curb-stomps Guile until Draggy interferes.
    • Unfortunately, Guile is actually holding back.
  • Hearing Hachiro yelling at Chikara, he jumps out of Chikara's schoolbag and yells back at Hachiro.
    • He calls Chikara's little sister a brat in front of Chikara's strict father.
  • How to distract crowds? Starky's answer: "Remember, I have a ray gun."
    • Flash Shot debut. Starky blinds everybody around with it.


  • Chikara steps in and scolds Yoshino for bullying Ari, despite being two years younger than Yoshino.
  • Chisiki delivers a Pressure Point attack on Guile and knocks him out in a blow.
  • Skelly cancels Guile's Unstoppable Rage by reattaching his skull to his skeleton and knocks Guile out before he can cast his spell. A Negated Moment of Awesome for Guile.
  • When Draggy and Starky both evolve in chapter 11...
    • The sparring match between them is awesome as well.
      • Notably when Starky warns Draggy that "Starky is smaller, so Starky is faster," and receives a similar remark from Draggy: "Draggy is bigger, so Draggy is stronger."
  • Yoshino tries very hard to repent, which leads to her smacking Genie's head with a slab of rock just to save Guile and show him that she is no longer a cruel person. This overlaps with Tear Jerker and Heartwarming Moment too.
    • When Genie recuperates, Yoshino still refuses to give up despite knowing that she is just a real world child with no special abilities when compared to the Foreign Beings. But out of her tenacity and desire to help Guile to show that she feels terrible for abusing him, Yoshino yells at Genie to "Bring it on!" and throws rocks at Genie until she runs out of ammo.
  • Frog Prince successfully recruits Skelly to The Summons. And after that, he springs into the rift in the sky with a single leap.


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