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Fellowship has some heartwarming moments that are pretty moving.

  • Chapter 6:
    • Pip freaks out after seeing Guile's anger. Noticing this, Guile comforts Pip and tells him that he'll never attack the little squirrel because he has been nice to him.

  • Chapter 7:
    • Guile scolds Draggy for biting his hand, but he later blames himself for being so atrocious towards a child after realizing Draggy's innocence. But Draggy doesn't mind about it, and tells Guile that he's just a Grumpy Bear because of Yoshino, not mean like a monster.
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    • Ari forgives Draggy with a Tearful Smile after finding out about Skelly.

  • Chapter 8:
    • From the beginning, Ari is always afraid of Draggy growing because he thinks that Draggy may end up as an Ungrateful Bastard. Then, Starky's evolution and going Ax-Crazy add to his fear, because this proves his Simple-Minded Wisdom to be true. Not long after that, Draggy really evolves, and scares Ari so much that he tearfully screams at Draggy not to eat him. But the evolved Draggy is friendly, and tells a terrified Ari that he really doesn't want to scare Ari.
    • Guile's struggle to find food for a hungry Draggy. He is already limping with constant chest pain due to his injuries, but he just keeps trying to look for some food. His effort is in vain, which leads to him cutting his ankle with an icicle so that he can feed his blood to Draggy.

  • Chapter 9:
    • Doubles up with Tear Jerker when Guile reveals why his foot is bleeding. He cuts his ankle so that he can get some of his blood to feed a hungry Draggy.
    • Guile praises Draggy for being so helpful (and makes the dragon blush) and thanks Pip for keeping him accompanied.

  • Chapter 10:
    • Guile's Unstoppable Rage manages to injure Draggy and Pip seriously. He cries because of this, and resolves to save them by having them resting amidst the pile of data from the destroyed Tutanshaman Brothers. He succeeds, and when Pip asks him why he cries, he says that he is really worried about them.
      • The conversation between him and Draggy is also heartwarming. Draggy admits that he goes against Guile's order to hide in the shed with Pip because he is afraid that Guile will die fighting the Tutanshaman Brothers (for the reason Guile has been very kind to him). He succeeds in helping Guile by attacking the Tutanshaman Brothers in an Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
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    • When Chikara and Starky discuss about their friendship. Especially after Starky reveals that his Ax-Crazy behavior is just an act to help Guile by earning Yoshino's sympathy, which is actually Chikara's plan. Starky understands Chikara very much all this long.

  • Chapter 11:
    • The final part of Luccia's letter, which sums up the purpose of the whole letter in a sentence. The goal is to help Guile to attain mental stability by helping him in finding a happy family.
    • When it's growing quite cold at night, Guile takes off his coat and covers a sleeping Draggy with it. He also holds a sleeping Pip close to him to make sure that Pip won't catch a cold. He does these automatically out of his love for the kids. This is more of a W.A.F.F..
      • When Draggy finds out that Guile remains shirtless for the whole night for his sake, he also expresses his worry towards Guile by saying "Guile mustn't get sick too." By this, this troper learns that Draggy loves Guile as much as Guile loves him.
    • When Guile and Draggy comfort a crying Ari, who thinks that everybody is Killed Off for Real (which is wrong) due to the mess at Shinjuku Park and West Shinjuku.

  • Chapter 12:
    • "You haven't given up yet, have you? I will fight in your place to represent your brave heart." - Guile to Yoshino. This shows that Guile has sincerely forgiven Yoshino despite her terrible acts.
    • Yoshino's desperate attempt to fend off Genie. She does this just so that she can earn Guile's forgiveness.
      • Actually, Guile has forgiven her, but Yoshino still feels guilty.
    • Yoshino tries to comfort Guile, who is seriously injured and in pain after defeating Genie. This is heavier on Tear Jerker.
    • Earn Your Happy Ending, Guile. You've finally found a Family of Choice. This is a very powerful part of the fanfic that manages to drive this troper to tears. To summarize things:
      • Guile keeps losing his family again and again in the past, and his mother is kind of showing I Have No Son! attitude to him because of his kind heart, which suppresses his true power. While it is still vague about Guile's father, it has been revealed that his mother dies by self-destructing in front of him as a manifestation of her hatred towards his unwillingness to fight at the fullest. (has yet to be revealed)
      • All the incidents above turn Guile into a person who Desperately Craves Affection. His dream is just to have a happy family so that he can earn the affection he lacks in his life. Ironically, he is partnered with Yoshino, and is treated like trash as Yoshino considers him as a pathetic character; a reason that is not far different from the reason why his mother hates him so much. At least, the nightmare is over not long after Yoshino's Heel Realization, and she treats him with love now.

  • Chapter 13:
    • Nana's concern towards Yoshino, who suddenly leaves her to save Guile. Although Nana knows that Yoshino is an insolent girl, she still admits that Yoshino is her granddaughter after all.
    • Guile convinces Ari that Yoshino has changed. It's especially heartwarming when Guile says that the old mean Yoshino will only call him a wimp instead of comforting him.
    • Guile convinces Nana to be more lenient to Yoshino and stop blaming her.

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