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Fellowship has some funny moments that may make you laugh very hard.

  • Chapter 2:
    • Draggy keeps ruining Ari's attempt to sneak him into his bedroom.
    • Later, Draggy throws the cardboard that is used to hide him at Ari's bed. Not to forget that the cardboard is picked up from a dump!
    • The reactions from Ari's parents towards Ari's strange behavior (and stench for 'falling into a manhole') due to his attempt to sneak Draggy in, especially when Michiko is baffled with the mysterious walking cardboard saying 'Draggy' and the moment Toshio mimics Draggy's accent.
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    • And the next morning, Draggy drags Ari down his bed to wake him up.

  • Chapter 3:
    • Draggy puts on the cardboard the other way round. The front side has a hole for Draggy to see when he walks, but when Draggy wears it, he sees nothing. Solution? Punch another hole.
    • Because Draggy doesn't know how to open a door, he pulls out the doorknob instead of turning it.
      • And he ends up thinking that this door is different from the door in Ari's house.
    • Ari tells Draggy that what he says is a rule, and rule must be followed or something bad will happen. So, Ari commands Draggy not to take off the cardboard so that nobody can see him. And what happens when Draggy wanders around the school and the principal asks him to take off the cardboard?
      "Ari told Draggy not to… And that is a rule!"
    • Ari bumps onto Chikara, and Starky, who is inside Chikara's schoolbag, is squashed when Chikara falls down.

  • Chapter 6
    • How is Michiko's reaction after knowing that Ari meet Chikara? She keeps interrupting his speech and thinks that Ari really learns a lot from Chikara, whom she thinks as clever for being in the A class. Yes, Ari learns a lot, but it's not related to school subject.

  • Chapter 7
    • After hearing about the real Draggy, Akira is so excited that he almost leaks out Ari's secret (Draggy's existence). Thankfully, Kotaro silences him by placing his palm on Akira's mouth. Akira spends his time mumbling to respond to the conversation between Ari, Yukari, and Kotaro, until Kotaro lets go of him...and that's when the class is about to start.

  • Chapter 9
    • Chikara tells Starky to say 'hello' to Haruko, but Starky adds more lines in his speech.
      "I hope that you aren't shocked when I talk!"
      "It's shocking, isn't it?"
    • Skelly's over-the-top acts when searching for his foot bones.

  • Chapter 11
    • When Hachiro is about to get out of his computer room, Chikara is about to knock the door at the same time, and Chikara's pose right now is like he is going to punch Hachiro. He awkwardly explains it to avoid a misunderstanding.
    • Akira's line when he comments about the tremor at West Shinjuku (which Ari first suspects that Draggy is the one who causes it):
      "Maybe it's not Draggy. People are just crazy."
    • The bus scene. It starts from The Comically Serious Hachiro advising Ari and Akira to have a seat. At first, Ari and Akira keep standing, but when the bus moves, both of them nearly fall down. After that, Ari quickly sits down. However, Akira insists on standing beside Chikara and Hachiro so that they can talk more easily. This leads to him teetering like a swaying piece of cloth when the bus stops abruptly in front of a traffic light. Akira finally sits down grumpily and tells Ari that there's nothing funny about him.
    • Draggy's speech about Guile converting Skelly's bones into data and absorbing them to heal himself.
      "Not anymore. Guile ate Skelly's bones and got well!"
      • This baffles Ari until Guile clarifies what actually has happened.
    • When Chikara unzips his bag to take Starky out, he flips when he sees that Starky has eaten a lot of candies and chocolates he brings along for everybody.
      • It's funnier when he finds out that Starky stacks the candy and chocolate wraps into a cushion for him to lie on.

  • Chapter 12
    • The Comically Serious Hachiro keeps complaining about Draggy, Starky, and Pip making a mess at the park. This leads to Ari thinking that Hachiro can produce an infinite amount of saliva.
    • Starky annoys Akira by saying that while Akira and Guile are away, everybody else has eaten all the food. This results in Akira shaking Starky like shaking a can of soda. But Starky still keeps annoying Akira by saying that he'll eat all the food Ari has deliberately left for Akira.

  • Chapter 13
    • Nana calls Draggy "Mr. Dragon" because he has evolved into a hulking dragon.
    • Frog Prince's reaction when he finds Skelly's skull yelling back at him for calling it 'useless thing'. Frog Prince does a Face Palm afterwards.
    • Frog Prince's quarrel with Skelly. Their reactions are just priceless. Skelly calls Frog Prince 'froggy', angering Frog Prince and leads to him pointing at his crown. Frog Prince calls Skelly 'little skull', angering Skelly and leads to him introducing his name.

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