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  • Rider/Kamina's fights are some of the best in the story:
    • He manages to go toe to toe with Lancer, especially when they issue a GIANT ROBOT BATTLE, with Rider forcing Lancer to retreat.
    • Later, he defeats Berserker through his Reality Marble calling all other members of Dai-Gurren, and ending with his finisher move: Giga Drill Breaker.
    • In his LAST MOMENTS, he destroyed Unit One.
      • As much as this troper loves Kamina being awesome, this one feels the need to point out that it was not Kamina who destroyed Unit 01. It was Waver.
      Waver watched and felt as Unit-01 and Gurren Lagann slugged each other with equal force. He then looked at Rider through the monitor, and saw him grimace each time he moved the controls. He was in pain, yet kept on fighting anyways. "I-I have to push Lancer back…" Waver thought to himself with a determined expression on his face before gripping the controls. Both of Gurren Lagann's fists shot forward, impacting into Unit-01's stomach before the drills popped out of the sides and shot into the enemy mecha. Unit-01 screeched in pain as the drills grew more and more, lifting it off the ground and away from Gurren Lagann. "HHHAAAAHHH!" Waver shouted as he made Gurren Lagann throw Unit-01 off the drills and towards the part of Fuyuki City that Rider and Lancer last fought at, still abandoned and with no possibilities of there being any civilian casualties.
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    • In the sequel, he still has the last laugh over Saber who suffers Heroic BSoD when she meets the new Rider, Kamina's brother Simon and realizes his dream trumped hers; when she died, her kingdom fell because no one felt worthy to take her mantle up, but when he died, not only Simon continued to pursue his goal, he made it come true.
  • Kariya killing Uryuu by having him being eaten alive by his beetles.
  • Wade killing Zouken with EXORCISM KATANAS. Just the fact that the bastard was killed with such style makes this a Moment of Awesome.
  • From the sequel, Berserker/Casshern's fought servants Archer, Assassin, Avenger, Caster, Lancer and Saber, and kicked the crap out of them (even killing Lancer, which didn't stick, but he actually killed her) and shrugged off everything they hit him with. It took Rider and Waver's arrival on a giant robot to save them, and even then it was more Ilya not wishing to take any risk than anything...
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  • Avenger shows just why he's the reason GAR was invented by calling out Nine Lives Blade Works after using his Unlimited Blade Works to take Berserker out in one attack.
  • The battle between Kirei and Maiya is pretty much made of win for both parties involved. Kirei manages to predict most of Maiya's initial moves (which include using Time Alter) due to his status as Fourth Wall Breaker and great martial skill, and he certainly tries hard to break her with his Breaking Speech about how everyone is, literally, following a script in their world. He even goes over the top with a Far Cry 3 reference! Maiya, however, keeps calm and answers right back with a Kirk Summation about how all she did was her decision, accusing Kirei of being a coward, which completely enrages Kirei.
    • It should be noted that at this point in the confrontation, the entire thing has clearly become one long Cowboy Bebop Shout-Out: Two bitter enemies with a past have a climatic confrontation in a church which ends in a Mexican Standoff in the top floor. Maiya is Spike, the good guy who ran away from their past, uses guns & grenades and gets grieviously injured in the middle of the fight. Kirei is Vicious, the bad guy who uses a sword (well, many Black Keys in his case), and is constantly taunting his opponent during the battle. The Mexican Standoff ends as both injure one another, after which Kirei grabs Maiya by the head and throws her out the window. Maiya gets the final laugh as she had used one last Time Alter to take out the pins of three grenades and throw them at the last second. Really, the only thing missing was Green Bird.
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    • The whole sequence is very detailed and doesn't feel forced at all, more like a natural conclusion to a pending plot-point. Although Maiya ends up presumably dead, she not only managed to rattle a Crazy Awesome, Fourth-Wall-breaking kung-fu priest, she managed to kick his ass and maybe kill him.
      • Fortunately, Maiya survived and spent a few chapters in a coma. Unfortunately, Kirei survived as well...
  • In Carnival Frenzy's Fifth Holy War Gran Prix, Deadpool entering the race with the coolest of all Cool Cars: the General Lee. And with that Cool Car he wins the Prix.

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